Guru Thyagaraja’s 177th Aradhane

Guru Thyagaraja’s 177th Aradhane

About Saint Sri Thyagaraja:

Saint Sri Thyagaraja(1767-1847) is considered to be famous composer of Carnatic Music songs. He composed songs from the age of 13. He had great knowledge in Vedas,Sastras etc and his songs brought essence of philosophy and it conveyed the beauty of Lord in every verse.

It is my blessing to write an article on such a great saint/composer who devoted his life in bringing the greatness of Lord Sri Rama through his classical compositions. It is today(30/1/2024) pushya bagula panchami where his greatness attained Samadhi on the banks of the river Tiruvaiyaru(Tanjore,Tamilnadu), where his aradhana is celebrated throughout the world.

Sri Thyagaraja has composed many great songs like “Endaro Mahanubhavulu”,”kanna talli” and many more, and importantly Pancharatna Kritis.

About Sri Purandaradasaru:

Image courtesy: Raghavendra Batni(USA)

Sri Purandara Dasaru is sakshat Naradara amsha, he has composed nearly 4,79,000 songs which he himself has said in one of his krithis. He says it is only due to Lords blessings he was able to do such compositions.

Sri Purandara Dasaru is also called Sangeetha Pithamaha. His songs were the base for many of the notable Dasas like saint Sri Tyagarajar, Annamacharyar etc. 

Sri Tyagaraja’s guru:

Sri Tyagarajar had said himself that he was brought up by his mother singing lullaby songs of Sri Purandaradasaru since he was a baby, and his songs inspired him to great extent. Sri Purandara Dasaru songs are simple, easy to understand, same time it contains the essence of Brahma sutras,Vedas,Puranas etc. All vedanta rahasya are hidden in each and every song

Sri Tyagaraja also composed drama(operas) such as ‘Prahlada Bhakta Vijaya’, ‘Nauka Charitram’ and ‘Seeta Rama Vijayam.’

In his Prahlada Bhakta Vijaya he starts the magnificent work by offering respects and namaskaram to Sri Purandaradasar.

durita vrAtamul(e)llanu pari mArceDi hari guNamula bADucun(e)puDun
paravaSuDai velayu purandara dAsuni mahimamulanu dalaceda madilOn

Meaning: “I remember in my mind on the greatness of shri Purandara dAsa who shines in a state of joyfulness, he always sings the virtues of Lord Shri Harih , which transforms all evil-some destiny and gives moksha to the deserving souls.”

It is also noted that Muthuswami Dikshitar use of Suladhi Saptatalas and his making of antique Ragas embodied from the songs of Sri Purandaradasar is the proof that Dasaru stood as the pillar in bringing the carnatic music to the world and produced various composers in the world.

This post is to remember the greatness of Sri Thyagarajar’s contribution and also to remember his Guru(Purandara dasar) who inspired him in life, which also has to be respected to the greater heights.

Live from Thiruvaiyaru:

Hare Srinivasa

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  1. Sureshkumar S

    A noble soul and great saint, Sri Thyagaraja of Tiruvaiyaru lived for about 88 years as confirmed by his biographer M.S.Ramadami Iyer. He concludes that the saint was born in the year 1759 with sufficient proof.

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