Sri Vadhiraja’s dharsan of Lord Sri Rama at Ayodhya – Part14

Sri Vadhiraja’s dharsan of Lord Sri Rama at Ayodhya – Part14


“Vyasaaya Bhavanaasaaya Srishaaya Gunarashaye | Hrdyaya Shudhavidhyaya Madhvayacha Namo Namaha” Namaskara to Lord Sri Veda vyasa(Sriman Narayana), husband of Mahalakshmi who is filled with infinite auspicious qualities. Namaskara to beautiful saint who has full of knowledge,who has all the lakshanas in full none other than Jagadguru Sri Madhvacharya — Sri Vadiraja Tirtha in his magnum opus work “Yukthi Mallika”

Greatness of this post:

The below post is very important to know the greatness of holy and auspicious place called Ayodhya where Lord Sri Rama was born and lived for thousands of years protecting all his beloved devotees. I have collected only very few information about holy place Ayodhya from verses from the greatest saints who lived during 12th centuries in bharatha desha,  based on my very limited knowledge only, but there are many interesting information which we could learn from Elders.

There have been many controversies circling around such a great place, and this post would bring a full stop to all such issues proving Lord Sri Rama’s Temple at Ayodhya existed for Centuries!

About Sri Vaadhiraja Swamin:

Sri Vaadhiraja Swami was born in Kumbhasi, Kundaapura in the year 1480, the land of Lord Sri Parashuraama, Sri Vaadhiraja lived 120 years happily and he devoted every second in Lords seva only. He was an poet, scholar, writer, gyani, social reformist, protector of santana dharma. To know more about the greatest saint click here

About Ayodhya:

Sri Vaadhiraja in his book Tirtha prabandha, explains the beauty of holy place Ayodhya after praying Lord Sri Rama in this place.

When Sri Rama went to forest for exile, this holy place was not ruled by any other kings, but only Lord Rama’s feet(holy paadhuka) ruled, which was kept in the throne by Bharatha, and people lived happily waiting to see their Master coming back.

Ayodhya is one of the “saptha maha shetras”, it was the capital of Suryavamsha dynasty, where Lord Sri Rama took birth and rightly called Rama Janmabhoomi.

Holy Saint Vaadhiraja Swamin compares Ayodhya city with “Sthree/Women” – she is very strict but auspicious  and divine Women, the one with highest and finest qualities, the one who follows Dharma always, the one who’s always meditating Lords feet. When her husband Lord Sri Rama was not in the city, she was waiting for her husband to come back, who was on exile but she was always great & well disciplined in her tapas on her husband. She was waiting to feel the vibrant presence of her husband(Lord Rama), the one who protects righteous devotees always!

Saint Vadhiraja had to compare because holy place Ayodhya was always attached to Lord Sri Rama, as this place cannot live without Lord Sri Narayana’s presence is the concept beyond. We cannot separate Lord from this place! 

The narrative skills of Saint Vadhiraja cannot be compared with anyone. He can be compared only with him.

Sri Vadhiraja  Swamin lived during 14th Century, this confirms that the city Ayodhya was having a beautiful temple built for Lord Sri Rama.

Not stopping with the above verse, as we know great saint had also composed thousands of Haridasa songs, his holiness starts to sing a beautiful song on Lord Sri Rama in Aadhi thala, “sEvakanelo nAnu ninnaya pAda sEveniDelo nInu…” , meaning – O Lord shri Rama, who killed Ravana, I always do serve your holy feet and please bless us always!

More references about Ayodhya

From Sri Madhvavijaya:

Sri Madhvavijaya is the biography of Jagadguru Sriman madhvaacharya written by great saint Sri Narayana Pandithacharya who lived/did seva to Sriman madhvaacharya directly during 12th century. Mantralaya saint Sri Raghavendra Swamy composed popular grantha “Bhavaprakashika” based on Sri Narayana Pandithacharya’s Anumadhva Vijaya(the short version of madhva vijaya). Sri Raghavendra Swamin is another greatest composer of granthas, and of course Kalyyuga kamadhenu for all of us in this era! 

In Sri Madhvavijaya, the author Sri Narayana Pandithacharya writes the greatness of Sri Hanuman and his bhakthi towards Lord Sri Rama in Sarga 1, slokha 21, says Sri Hanuman did seva of Ayodhya king Lord Sri Rama for many years ..

From Sri Raghavendra Vijaya:

Sri Raghavendra Vijaya is a beautiful work composed by Sri Raghavendra Swamijis (purva ashrama i.,e his elder sister son) Sri Narayana Acharya. We could enjoy the poetical skills of the greatest author through this holy book. In Sarga8, Sri Narayana Acharya compares the holy city Ayodhya with Kumbakonam(Tamilnadu). Like how Ayodhya Rama entered back his holy city, where thousands of his bhakthas gathered to watch the Pattaabhisheka at this great place, likewise when Sri Raghavendra Swamy after doing sanchara of various cities propagating Sri Madhva sastra entered Kumbakonam, similarly thousands of his holiness devotees waited to have dharshan of Sri Raghavendra, and why cant both these cities be equivalent? 

Sri Narayana Acharya had seen Sri Raghavendra Swamiji and written this great work on his holiness, this shows how devoted Sri Raghavendra Swamy is with Lord Sri Rama (we should not use “was” here – as Sri Raghavendra still lives in heart of his devotees always!). Note that Sri Narayana Acharya submitted this holy work Sri Raghavendra Vijaya in the feet of Sri Raghavendra , and Sri Raghavendra appreciated this skills of the author and blessed! 

From Sri Purandara Dasara krithi:

Sri Purandara Dasaru (1480-1564) who is hailed as Daasa Sreshtam Dayanidim is no exception and in all his Keertanas, Suladis and Uga bhogas he has highlighted several aspects of Sri Madhva philosophy. Sri Purandara Dasaru has composed nearly 4,75,000 songs. Sri Vyasarayaru,his teacher himself has called his verses as “Purandaropanishat”. How great is Sri Purandara Dasaru talents? He has also said, among the devotees of Hari,Purandara Dasa is the greatest!

In one of his compositions, “Sharanu Sharanu sakalodhara asurakula samhara” Sri Purandara Dasaru beautifully describes Ayodhya Sri Rama, O Lord who lives in Ayodhya shethra, the one who gives only happiness to his devotees, the one who destroyes his devotees EGO(I) and protects every souls to attain the highest state(Vaikunta), please bless us! 

Please note that Sri Purandara Dasaru lived during 14th century, still lives us through his wonderful krithis/compositions, there is no doubt in that if one understand the rahasya behind his songs!

To know more about Sri Purandara Dasaru click here


This post is NOT to raise/create any Communal violence among our Religions. Remember, every Religion shows the way to reach Lord only, and Webmaster sincerely respects every Religion and its followers. Let us please be united and reach the holy feet of Lord through the power of Meditation, and that’s the only purpose of why we were born in Kalyyuga! Love and Respects to all the Human beings in this holy World! Let us be united and sing the glories of Lord!

Upanishad mentions “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” “The World Is One Family”, all the living beings in this Earth is one family!

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