Is it easy to attain Mukthi?

Is it easy to attain Mukthi?
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Shri Raghavendra Gurubyo Namaha!

Aradhane of Sri Gopala Dasa(1722- 1762) is celebrated today(Pushya masa) at Uthanoor, Mosara Kallu village on 03/02/2024. It is my bhagya/blessing to write an article on one of the great Hari Dasaru(after Sri Purandara Dasa, Sri Kanaka Dasa, Sri Vijaya Dasa).

About Gopala Dasaru:

Gopala Dasaru has composed thousands of Suladhis,Ugabhogas.His dasarapadha extols the Supremacy of  Lord Sri Hari strongly and proved Sri Madhva siddhanta to such a great extent.Its commonly believed that Sri Gopala Dasaru is an amsha of Sri Ganesha

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Summane baruvade mukti? Is it easy to attain Mukthi?

Gopala Dasaru is one of the notable saint who has composed many Vairagya songs in order for souls like us to attain the highest state with Lords blessings.

For instance in one of the songs – “Hyange madalayya krishna?” he is crying out to Lord Krishna and says so that all our time is wasted in many unwanted activities and finally souls die as a result and take another birth in this horrible Kalyyuga? Dasaru wanted to write this song for benefit of us(he himself had attained Gyana). He says “bhava bhayavu bhakuti vyrAgyavembudilla”, we people do not have sacred bhakthi/detachment etc on Lord and prays Lord to bless us to cross the samsara.

He has written many such songs for souls like us to understand and to attain the feet of Lord.

This article is all about one the popular song which talks about the steps/process involved in attaining the Salvation. With very limited knowledge I have tried to translate the meaning and any mistakes will be submitted at the feet of Gopala dasaru anthara Lord Sri Gopala Vitthala,



Summane baruvade mukti || Guru dharma bhikshava bedidavage sukeerti || Pa ||

Manadalli dhrudhavirabeku | Dushta jana samsargava bidali beku |
anumaanavanu sudabeku | tanna anumaanavanu sudabeku |
tanna tanumana dhanavanoppisi kodabeku || 1 ||

Kaama krodhava bidabeku | harinaama sankeertaneyanu maadabeku |
hemadaaseya bidabeku | harinaamave gatiyendu nere nambabeku || 2 ||

Vyaapaara varjisa beku | jnaana deepada kaantiyallolaada beku |
paaparahitanaaga beku | namma Gopaala vitthalana nerenamba beku || 3 ||



Is it easy to attain Mukthi? Readers may know Mukthi is the highest state of a soul which attains Salvation through Aparoksha Gyan. Mukthi is the state where Jeevathma attains the holy feet of Lord Shri Harih. Mukthi is something possible only when Lord Shri Harih and Vayu desires to give so. In this cycle, Mukyaprana plays a major role in bestowing the same through Guru kripa.

Guru – through antharatma guru, or so called Sookshma Guru one is first initiated in the process of Sadhana. Gopala Dasa says through the service of Guru and attaining his bhiksha of knowing the right secret is first and foremost step. It means that knowing and understanding Brahma gyana is the first step. Let us cry before our kalyyuga Guru Raghavendra Swamiji to teach us and initiate us in this holy path, remember Guru Raghavendra Swamiji is the one who is meditating on Lord for benefit of us,and he is available for us who will help to cross samsara.

Gopala Dasa in first stanza says that one has to have pure Mind with Drida(Strong) vairagya. He says one has to train his mind such a way that should only seek and hear good stories about Lord, and has to keep away from all evil association any cost. Leaving all assumptions and develop the right knowledge, and have a control of Indriyas(Senses). One has to also leave kama and krodha(lust and anger) especially should control his mind towards thoughts of other ill feelings/lust. It means that brahmacharya should be followed.

One has to sing the glories of Lord Shri Harih and strongly feel only Lord Sri Harih is the bestower of Moksha(none else). He should have strong belief on teachings of Mukyaprana by only which Lord will be made happy. It means only by the right understanding of Veda/Sastra Lord will be pleased.

There are various inscriptions in Vedas/Puranas that Lord shri Harih should be called out with bhakthi who will be the giver of Mukthi. In Padma Purana, Brahma advises his son Narada that “there is no doubt those men who always utters two letters Ha – ri becomes free from all sins and attain the highest place”. Skanda Purana says Lord Shri Hari is the protector, creator and destroyer, all others are like his dolls. Lord did anugraha when Gajendra(Elephant) called out his name “Shri Harih” with divine bhakthi as per Gajendra Moksha.

Gopala Dasaru finally ends the song saying, one has to purify his mind and clear off all the sins by practicing Meditation in the correct method as told by sastras. Readers, this line is very very secret and special where you wont get this translation from anywhere else, and this has come out from me after several years of research. Our Dasaru finishes that, One has to do Meditation properly and see the bimba roopi paramatma and enjoy the bliss inside. With the light which is more than thousands of suns one has to see that, and understand it is Lord inside within and chant Lords name with ananDa, and finally Lord will bestow the same. And through this process called Mukthi the soul will attain Vaikunta and enjoy with the company of his father(Lord Shri Harih)

I would sincerely pray Guru Raghavendra Swamin to initiate us (inside) and hold our hands and take us and show the bimba roopa dharshan of Lord. Without Gurugalu like Sri Raghavendra we can never cross the samsara as Sri Purandaradasa has clearly said without blessings of Guru then salvation is never possible. Readers will now understand why Guru is important in ones sadhane?!

In the service of Lord Shri Harih,

Venkatesh Rajendran

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