Jyothisham (Astrology) – Introduction

Jyothisham (Astrology) – Introduction

About Jyothisham (Astrology)

Kalidasa starts writing that Astrologers do predict based on planetary movements based on their limited knowledge, but it is only Lord who can predict 100% about the future. 

Jyothisham means the one which gives light to our Knowledge, and the word Astrology is derived from West, it means the benefits which are given by Planets. 

Astrology though is related to science but do require intuition power combined with vaak shakthi, this only comes by divine grace of Gurus like Sri Raghavendra Swamy and ofcourse with blessings of Lord Shri Harih. Astrologers do predict the things and it will work out only if they perform certain principles in their life. Astrologers should practice japa, thapa along with well disciplined way of life. If not whatever they predict may not be accurate as a result. 

Astrology is a part of Veda sastra, we can broadly divide in to three types i) Jaimini method ii) Tajaka method and iii) Maharishi Parasara method. In India most of them follow Sage Parasara’s method, which was developed by him about 6000 years ago. 

Panchanga and its types: 

Panchanga = Pancha + Anga – it constitutes of 5 essential things they are Day(dhina), Thithi, Yoga, Karana and Nakshatra. 

There are mainly two types of Panchanga which is being followed in bharatha  “Vakya ” and “Drik” Panchanga(Tirukanidha)

Vaakya panchanga is considered to be the ancient and very old method which was practiced by sages, this panchanga was casted/calculated based on vaakya(sentences) , which was written by them with their astama siddhis. Though so called Science might have invented scientific instruments such as telescope etc few years back  but ancient & self realized Risis by their extra ordinary powers identified the Planets in the Solar system, along with planetary movements through meditation techniques.

Drik Panchanga is slightly the modified version of Vaakya Panchaanga, it is an updated version which included slight changes in Earth movement, actions of Sun/Moon, and gravitational force etc, this has been followed since 600 AD or so and most of the astrologers do follow this panchanga nithi even today, whereas some of them still follow planetary transits as per Gochara as per vaakya panchang.

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Prarabdha Karma and Astrology: 

“Janani janma sowkyanam varthani kula sampadham padhavi Purva punyanam likyathe Janma patrika” 

As per Hinduism, as per purva janma actions (be it good or bad) every baby takes birth based on that in this janma to face the same. Karma is an essential factor which decides what and how Human life has to be spent upon. Karma is key factor which plays a major role on ones life, if we earn Good karma it results in positive way of living and if we earn Bad karma it results in negativity. None can oppose that Karma doesnt exist. “as you sow you shall reap”

It does not mean that Karma cant be changed, it can be changed by Guru kripa and importantly with the blessings of Lord.

Sangeetha pithamaha Sri Purandara Dasa says that all Nine planets perform their actions on Human life based on the orders of Lord Shri Harih. And Lord does that based on each ones individual Karma. Any case, through divine bhakthi even karma can be changed if Lord wishes!

Guru kripa & Karma: 

Guru Raghavendra Swamy, Mantralaya

There is sookshma(secret) here that if one has Guru’s blessings it can ward off ill effects of Karma. Not all Gurus who takes birth in this Kalyyuga can actually do that, but those who are self-realized can clear ones karma through blessings of Lord. 

Sri Raghavendra Swamiji of Mantralaya is one such saint who is called as Kalyyuga kalpatharu, Kamadhenu. He is believed to stay inside his mortal tomb(brindhavana) even now since 350+ years and he will stay for next 300+ years. The reason for his stay in kayyuga is to cross his devotees from samsara, i.e, not to fall under death/birth chain. He has removed ill karma of many of his devotees which is well known to the World. He has even given life to a death during his life time. He has been performing many miracles for many centuries. Guru like him can remove ones Karma(with Lord Sri Hari Vayu’s desire), not everyone else can!!

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Let us remember the holy name of Guru Sri Raghavendra Swamy, who can remove all our sins and protect us from all kind of planetary ill effects, 


In the service of Guru Raghavendra Swamy, 

Venkatesh Rajendran

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