Sri Gopala Daasaru and the Grace of Gayatri

Sri Gopala Daasaru and the Grace of Gayatri

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||

Sri Gopala Daasaru and the Grace of Gayatri 

Namaskaara to all Haribhaktaas.

Bhaganna lived along with his three brothers with his mother venkamma since his father had expired exposing them to great difficulties. An accounts officer of a neighbouring village arranged for the thread ceremony of the children free of cost and the priest who conducted the function emphasised the power of gayatri as under:

na  gaayatriyaa param mantra   na matuh para devataa
(There is no other greater god than mother and there is no equal mantra
that is greater than Gayatri). Bhaganna took the adivce to the heart and formally took permisssion from greatest god for a person viz.his mother started to sincerely chant the greatest mantra gayatri and by the repeated chanting and purascharanah of the sacred hymn for a period of two years under a vata vraksha(banyan tree)Bhaganna was endowed with the gift of telling the bhoota,vartamanah and bhavishya of a person(the past,present and future). Fame,name,glory and riches began to pour upon Bhagannaa who was languishing in penury previously.

Even the Gadwal king came to him and got prediction from him and gifted with him with lot  of wealth. A dramatic change took place in his life when bhaganna happened to go to see thimanna at adoni (thimannan was a minister at the court of baslad jung,nawab of adoni and a good friend ofbhaganna) . At that time Sri Vijayadaasaru had camped there and bhaganna  was captivated by the great saint  and Bhaganna left the practice of foretelling and fell  at the Lotus feet of the dasaru and requested him to kindly initiate into daasa koota which the  latter did so  in the manga rayara devastana at adoni and gave him the ankhita name of Gopala vittala and henceforth

He was known as Sri Gopala Dasaru.
This incident must be an eyeopener for those who are unaware of the efficacy Gayatri mantra that forms an important part in the sandyavandana and inspire them to do sandya vandana even if they have not yet started.

Dr. B. Basker



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  1. Gururaj Joshi

    Hare Krishna!
    Is there any process to get initiated from bonafide spiritual master. How to approach them because without guru there is no way to cross the neciencse of this material world. I donot have mantra diksha. Iam doing sandhyavandana daily but i feel scarcity or incompletedness could you suggest me in this regard. Iam brought in Kanva shaka-madhva matha which is in Bijapur near Muddhebhal. could you help me in this regard.
    Thanking you,
    With warm regards,
    C.Gururaj Joshi

    • dvaitavedanta

      hare Srinivasa
      Namasthe Sri Gururaj,
      Can you tell me one thing, is there any Sri Rayaru mutt at your place? It would be better if you go and contact them directly. I promise you, you will get a Guru there, with the blessings of our Mantralaya mahaprabhu Sri Rayaru. 🙂
      hare Srinivasa

  2. jayalakshmi.p

    Nameskara to all Gurujis,
    I am Tmt Jayalakshmi srinivasan from Pondicherry
    Yesterday I send a flood relief money to srsmutt rehabilitation a/c30912927639 thro my SBI a/c from Pondicherry. I like to know whther the amount has been deosited to the flood a/c. kindly mail it to my email.
    Thanking you
    with warm regards

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe madam,
      I request you to please contact SRSMUTT,Mantralayam Office number and check with them Phone: 08512-279429/459
      hare Srinivasa


    i want to send the photo of sri mukhya pranadevaru of kadagathur . how to send the same by mail

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