Learn Vedic Astrology – Online through Sri Hari Jothida Vidyalaya

Learn Vedic Astrology – Online through Sri Hari Jothida Vidyalaya

Hare Srinivasa


About Vedic Astrology: 

Kalidasa starts writing that Astrologers do predict based on planetary movements based on their limited knowledge, but it is only Lord who can predict 100% about the future. 

Jyothisham means the one which gives light to our Knowledge, and the word Astrology is derived from West, it means the benefits which are given by Planets. 

Astrology though is related to science but do require intuition power combined with vaak shakthi, this only comes by divine grace of Gurus like Sri Raghavendra Swamy and ofcourse with blessings of Lord Shri Harih. Astrologers do predict the things and it will work out only if they perform certain principles in their life. Astrologers should practice japa, thapa along with well disciplined way of life. If not whatever they predict may not be accurate as a result. 

Astrology is a part of Veda sastra, we can broadly divide in to three types i) Jaimini method ii) Tajaka method and iii) Maharishi Parasara method. In India most of them follow Sage Parasara’s method, which was developed by him about 6000 years ago. 

About Sri Hari Jothida Vidyalaya:

Sri Hari jothida Vidyalaya was started by Meenam Sri K.S. Mani in Theni District, Tamilnadu in the year 2007. There are many branches across Tamilnadu till date, and they have been excelling in teaching the ancient Vedic Astrology to thousands of aspiring students every year. They have in fact play a major role in spreading the ancient Astrology which attracts many young researching students.

Certificate giving function

Sri Hari Jothida Vidyalaya have been teaching and conducting Astrology exams in four levels, such as Fundamental, Higher, Master and Research. The exams are conducted every 6 months according to the individual  levels. The interested students can contact here to know their nearby branches and get enrolled yourself for Direct classes. 


Please see the detailed prospectus of Sri Hari Jothida Vidyalaya by clicking the below image, 

Learn via Online:

Sri Sathyanarayanan, B.E, D.Astro is one of the young and popular Astrologers in Chennai, and have been involved in various researches related to Vedic Astrology. He has been very practical in explaining the concepts clearly, and experienced in teaching Astrology for many years, which has had helped many students. His way of teaching makes aspiring Vedic astrology students to learn the ancient technique in very simple and easy way. It is therefore a great opportunity for those who would like to learn Astrology online, in a proper gurukul system.

Please remember end of every level you will get a Certificate for completion from Sri Hari Jothidam institute. 

Sri Sathyanarayanan, B.E, D.Astro completed his Diploma with Sri Hari Jothidam and been authorized by the institute to teach Astrology online. Please see Page 15, Serial number 62 from the prospectus of Sri Hari Jothidam given above, 

For those who would like to learn these courses Online can contact Sri Sathyanarayanan at  srivijayalakshmijothidam@gmail.com

The medium of teaching will be in Tamil/English. 

Those who are interested in learning the ancient Astrology technique online can contact the above email ID and get benefited. 

~~ Sri krishnaarpanamasthu ~~


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