|| Sri Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jeevothama ||

|| Sri Raghavendra Gurubyo Namaha ||


About me:
This is Venkatesh Rajendran, working for a software company in India.

First and foremost I am not against any Religions nor against Saints of any Vedanta school.  My humble respects to Sri Shankara of Advaita school, Sri Ramanuja of VisistaAdvaita and all Siddha purushas(esp Vallalar) of Saiva parampare.

With nearly 20+ years of inner search I have gone through various philosophies, and have personally met living Siddhars and got various deekshas on Vasi Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Paramporul Yoga etc in Tamilnadu. To precisely name, Saint Vallalar and his teachings gives great insight to moksha lovers. His teachings revealed many hidden treasure/secrets to the entire World.

 Though there are philosophical differences we will have to carefully understand sookshmas from every point and apply our mind on our right understanding. My perspective of seeing things before/after meeting Siddhars have changed completely.

Like Hamsa bird take whatever is useful from any book for that matter but analyze it with right knowledge, 

I will not blame anyone following their way of finding God, but I feel personally after going through all these, and doing research of a way for self realization and knowing all hidden secrets I strongly feel Dvaita philosophy has already said everything clearly. To be frank, Hari Dasaru songs will be enough to know all hidden secrets and to attain Gyana, if one understand clearly and correctly. 

As Siddhars used to name as “Paribasa” or “Hidden Meaning” one has to think towards understanding or taking anything in a slightly different approach, rather understanding with the straight sense.

 In that way I feel Siddhar’s deeksha helped me to understand Haridasaru songs clearly and correctly!! I would be thankful to all Gyanins/Siddhars who taught me Veda/Brahma rahasya, and I feel happy while performing the meditation and enjoying the same.

I am sure the time you spend here will be worth and will be useful for all of us to create awareness and to learn about Dvaita philosophy, which is Sathya and leads us to Moksha. I would request you to spread about our website with your relatives/friends.

In this Kali Yuga, we find it difficult to feel the truth in the spiritual path. Without proper guidance, we are often mislead and travel behind the ordinary human beings, who consider themselves as God, which is not a healthy sign for those who want to attain Moksha/Hari loka.

I want my friends not to go behind these evil forces which will not give happiness and I would request everyone to learn “Sri Madhvacharya’s” philosophy, which is SATHYA and which will give us Ananda and Moksha. My intention is to spread our philosophy across our Bharatha desa with my very limited knowledge. Scholars can teach me if I am wrong in any sense! 


we have to know what our great Saint Sri Raghavendra Theertharu said before entering his jeeva brindhavana at Mantralaya, “Always keep away from people who merely perform miracles Right knowledge (jnana) is greater than any miracle. Without this no real miracle can take place. Any miracle performed without this right knowledge is only sorcery. 

No good will come to those who perform such miracles and also those who believe in them.” without following the shastras and yet call themselves God or guru. I have performed miracles, and so have great Guru like Shri Madhva. These are based on yoga siddhi and the shastras. 

There is no fraud or trickery at all. These miracles were performed only to show the greatness of God and the wonderful powers that one can attain with His grace.

For comments/suggestions please email to:-mailmevenky@gmail.com

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu ||




  1. Pavan

    Bro u have done a very tremendous job by creating this blog.keep it up..our support is always there with you.

  2. Arvind K Rao

    Phenomenal,Excellent Job done.
    God Bless you.

  3. purushotham v

    great job
    friend, sometime back i broached the subject of a separate TV channel or atleast getting time on selected channel for propogation of Dwaita. will loud thinking help or can u carry it in your blog

    • dvaitavedanta

      Pl contact your nearby Rayaru mutt to get the information.
      Jai Sri Ram

      • good job sir,please try to collect the picture of all vyasaraja prathisthapitha mukhyaprana.since some people not able to see all the anjaneya temple.
        some one told that the photos of vyasaraja prathisthapitha anjaneya will be
        displyed once in a year on hanumantha jayathi at ragigudda anjaneya temple

        • dvaitavedanta

          Namasthe Sri.Madhu, yes, even I have heard the same. Got to know that some one has collected information about 400 Prana devaru temples. hare Srinivasa

  4. Sidharth

    U seem to be nice and friendly person… kinda always ready to help… Thanks Mate

  5. Gopalakrishna

    Hi Venkatesh,
    Very nice to visit ur blog. Very good work..Keep it up..
    Always willing to help for this kind of good works.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe sir,
      Its all Sri Hari echa(desire). Thanks for coming forward.
      Hare Srinivasa

  6. nirmalamurthy

    Dear Venkatesh,
    I saw and read your blogs which are very very useful

    • dvaitavedanta

      Thanks a lot madam!
      Hare Srinivasa

  7. Balajisharma

    I visit ur site . give more info
    About dwaitha
    Any web site to dwaita in tamil language? Give details to my mail

    • dvaitavedanta

      Thank you sir. I would request you to visit http://www.dvaita.org for getting more information on our philosophy. I do not think there is any website created in tamil language. I will let you know surely.
      Hare Srinivasa

  8. hrishikeshbj

    nice job!!!!!!!!!!!keep it up……

    • dvaitavedanta

      Thanks you sir!
      Its Sri Hari’s eccha(desire).
      Hare Srinivasa

  9. Venkat Gururajan

    Dear Bro, First time, Seems very impressive. Will read more and let you know.
    As you told me over phone, this is a very noble cause and a great service.
    Sri Rayaru’s blessings are always with you..
    Affly, Venkat

    • dvaitavedanta

      Hare Srinivasa
      Dear Brother,
      Thanks for visiting my blog.
      I am sure that the time you spend here will be worth
      Hare Srinivasa

    • dvaitavedanta

      Thanks Sri Vijay. If you want the lyrics of this stotra, please visit http://www.dvaita.org. If you need album, please BUY the CD from nearby shop
      Hare Srinivasa

      • Vijay

        Dear Venkatesh
        I tried a lot to download the mp3 format but could not locate it . and nowadys at cd shops we are not getting the actual lyrics . Could you please send me the file if you have got it. This would be a great help from you
        my email id is mentioned .
        ||Krishnam Vande Jagadguru||
        Acharya srimadacharya Santume JanmaJanmani

  10. bhima rao kallavi

    Dear Venkatesh,
    U r doing a good job. I will be happy to render any service required from my side.
    Bhima Rao

    • dvaitavedanta

      Thank you sir!
      Jai Sri Ram

  11. Ramesh Vittal Rao

    Impressive effort.
    Will try to meet you
    May Rayaru bless you and your Family

    • dvaitavedanta

      Thank you sir. May Rayaru bless you too

  12. vinoth

    Dear sir.you have done agreat job..i want to know some details abt rayar.if possible pls contact me

    • dvaitavedanta

      Thank you Shri.Vinoth. Please tell me what information you want to know abt Sri Raghavendraru.
      Hare Srinivasa

  13. rao

    Hare srinivasa ,
    Venki avare you are so luky to had this jeeva which put a great seva on SRI GURU RAYARU,,, you are so luky …..

    • dvaitavedanta

      Thank you Shri.Rao. Its all happening because of elders blessings and Na aham kartha Hari kartha.. simple! 🙂
      Hare Srinivasa

  14. praneshachar

    Dear Venkatesh
    a really thoughtful action a blog on this kine in the era of blogs will go a long way in attracting more and more youth who are somehow not in the main stream or quite away from our philosophy
    keep going put a photo of yours where we can see you closely. above photo in taken at navavrindavana hampi?
    may hari vayu gurugalu nimma i prayatanadalli sada nimmnnu harasali anugrahisali
    hari sarvottama vayu jeevottama

    • dvaitavedanta

      Dhanyavadhagalu sir. Am not the doer only Sri Hari does everything!
      Hare Rama

  15. Manoj

    Excellent work & devotion. The very reason for you to do this noble cause is blessings of Hari Vayu Guru. God bless you forever.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Dhanyavadhagalu Sir.
      Hare Srinivasa

  16. Vadiraj

    Hare Shreenivasa,
    You are very Lucky, Lord Shree Hari has blessed you with such inspiration at this very young age.
    Keep it up.
    Pray God to accept your seva & enlighten you in your commendable Job.
    Let me request you to bring a writeup on “Phalavidu Baldudake”
    Tumba Tumba Dhanyavadagalu
    Vadiraj Kulkarni

    • dvaitavedanta

      || Hare Srinivasa ||
      Dhanyavadhagalu sir. Ella thamma ashirvadha!!
      Moreover, I should thank my Parents who are encouraging and blessing me for many years!! Without their blessings, I would not have created this blog.
      Last but not least, I should sincerely thank our Mantralaya mahaprabhu Sri Sri Raghavendra Theertharu for his continuous blessings in my life!!
      hare Srinivasa!
      Sri Sri Raghavendra Theertharu antharkatha Sri Sri Sudeendra Theertharu antharkatha Sri Vijendra Theertharu antharkatha Sri Jayatheertharu antharkatha Sri Mukyaparana antharkatha Sri Sri Lakshmi Narasimhaya Namo Namaha!!

      • Vadiraj

        Hare Shreenivasa,
        I am very much fascinated by your humbleness.
        You are perfectly on right track. Lord blesses those who respect their Elders.
        Realy Blessings of Mantralaya mahaprabhugalu Sri Sri Raghavendra Rayaru and your Parents who brought up you to this maturity have brought you the Anugraha of Lord Shree Hari & Vayu Devaru.
        I do not know whether you come Kannada Madhva family or so. If you know Kannada,
        I once again request you kindly to bring a writeup on “Phalavidu Baldudake” preferably in Kannada Gadya Roopa.
        Vadiraj Kulkarni

      • Vadiraj Kulkarni

        Hare Shreenivasa.
        Dear Shri Venkatesh Rao,
        I had requested U kindly to bring a writeup on “Phalavidu Baldudake” preferably in Kannada Gadya Roopa.
        Feel U remember my request & oblige .
        Vadiraj Kulkarni

        • dvaitavedanta

          Namasthe Sri Vadiraj, I do remember your request. Since I am not well versed in Kannada, I am in touch with my Guru reg this. I shall get back to you.
          hare Srinivasa

  17. Sanjeev V Sardesai

    Dear Shri Venkatesh Rao,
    Amazing is your philosophy. Totally impressed with your objective. Having read the interpretation of the shloka at the beginning of the page, it is He who does things through us and which fact one should not forget.
    Sincere blessings to you for your efforts from me & my family.

  18. varun

    it is very nice venkatesh good information . this is blogging or web designing

    • dvaitavedanta

      Thanks Sri Varun. This is blogging 🙂

  19. Krishnan Ramachandran

    HI Venkatesh,
    It gives immense pleasure to read many things in your blog. Great efforts … Keep it up.
    God Bless you

  20. Krishnan Ramachandran

    You are all putting relentless efforts, no doubt. I would like to suggest something like request you to tie-up with Amman Pathipagam which is publishing Shri Guru Rayaru books (Granthas). If you come up with some offer like if any body buys 10 books the price will be Rs.XYZ. So that many of our community people will get benefited. You can count on me that I will be the first one to buy all books. I don’t recommend that you sell the books through this web. But still if you strike a deal with Amman Pathipagam and announce the same thro this will be great.
    Hope to hear something positive.
    God Bless you!
    Krishnan Ramachandran

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri Krishnan avre,
      Thanks for visiting my blog first of all.
      Its really an excellent idea. I shall talk with Sri.Amman Sathyanadhan reg this and I shall let you know soon.
      Keep visiting this blog for updates!
      hare Srinivasa!

  21. C.Gururaj Joshi

    My name is gururaj joshi and from hyderabad. I felt very happy by looking your website. I have no words to express gratitude towards you. Although our Brahmins are getting degraded from the righteous path as prescribed by our Jagadguru Madhvacharya you have made an attempt to educate and train brahmanas about the absolute truth. I support your these sacred movement.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namaskara sir. Dhanyavadhagalu
      With all your support/blessings I shall take this task sincerely and wholeheartedly and will spread Srimadhacharya’s tatva throughout our bharatha dhesa.
      smara Krshnam bajaharIm Nama visNum sreyachutam!!
      Hare Srinivasa

  22. rajesh

    I would like to learn this philosophy on a full time basis. I am single with no commitments and I humbly request you to let me know if there is some place I can go to where I can settle down and learn the philosophy at the same time..
    I am 41 years old and I am single .I have money to maintain myself till death and I would like to do some charitable work and at the same time learn the philosophy. Please help me out…

    • dvaitavedanta

      Thanks for your interest to learn our philosophy. I have replied your email. Please check.
      hare Srinivasa

  23. varun

    Nice venkatesh keep it up ur intrest about dvaitha vedanta nice iam also intersted in philosophy

    • dvaitavedanta

      Thanks Sri Varun.
      hare Srinivasa

  24. varun

    nice venkatesh keep it up u are very proud to be madhwa brahmin and i am also madhwa we should spread to madhwa tattva to all people which is true or fact jagadaguru madhwacharya philosophy is best

    • dvaitavedanta

      Thanks Sri Varun.
      hare Srinivasa

  25. purushothaman

    I madhwa brahmin age 46 no childrenn, I usually i am going manthralaya, Till day I am very much difficult to get rooms theres can you please help me to get rooms there
    I am v.purushothamann

    • dvaitavedanta

      Dear Sir,
      There are plenty of guest houses built by many charitable organizations but the advance reservation is not possible and you have to book the cottage after coming to Mantralaya only. You can contact your nearby Rayaru mutt for any enquiry. There is one lodge in the name ” 100Rooms” which seems to be less expensive and situated just close to the mutt.
      Wish you a very Happy Journey!!
      hare Srinivasa

  26. Jagannathan

    Hi this is Jagannathan i am web designer working software company in chennai.
    I want need Sri Ragootthama teerthar, Tirukoilur Photo full view
    Thank U

  27. Rajanikanth Venkateshmurthy

    Dear Sri.Venkatesh
    At the outset , kindly acknowledge my sincere NAMASKARA’S for your outstanding work educating the madhwa community ! I am unable to reach you directly to discuss more about YATIS and understand the importance of being a Madhwa.
    Anatha Namaskaragalu
    Rajanikanth Venkateshmurthy

  28. Ballur Krishnamurthy

    I have seen photos ‘n’ information. I have visited
    some of the places mentioned therein. It is not
    out place to acknowledge the efforts taken by u in touring ‘n’ collecting treasure of divinity. We do not how to send our gratitude. Entire family joins
    with me in expressing thanks to u.
    With warm regards,
    Ballur Family.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Thank you very much sir! Its purely Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu’s blessings which made me to visit all these spiritual places. Moreover, without my parent’s blessings it would not have happen!
      hare Srinivasa

  29. Ravi Madhavarao

    It was very nice to see all the Brindavana from my screen. As if I was visiting. You did a very good job in posting. I was searching for Dwadhasa Stotra and I got your page in the first screen! . I am also curius to see you visited on 2nd Jan 2010 at Anakaputur Rayara Mutt where my father is one of the Trustee and constucted by our Madhwa Group.
    I also noticed you visited Anegundi near Hampi. I do not know if you have visited NavaBrindavana ? Which is near Anegundi. If you visit NavaBrindavana you will get Nine Ethigala blessings in one place.
    Any way I saw more places in your blog.
    Ravi Madhavarao.

  30. hello sir,
    u r really good personality ,after look this blog.

  31. I happened to notice your blogspot by accident when I was searching for something else. Great job done! We have been ardent devotees of Sri Guru Rayar for more than 2 decades now and have been fortunate owing to maybe some past janma karmas to have his continued grace and blessings on me and my family. With an intention to educate more people in far-off places about HIM and how HIS grace can guide them in this Kali yuga, we have initiated steps to construct a mrithika brindavanam for HIM near Kanchipuram along with Sri Lakshmi Nrsimhar(moola rupa from his Prahlada avatar), Sri Anjaneya (moola rupa from his Vyasa raja avatar). Since HE is a Rama-dasar and Krishnar-dasar, plan is also to have separate sanctum sanctorums for Sri Ramar, Lakshmanar and Sita as well as Panduranga and Rukmini.
    All the details pertaining to this are available at:
    Our personal experiences over the last 1.5 years after starting this activity and how he guided and showered his blessings at all times are available at this blogspot separately:
    Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanamastu

  32. Raghavendra Rao

    Hare Shrinivasa,
    Namaste Venkatesh avare,
    Your blog is awesome…You are doing a great Job. Keep it up….
    Haraye Namah

  33. Hello Venkatesh,
    I was very much impressed by 2 films “Madhvacarya” and “Ramanujacarya” by Lakshmi Tathachar. Do you know if he made some other movies like these two?

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Michael, I am not sure really. Hare Srinivasa

  34. v.k.murthy

    Yours is truly amazing . if possible mention in english dates our Madwa yethigalu bruindavans and places and how to reach from hyderabad with least no of days starting punyadinas from may month onwards. No hurry take your own time. God bless you Murthy Hyderabad

  35. Rajiv

    Hi Sri,
    You have mentioned “Sri Anandatheertharu’s” on your blog i want to know what exactly this means and where can i get more info to read (in English as i am not good in sanskrit)

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri.Rajiv, Sri Anandatheertharu is the other name of Jagadguru Sriman Madhvacharya. He is the founder of Tatvavadha(Dvaita) philosophy. To learn more you can visit http://www.dvaita.org hare Srinivasa

  36. ramesh.k

    hai venkatesh
    i am ramesh from tirupur. i saw the pictures realley it is very useful for our community
    really you did good job. god will bless you always
    keep it up.

  37. ramesh.k

    hai venkatesh
    can you let me know sri vyasaraja moola mutt
    bus route and where swamiji is staying if possible
    bcz to get muthradharana .thanks
    Best regards

  38. Hi Venkatesh,
    Just one piece of info which you may share with all through your SMS Channel. Mysore Sri Ramachandrachar program (Dasara Padagalu) is planned in T Nagar Rayar Mutt on Ekadasi day (06-Aug) from 10 pm in the night to 3 AM on Saturday. And Dwadasi parane is arranged in T Nagar Mutt. Interested bhaktas can join!.

  39. Smitha Dutta

    Dear Vekatesh,
    Your Superb, Thanks to your guide which made me see tremendous brindhavan’s . I Am Lord Raghavendra Swamy devotee . My Galoons of wishes to you in promoting this super writings.
    God Bless you.

  40. Prakash P Kulkarni

    Excellent work. May Hari Vayu Gurugalu bless you.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Dhanyavadhagalu Sri Prakash. Hare Sreenivasaa

  41. vijay vittal

    Hare Srinivasa!!
    If any help required,plz let me know sir,
    I’m always one step forward to help you out in Hare seve!!!
    Hare srinivasa!!!

    • YKR

      Your blog is simply great. I’m thrilled. Kindly keep posting such good Madhwa related articles. Don’t hesitate to seek my help. It will always be available for the cause and propagation of Madhwa philosophy.

      • dvaitavedanta

        dhanyavadha, hare Sreenivasaa

  42. aastha shukla

    The RadhaRaman Mandir in Vrindavan, Mathura, was established by Swami Gopala Bhatt (sometime in 1580) or so. I have noticed that this temple is a must on the itinerary of the Madhva s from south India. The website of radharaman mandir also gives brief info about the connection.
    can you throw some light on this? Is Krishna worship among Madhavas different from others?

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe, I am not sure about this history. Can you let us know about the website? hare Sreenivasa

  43. Venkatesh

    I am subscribed to the free sms channel and I get regular sms. However, I visited this site for the first time and was so happy to see some one doing so many good things for the benefit of the society. I salute to you and wish Hari Vaayu gives more energy and strength to you to more such things
    Venkatesh, Hyderabad

    • dvaitavedanta

      Dhanyavadha Sri Venkatesh avre, Na aham kartha Sri Hari kartha!

  44. bandachary

    wonderfull..i am 70yrs old, I feel very small when I see ur efforts to take all of us to correct path. Pray HARI VAYU GURU BLESSES U to carry forward this work.

  45. ragavendra

    hai venkatesh
    i am RAGAVENDRA from MADURAI i saw the pictures realley it is very useful for our community
    really you did good job. god will bless you always,Excellent work. May Hari Vayu Gurugalu bless you. PLS SEND ME UR PHONE NUMBER .
    Best regards

  46. May Mukhyaprana Devaru bless you to become instrumental in spreading the greatness of Madhwa Philosophy. May the divine spark enlighten every soul.
    Great service!!!!

  47. d.v.subbarao

    Very good site sir. as a token of my contribution towards hindu bhakti, am translating history of haridasas into Telugu named as SRI HARIDASA VAIBHAVAM. I am collecting the information from net from various sources. It is really a thrilling experience to translate the subject on madhva hirarchy for the benefit of telugu people. pls advise me to go further for completion of my project.

  48. M S Raghavendra

    You are doing wonderful job. Please continue to spred message to others.

  49. M. Venkatesan

    I am also venkatesh from Villupuram. My dreams also the same. Our Rayar directs to see your dvaitavedanta page. I am very much impressed and enjoying our Rayar sparkle entire world thro your page. It is pure our Rayar gift. Keep it up.
    Thanking you
    venkatesh, villupuram

  50. Hi All,
    I would like to tell you about a temple in Hanumanthapuram, Dharmapuri District, Tamil Nadu, India. This temple of Lord Hanumantha is believed to be around 600+ years old. Along with Hanumantha, the temple also had sanctums of Sridevi, Bhoodevi with Sri Narayana.
    I believe it is one of the idols installed by Vyaasarajaru, as i have seen a “Gante” at the end of the tail. Actually many people in the village were not able to explain the history of the temple properly.
    It will be great if any of you please help me to confirm whether the idol is really one of the Vyaasrajara karaarchita or not.
    I have created a website for the temple but have not yet published as I am in doubt about the origin of the Idol.
    Please have a look at the website for more photos and other details of temple and guide me.
    Website:The correct website is provided below

  51. Dear Moderator – Can you please add the above post in Readers choice as well.

  52. Vasan

    Namaskara Sri Nagarajan
    There is no doubt at all that the idol in Hanumantapuram belongs to Sri Vyaasaraja kaala. This is one of the idols that was installed personally by Sri Vyaasaraja itself.
    Sri Krishnarpanamastu

    • Namaskara Sri Vasan Avarige,
      Thanks for your comments. It is happy to hear that it is one among them

  53. Shridhar KR

    Nice Collections.
    Gr8 Job. Keep dng.
    ಹರೇ ಕೃಷ್ಣ

  54. ನಯನ ಆರ್

    ಹರೇ ಶ್ರೀನಿವಾಸ,
    ನಿಮ್ಮ ಎಲ್ಲಾ ಒಳ್ಳೆ ಕೆಲಸಗಳಲ್ಲಿ ಶ್ರೀ ಹರಿ ವಾಯು ಗುರುಗಳ ಅನುಗ್ರಹ ಇರಲಿ ಎಂದು ಶುಭ ಕೋರುತ್ತೇನೆ.
    ನಯನ ಆರ್

  55. Murali H

    With Sri Hari Vayu’s blessings, i could able to travel some of the prominent places in the life of Sri Madhvacharya. These are being captured in a video and shared :
    This covers Vayustuthi’s author Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya’s Brindavana & his pooja room, SuMadhva Vijaya’s author Sri Narayana Panditacharya’s Brindavana, Vishnu Mangala, Vyasa tirtha (small pond) where all the moola grantha has been engraved in copper plates and stored.

  56. Shenoy

    Good site, which touches my mind and spiritual life. I am Shenoy from Kochin, Kerala. (PHP Programmer). I belongs to Kashi Mutt (Madhva Darsan). My ‘Namaskara & Ashleshas’ to you for giving this site and great information. Lord Sreenivasa bless you.
    Sreenivaso Vijayathe.

  57. K.Vittal

    superb collections contiune ur best service

  58. radheshyam

    i wanted to know about tartamya vidhya philosophy. can you tell me about where to find it?

  59. subhavaaruni

    hai Venky ! Superb !great job:)

  60. venkatesh gopal raichur

    hats off to you.u r doing a wonderful job.I pray the almighty to give u more strength courage,energy to spread madhwa siddhantha across the globe and enlighten all of us.Please do visit the northern part of karnataka namely savanuru where sri satyabodha swamy math situated.Hosa ritti,Surpali narasimha temple,M.K.HBL Narasimha temple etc.and learn more n more abt.these places too.
    only a request.dhanyavadagalu.
    venkatesh gopal raichur
    sub-divisional engineer,BSNL

  61. Mr.Venkatesha Rao,
    I am from Village Binnamangalam, Thali Taluk, Dharmapuri Dist.
    NO.17, of the list in Tamilnadu is about the Anjaneya Temple being maintined by our family members. It is so surprising that this is being installed by Sri Vyasarjaru.
    We are Smartha people and the temple was built and worshiped by our ancestors and we continue.
    There is a bell (GANTE) at the tail end of Anjaneya and we were always feeling that this is some thing special. May be the reason will now be cleared by you.
    I would like you to throw some more light on this.

  62. Sudharsan

    Hi i just stumbled upon this web page and nice information. Iam working in an automotive R&D in Pune. Right from my young age ive a quest to find out answers for certain questions in my mind as below. If any one can guide me….?
    – Why we are born, why we die ?
    – Who is GOD ? If Vishnu or Shiva or whoever is supreme who made him?
    – Why GOD made us ? and all creatures ? what is he/she doing with all of us ?
    – Why one need to attain moksha when we dono what it is ( i know halwa, its sweet, i seek for that, but i dono what is moksha…why shd i go behind it ? ). In any case, i dont want moksha cos i want to find out what all GOD is planning / planned to do with us. I shd be the last in class of GOD to attain moksha. I want to be re born again and again to admire GODs creation if it so and to find out whats gonna happen at last….( stupid thought ? …i dono )….
    – 4 Yugas….now in so called Kali Yuga….so after that…so called destruction…again all 4 yugas ? Same you and me will be born and same things will happen in next set of Kali yuga ?
    – Why GOD has not made all things so clear and lucid that he/she is supreme and this is what it is…why so much variations in living beings … why Dwita, Adwaita, Vishatadwaita has to come? GOD could have made one religion…making crystal clear to everyone?
    – Why there is BAD ? Why there is GOOD ?
    GOD can plan to have only GOOD all the time…why he created BAD ? What is he doing with all of us ?
    – Why one born doesnt posses all such information ? Why GOd made us to forget our past janma if there is one?
    – Why all avatars of GOD happend only in India ?
    – WHy GOD is expecting us to praise him, do pooja, sing songs? Is he not having EGO in expecting so?
    – If GOD has made us, if there is a cycle of karma
    Basically i belong to Advita…but im also reading Diwita philosophies…but i need answers for above if someone can show me where it is….
    Sudharsan S

  63. G.Prema and R. Sundararajan

    Thanks for the information and photos especially on Sothe. We are the parents of an daughter affected with autism. Many have advised us to go to Sothe. We are afraid taking our daughter for such a long journey. But After seeing the photos i feel that somehow i should make up the trip and get the blessings of Sri Vadiraja on my daughter.I Pray gurugalu to show us the path.

  64. janarthanan

    Thank you for the information you have provided

  65. wonderful photos collections. Just by taking darshan of these pictures devotion generates in the heart.

  66. Santhosh singh

    Sir your works are good,i will be extremely pleasurable if you write an article on rayaru,his previous incarnations and deities he prayed in each avatars.thank you sir

  67. prashanth

    this saturday i am going to vayasaraya prathista hanumatha darashana in tumkur dist any suggestion will help in travel any guideline or any maps please share me

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