Eco Friendly Shri Ganesha & Modak prasadha – Making

Eco Friendly Shri Ganesha & Modak prasadha – Making

Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama

Sri Ganapathi is Akashadhipati, Abhimani for Akasha, he is the  Son of Rudra devaru & a great grandson of Lord Sri Hari. He is a Brahmachari. He comes in 18th position as per Taratamya concept of Jagadguru Sri Madhvacharya,along with vishwaksena, ashvini devatas,kubera&seShsa shatasthas. While doing archana we praise him as “Shipra prasadhaya Namaha!” Meaning, he is the one who bless us immediately if prayed with sincere devotion. This is a very important ability and capacity of him. 

He does the upAsana of vishvaMbhara ParamAtma – having 19 faces and the central face is the Elephant face. He is thus called Gajamukha. As per Gayathri mantra of him starting ‘Vakrathunda Mahakaya..’  here  thunda means face and vakra means one who gives speech to talk about Lord Sri Harih. He has another name called ‘Vignaraja’ means one who removes obstacles and gives way to enrich kundalini power.

I have come across the below Youtube channels, the one is making Sri Ganesha in eco-friendly way and the other channel describes different varieties of Modak which can be prepared from home and offer as Prasadha to Ganesha antharkatha Lord Shri Harih, 

  • Eco Friendly Lord Shri Ganesh Making:

Part-1:Lord Ganesh made using Vegetables


Part-2: Lord Ganesh made using Rice Flour

Part3: Lord Ganesh made using Turmeric

Part4: Lord Ganesh made using Wheat Flour

Part5: Lord Ganesh made using NewsPaper

Part6: Lord Ganesha made using Cotton Thread

Part7: Lord Ganesha made using soil

Part8: Peepal Leaf Sri Vinayaka


  • Modak Varieties: 

Part1: Kesar Modak

Part2: Chocolate Modak

Part3: Fried Modak|| Sweet & Spicy Modak in 1 video

Part4: Rice Flour Modak

To know more about Sri Ganesha: Click here 

Glories to guru Sri Vyasa Tirtha

Venkatesh Rajendran

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