Sri Sathya Vijaya Tirtha- Saint behind Village name called SV Nagaram

Sri Sathya Vijaya Tirtha- Saint behind Village name called SV Nagaram
Nawab War

सत्यपूर्णाम्बुधेर्जातो विद्वज्जनविजृम्भितः।
धनीध्वंसीतु नस्तापं श्रीसत्यविजयोडुपः॥

|| satyapUrNAmbudherjAto vidvajjanavijR^imbhitaH .
dhanIdhvaMsItu nastApaM shrIsatyavijayoDupaH ||

Arani District:

Arani is a historical place located about 60 kms from Tiruvannamalai on the banks of Kamandala Naaga river .

Zamindars of Arani:

Vedaji Bhaskar Pant, a Maharashtra Brahmin, accompanied Shahji (father of Sivaji), in his expedition in South India. Shahji gifted the Jagir of Arani to Pant in 1640 CE. The Zamindars of the historic town of Arani had around 200 imported cars at one point in time. Arni had all wealth for many hundred years.

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The Jagirdar of Arani, Venkatanatha Rao Sahib, the descendant of Pant, was an ardent devotee of Dvaita saint Sri Sathya Vijaya Tirtha. The Jagirdar constructed the mutt and Moola Brindavan for this saint and renamed the village as Sathya Vijaya nagaram after the saint.

Later, the King shifted from Arani, built a magnificent palace near the Brindavan, and settled down here.

Arni Palace

Satya Vijaya Nagaram:

Satya Vijaya Nagaram (also known as S. V. Nagaram), is a census town in Tiruvanamalai district,about 5 kms from Arani district, state of Tamil Nadu. The town is named after Satya Vijaya Tirtha, his holiness of Uttaradi Matha whose Moola Brindavana is in this town. The town was established by rulers of Arni. 

Sri Sathya Vijaya Tirtha: 

Sri Sathya Vijaya Tirtha was one of the great saint of Dvaita philosophy, and 23rd pontiff of Sri Uttaradhi Mutt. His disciple Sri Satyapriya Tirtha has composed a work called ” Sathya Vijaya Panchakam”, and his holiness narrates the mahima of his guru Sri Sri Sathya Vijaya Tirtha. “SrimadAnantha Tirtha paadayo bhakthim sadha” meaning if we mediate on holy feet of Sri Sathya Vijaya Tirtha then Saint would bestow us bhakthi towards Jagadguru sri Madhvacharya. Holy Saint was a great saint in spreading Santhana Dharma, and his mind would be always filled in service to all his devotees. And thus Jagirdar of Arani Srinivasa Rao Saheb became very great devotee of Sri Swamiji, seeing the greatness of the saint. 

Swamiji protected Hinduism:

Nawab war

During the period of Sri Sathya Vijaya Tirtha, Arcot Nawab wanted to wage a war against Arni city and King Venkatanatha Sahib worried a lot and surrendered the holy feet of  Swamiji. Swamiji stood strong with Arcot Kings and bestowed the King with his blessings “Vijayee bhava”.  As a result Arni King won the battle and submitted the victory at the holy feet of Sri Swamiji.  The beautiful village Arni and its palace stood before us till 19th Century. The Jagir was abolished ( after India became free and enacted the Zamindar Abolition Bill 1948) as the first amendment to the Constitution. And present state of palace is really in pathetic condition but village still remains beauty with thousands of devotees of Sri Swamiji at SV nagaram.

Aradhane of Sri Sathya Vijaya Tirtha:

On Pingala Samvatsara Chaitra Krishna Ekadashi Shri Satyavijaya Teertha entered Brindavana in Satyavijaya Nagar (Arani) on the banks of river Kaveri during 1737. This year 2024 happens to be 287th year Aradhane celebration of such a great saint, which is celebrated on 3rd, 4th and 5th May 2024 at his holiness moola brindhavana at S.V Nagaram,Arni Taluk,Tamilnadu

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Sri Vyasarajaru prathisthapana Hanuman:

Sri Vyasarajaru

Sri Vyasarajaru (raja guru of Vijaya nagara dynasty) had installed 732 Hanuman temples across South India, and one here in SV Nagaram. Sri Vayu devaru in this place is considered very powerful idol and bestow ayul arogya to all his devotees. Sri Sathya Vijaya Swamiji was bestowed with blessings by Vayu deva at this place.

As you know we have taken efforts to search/list all 732 Hanuman Temples in our Website. Click here to know more.

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Let Sri Swamiji bless all of us with bhakthi and gyana, 

Hare Srinivasa

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