Sri Madhwa Jayanthi

Sri Madhwa Jayanthi

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||
abhramaM bhaN^garahitaM ajaDaM vimalaM sadA|AnandatIrthaM atulaM bhaje tApatrayApaham.h||

If one always practices to do actions with a dedicated spirit to Sri Hari,it pleases him—Quote by Jagadguru MadhvAchArya

Janmadhina of Jagadguru Sriman Madhvacharya(05/10/2022),the founder of the Dvaita school of Philosophy and religion.He is the third avatAra of vAyu(the god of life), the other two are: Sri Hanuman(in tretA yuga), and shrI bhImasena(in dvApara yuga). His name is mentioned in the BaLitthA SUkta of the Rg VEda & Garuda purana. shrI MadhvAcharya himself acknowledges this in one of his works.

Jagadguru Sri madhvAchArya was born in the village of Pajaka,near uDupi, Karnataka, India.

From Sri Sumadhwavijaya,
Acharya’s mother foetus grew like the white orb of the moon in the brighter half of the month and she delivered the baby. Mukhya Prana, who had been ordered by God, came to Rupyapeeta (Udupi) and after offering his prostrations to the Lord there(Anantheswara) went to his future abode with a part of himself.  -24

He, who was the Lord of all the worlds and endowed with six auspicious possessions (Shadgunaiswarya) entered the body of the new born baby which possessedall the (32) aus picious attributes and was extremely beautiful having nine main entries, bysending away its earlier occupant. This was like a king entering a great city with all attractive features with nine main gates.   -25

Dvaita is only philosophy, consistent with all srutis & smritis without any exception.Jagadguru Sri Madhva is the source of all knowledge. Sri Rudradeva and all other deities worship and pay homage to Jagadguru Madhvacharya(except Sri Hari/Sri Lakshmi).

Madaacharyaa’s philosophy is the real philosophy that will grant eternal bliss in the form of moksha-Golden words of Sri Raghavendra Swamy.

Jagadguru Srimanmadhvacharya used to defeat and drive away evil disputants like a powerful lion does with weak dogs.Sri Sripadarajaru says, the one who is the most powerful amongst all jIvas,the abode of all(good)qualities,the one bearing the name Sri Madhwacharya

Once Madhwa had 4000 bananas&30 pots of milk offered by a devotee, it is very same Acharya carried out total abstinence&silence for 48days.This is to show all of us that he is an avatar of Sri Vayu devaru.

Madhvacharya’s fame illumines three lokas(Heavens,Earth&Nether worlds)both inside & outside, dispels even the internal darkness in our heart. 

Shobhanabhatta and Shambushastri being humbled in debate by MadhvAcharya became his disciples and took sanyasa,renamed as Sri Padmanabha Theertharu &Sri Narahari Theertharu.According to the taratamya, Sri Rudradeva and all other deities worship and pay homage to Jagadguru Madhvacharya(except Sri Hari/Sri Lakshmi).

‘Gu’ means darkness,’Ru’ means to confine.Hence, Guru means one who dispels the darkness of ignorance thro’ the light of his knowledge.Let Srimadhvacharya be my Guru in all my births.

Oh! Matarishwa, the wind-god, you are the nourishing mother, Protecting father, guiding teacher, a friend-philosopher-guide Remove the pangs of birth and death, O LordGrant me true devotion for Lord Krishna which is free from Desire, lust and pride and which is ever increasing Oh the omnipresent, the most revered of the revered- From Sri Hari Vayu sthuthi

When you get up in the morning, when you do any actions do smarane of Guru Madhvacharya. Doing smarane of Guru Madhva cleanes ones Sins, sings Purandara Dasaru.

Sri Purandara Dasa mahan has composed thousands of songs about the greatness of Sri Madhvacharya. 

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In the service of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu,
Venkatesh Rajendra Rao

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