Interesting information about new Ayodhya temple

Interesting information about new Ayodhya temple

About Ayodhya

Ayodhya is a city situated on the banks of the Sarayu river in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Ayodhya is one of the “saptha maha shetras”. it was the capital of Suryavamsha dynasty, where Lord Sri Rama took birth and rightly called Rama Janmabhoomi.

Sri Vaadhiraaja in his book Tirtha prabandhaa, explains the beauty of holy place Ayodhya, after praying Lord Sri Rama in this place.

Holy Saint Vaadhiraaja Swamin compares Ayodhya city with “Sthree/Women”. she is very strict but auspicious , and divine Women. the one with highest and finest qualities, the one who follows Dharma always. the one who’s always meditating Lords feet. When her husband Lord Sri Rama was not in the city, she was waiting for her husband to come back, who was on exile but she was always great & well disciplined in her tapas on her husband. She was waiting to feel the vibrant presence of her husband(Lord Rama), the one who protects righteous devotees always!

Saint Vaadhiraaja had to compare because holy place Ayodhya was always attached to Lord Sri Rama, as this place cannot live without Lord Sri Narayana’s presence, is the concept behind. We cannot separate Lord from this place!

Sri Vaadhiraaja Swamin lived during 14th Century, this confirms that the city Ayodhya was having a beautiful temple built for Lord Sri Rama.

Sri Purandara Daasaru beautifully describes Ayodhya Sri Rama. O Lord who lives in Ayodhya shethra, the one who gives only happiness to his devotees. the one who destroys his devotees EGO. and protects every souls to attain the highest state. Lord, please bless us!

Interesting information about new Ayodhya temple:

It is on 22nd Jan 2024 during sukla paksha, Dwadashi, mriga sirsha nakshatra, Lord Sri Rama’s vigraha will be installed at his birth place Ayodhya.

Temple has been built in an ancient traditional style. main sanctum is situated east west about 390 square feet, length is about 250 square feet,and height is about 161 square feet.

It will be three floors building, each floor is 20 feet height, total of about 392 pillars, and total of about 44 entrances.

In the ground floor Lord Sri Rama’s main idol, in the roopa of a beautiful child will be installed. And the first floor has pattaabhishekha hall of Sri Rama and Seeta devi.

Total of 5 mantapam overall, they are, natya mandapam,ranga mandapam,dharshan mandapam,prarthana mandapam and keerthana mandapam.

Entrance has 32 steps. is it because Jagadguru Sri Madhwacharyaa has all 32 lakshanas, and welcoming him to enter to have dharshan of his master Lord Sri Rama?

All the four corners have temple for Surya, Rudra, Ganapathi,Bhagavadhi, and South direction having Hanuman and North having Annapoorni devi.

Ancient Seetha devi Well in the south direction, and other deities outside the temple.

Seven days of pooja at new Ayodhya temple:

Temple installation ritual happens for Seven days at new Ayodhya temple. The below pooja happens on respective date as follows.

16th Jan 2024
Lord Vishnu is prayed and temple trustees does the sankalpa. and they do take bath in the holy sarayu river.

17th Jan 2024
Procession taking holy idol of Sri Rama in the streets, will be kept in the main place and devotees to bring holy water from the river sarayu.

18th Jan 2024
Temple rituals start with homas such as Ganapathi, Ambika, Varuna, Matrika and Vaasthu poojas.

19th Jan 2024
Homas take place, along with deepa and navagraha staapana.

20th Jan 2024
Temple inner sanctum is cleaned with sarayu river water and vaasthu shanthi to take place.

21st Jan 2024
Abhishekha to Lord with 125 kalasa of holy water.

22nd Jan 2024
Pooja happens early morning, and later during Mrigasirsha nakshatra, prana prathista of Lord Sri Rama to happen. All these 7 days rituals are being conducted by 121 veda ganapathis across India. Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Modi ji does prathista during Abijit muhurtha.

Installation starts exactly at 12:29:09 and ends at 12:30:32, which is 1 minute 23 seconds. and installation gets over during the said timings.

Since installation is done during Abijit muhurtha, and Abijit gives peace and win to everyone. Lord here at Ayodhya is going to give Unity, not only in India, but across the World. He is for sure going to protect everyone with Love and affection.

As Purandara Daasaru rightly says, chanting of holy mantra of Sri Rama gives strength and aproksha gyana. as its secret mantra for which Mukyaprana surrenders Lord Sri Ramas feet. and this is rightly called Vaasi Yoga, as per Siddha purushas. Control of Praana inner self results in self realisation.

Let Jagadguru Madhwacharyaa’s guru Sri Rama bless everyone with Gyana bhakthi and Vairagya.

To know more in detail about Ayodhya: click here

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