Temples in and around Tirunelveli – Part1

Temples in and around Tirunelveli – Part1
Sri Rudra deva at Brahmadesam

Hare Srinivasa

I have recently visited Tirunelveli and surrounding districts  on a pilgrimage.  I would like to share information about the temples I personally visited and hope it would be helpful for you as well to plan your trip accordingly.

Every Temple will have a brief history followed by Google Map location and contact numbers.

Please note that the below list is not final, I will post series of articles on the same during my subsequent visit.

I would like to submit this article on the feet of Guru Sri Vyasarajaru,

Click on the below Sections to navigate accordingly, 

Temples in Tirunelveli:

  • River Thamirabharani:

Saint Vadiraja Swamy

Saint Vadiraja details the beauty of this river in his magnum opus work called “Tirtha Prabhanda”.  When the rain water touches the outer shell(Chippi in Tamil) it will automatically create precious Pearl in it, and such is the power of holy Water which is flowing in the river Thamirabarani. When a nonliving(Jada vasthu) is becoming Pearl why cant a living(Chetana Vasthu) attain the holy feet of Lord Shri HArih?

The tatparya is taking a holy dip in the river will bestow Mukthi to the deserving souls as this river creates bhakthi on Lord, and there is no doubt in that. With the bhakthi one has to meditate the lotus feet of Lord and karunakara will surely bless all of us. One has to remember that just taking a dip in the water will never give any mukthi, and one has to create bhakthi by doing so and should meditate sincerely. Sripadarajaru says, one has to create bhakthi,virakthi to attain Lords abode.

Mantralaya mahaprabhu Sri Raghavendra Swamy

As per Sri Raghavendra Vijayam – 7th Chapter, Sri Raghavendra Tirtha Mahaprabhu took a holy bath at the river  Thamirabarani, and prayed Lord Shri Harih. His Holiness also bowed to Nine Lords(Vishnu) at Nava-Tirupathi(9 temples for Lord Shri Vishnu), which is on the banks of the same river at Tirunelveli.

There are many places where you can take a holy bath in the Tamirabharani River, go through the below article and I have suggested some of the places, 

  • Nellaiappar/Gandhimathi

Nellaiappar Swamy Temple Gopuram

Nellaiappar/Gandhimathi Temple is one of the very famous and popular temple in Tirunelveli. Sri Rudra is the main deity along with his consort Parvathi devi. Temple looks majestic and gigantic in a way that every pillar looks beautiful.  Temple has a big prakaram(surrounding space) of about 14 acres, and it is clean and neat. Temple was constructed during 7th Century. It is a must visit place especially if you are travelling to Tirunelveli.

Let Sri Rudra bless us with pure mind and remove negative/ill thoughts to get blessings of Lord.

Google Map Location: Click on “Directions” and select your “Starting” point to know your distance to reach this place.

  • Nanguneri Totatri Perumal

Main Entrance
beautiful structure @ vanamamalai

Vanamamalai Totatri Perumal Temple in Nanguneri is one of the Eight Swayambu shetras in India, said to built about 2000 years ago and ruled by many kings especially Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagara Kingdom. The seven other temples are Srimushnam,Srirangam,Tirumala,Saligrama,Naimisharanya,Badrinath and Pushkara. It is also said this temple is very much useful for Pithru paksha(Shraddha)

We are gifted that temple is very closeby to Tirunelveli. Gingelly oil abhisheka is very famous in this temple throughtout the year. Oil is stored in a well and that’s been served as Prasadam to devotees.

Sri Vijayadasaru visit to Totatri Perumal Temple:


Sri Vijayadasa

Sri Vijayadasaru is called as Suladhi dasaru,composed many songs on Temples around bharatha desha, especially in South India in book called Shethra Suladhi. Dasaru visited Vanamamalai Totatri Perumal Temple in Nanguneri and composed a beautiful Suladhi. ” I am pleased and blessed to have dharshan of Totadhri Lord who is with consort Mahalakshmi” – Vijayadasaru 

Adding to that Sri Vijaya dasaru has composed many songs on mahima of Tamirabharani river, Tirukkurungudi Nambi, Mahendragiri Perumal etc in the book called Shethra Suladhigalu. 

Google Map location: 

  • Tirukkurungudi Keel Nambi

Temple Entrance

Nindra Nambi Rayar  Perumal Temple is located just 20 kms from Nanguneri Vanamamalai Totatri Perumal Temple. It is very ancient and famous temples for Lord Srinivasa. This temple is constructed similar to Pallakkal Srinivasa Temple ( see below list). Temple was constructed many years ago but was maintained/renovated by Trvancore and Vijayanagara kings.

You can find Forest Private Jeep near temple entrance who will pick/drop to have dharshan of Malai Nambi(Mahendragiri). They charge around 1500rs for 5 persons. They take you to temple and pick you back safely. It is must visit one though. Mahendragiri is a special place as Saint Vadiraja has recorded in his divine work “Tirtha prabhandha”. Hanumantha while going to Lanka to search Sri Seetha devi jumped on this mountain for a second. Due to this reason even now only this mountain is seen pressed down to Earth, whereas nearby Mountains maintain the same height from the sea level. I have personally witnessed this beautiful mountain from a long distance and can clearly observe the importance of this beautiful Mahendragiri

Google Map location:

  • Kurukuthurai Murugan:

The other meaning of beauty is always Sri Murugan. The same beauty is seen here in this temple which was made from a single rock stone. It is said the same rock from here was taken and was carved/concreated in Tiruchendur Murugan as per the history.

Temple is very close to banks of the river Tamirabharani. It is a superb place for taking sacred bath and have dharshan of beautiful Murugan. However temple sees flood especially during heavy rains.

Google Map location:

  • Moola brindhavana of Sri Vibhudendra Tirtha:

Moola brindhavana of Sri Vibhudendra Tirtha

Sri Sri Vibhudhendra Tirtha (1435-1490) was the vidyaguru of Sri Sripadarajaru(who was guru of Sri Vyasarajaru).His holiness has been a great personality in the history of Sri Madhwa philosophy.The name of Sri Rayaru Mutt was before called as Sri Vibhudhendra Mutt. He was the 11th pontiff of Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt. His holiness attained brindhavana pravesha near the banks of river Tamraparni @Tirunelveli,Tamilnadu. Please click hereto know more about his holiness.

We can either walk along with river bank from Kurukuthurai Murugan temple(not advisable), so you can ask for Josiyar(Astrologer house) nearby. You can walk from there easily.

Google Map location:

  • Kurukuthurai Raghavendra Mutt:

Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt at Tirunelveli

We can have dharshan of Sri Raghavendra Swamy at his holiness mrithika brindhavana at Kurukuthurai managed by Nanjangud Raghavendra Swamy Matha, note it is very close to Murugan temple.

You can visit this link to know more for Tirthaprasadha(food) and other details.

You can join their Facebook page: Click here

Google Map location:

Temples in and around Ambasamudram:

  • Pallakal Srinivasa:

Lord Srinivasa at Pallakkal, Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu.
Lord Venkadathappan or Srinivasa is the presiding deity in Pallakkal. Temple was constructed more than 2000 years ago and it was under the control of  Trivandrum King Udaya Marthanda Varma, and later renovated by Vijayanagara kings. Kannada speaking Vaishnavas lived in this agraharam for many years and did the pooja to Lord here, as per the history. They slowly migrated to other places due to flood seen in Gadana river between 1900-1910 as per my analysis.
The tradition is the same as followed to Tirumala Venkataramana. They had a big ratham(Chariot) for Lord and used to go around the Agraharam. Unfortunately we could not find the chariot, would have been affected due to worst flood along with other precious idols of the temple which is also missing.
Whatever could have happened in the past due to flood, still the Lord is seen beautiful along with his consort Sri Mahalakshmi and protects his devotees even now, and that’s the fact!
Temple in 4 minutes:

To know more in detail: Click here
Google Map Location: 

  • Pallakal Sri Narasimha Swamy:

Lord Narasimha Swamy, Pallakkal

Lord Narasimha Swamy temple is located just 500 mts from Pallakal Srinivasa temple. It is as old as the above temple and temple history would be more or less the same.  It is said this temple is kula deivam for many popular personalities especially Director/Actor Visu from Tamilnadu.

The agraharam would have been common to both the temple priest/tradition families and I could now imagine how beautiful their life would have been? Doing pooja to both the temples in a grand manner protecting Santhana dharma!!

Please note this Temple is undergoing a grand kumba abhiskeham and will be completed in 6 months – 1 year as per the information.

You can know more about the Temple from here

Google Map location:

  • Mannarkoil Rajagopala Swamy:

Gopuram at Mannarkoil

Sri Rajagopala  Kulasekara Perumal temple was constructed more than 1000 years back during chola period as per the history. Lord is seen in the three positions, sleeping,sitting and standing posture in three tiered building construction. We can go/walk and have dharshan of all three positions accordingly, such is the beauty of the design.

Temple is very clean and neatly maintained by the Staffs/local people. You can realize when you visit this temple.

Google Map:

  • Brahmadesam Kailashanathar Temple: 

Sri Rudra deva at Brahmadesam

The deity here is Sri Kailashanathar temple who was once worshipped by Romasa maharishi(grandson of Sri Brahma) and so this village was named as Brahmadesam. This temple was built by Raja Raja chola, and further by Pandya Kingdom. This place was once popular because people who could recite all four vedas fluently lived for centuries and did dharma vichara by pravachanas/holy discourses. It is such an auspicious place and must visit one.Temple is located on the banks of the river Ghatana/Kadana river, same like Pallakkal Perumal temple.

It is said taking holy dip at river Ganga(Ghatana) removes ones Sins and shows the lotus feet of Lord, if prayed with Bhakthi.

Google Map:


Temples in Kanyakumari:

  • Kanyakumari Mahalakshmi Temple:

Sri Mahalakshmi devi at Kanyakumari

Like Sri Parasurama who as Lord Sriman Narayana reside inside the Ocean, similarly Lakshmi devi (who killed Banna asura) stands beautiful at Kanyakumari facing the Ocean having dharshan of her spouse Lord Sriman Narayana. Who else can love Sriman Narayana other than his consort? Who else can be near to her beauty other than Mahalakshmi? Her beauty cannot come close to anyone else. Sri Lakshmi here at Kanyakumari does pooja of her consort Sriman Narayana always. Let her bless us to remove all our ill thoughts and show the feet of Lord Shri Harih, narrates Sri Vadirajaru in his composition.

Google Map:

  • Suchindram Temple:

Gopuram of Suchindram Swamy

After the curse by Gowthama maharishi, Indra deva during Surya grahana got relieved his curse in this place. “Suchi” means to purify, so Suchindram refers the place which purified the sins of Indra. Saint Vadiraja refers the same in his beautiful composition, and also prays Lord to remove all our sins same like what happened to Indra, and show the lotus feet of Lord Sri Harih.

Google Map:

  • Sri Venkateswara Temple:

Gopura of Lord Venkatesa at Kanyakumari

This temple is one of the branches of TTD, Tirumala. Lord here looks majestic and beautiful as usual. Temple is neatly maintained and it is very pleasant experience Must visit if you are going to Kanyakumari.

Google Map:

  • Thirupathisaram Perumal Temple:


Tiruvazhmarban is another name of Lord Srinivasa at a village called Tirupathisaram. Temple is said to be more than 5000 years old, ruled by many kings especially Tranvancore Rulers. Rajagopuram in the side of the temple is the same design of Pallakkal Lord Srinivasa temple.

Lord here in this temple will be in sitting posture, looks chubby and beautiful. Lord’s smiling face looks more brighter than Chandra(Moon). Temple tank looks clean/big and neat. Great place to take a holy dip and do dharshan of Lord. We are gifted to visit this temple. Dont miss to visit this place to see beautiful Lord.

Google Map:

Temples near Tiruchendur:

  • Navatirupathi Temples:

Rajagopuram of Sri Vaikuandam Perumal

Nava-Tirupathi is  9 Holy temples dedicated to Lord Shri Harih located in Tirunelveli- Tiruchendur highway, on the banks of river Thamirabarani. All 9 temples remove Doshas(sins) created by all 9 planets, each temple is parihara sthala for respective planet.

We covered all the 9 temples in less than 3 hours, and highly recommend to have dharshan of them and get blessings of Lord Shri Harih,

Please see below Direction Map both in Tamil/English,

I followed the below order while visiting the 9 holy temples, you may also follow the same if you wish to complete dharshan of all the temples within afternoon 1pm IST(if you start visiting from 7am IST) considering Temple Open/Closing timings,

  • Sri Vaikundam (Sun) : Click here for Google Map location
  • Sri Alwartirunagari Temple(Guru) : Click here for Google Map location
  • Sri Tirukolur Temple(Mars): Click here for Google Map location
  • Sri MakaraNedhunkulai Temple,Tiruperai(Venus):Click here for Google Map Location
  • Sri Mayakoothar,Perungulam(Saturn): Click here for Google Map location. (Temple undergoes renovation as on date of writing this article)
  • Rettai Tirupathi Perumal(Two temples) in walkable distance for Rahu and Kethu.Archakar arranges for Prasadam if you inform them in advance. Some of the temples are managed by TVS group, especially these two ones. They have accommodation as well which looks neat.
    • Click here for Rahu temple and Click here for Kethu temple.
  • Tirupuliangudi Sri Perumal Temple(Mercury):Click here for Google Map location
  • Varagunamangai Perumal Temple(Moon): Click here for Google Map location

Sight Seeing Places:

As I was visiting all the temples(three day trip), I took holy dip at the below natural waterfall, which is actually holy water which is rich in herbs, medicines etc.

I have given Google Map location for those I have visited personally, please note there are some places where we need to get permission from Forest officials so please check with Taxi agency and plan accordingly,

  • Manimutharu Water falls: Cick here for Google Map
  • Manimutharu Dam view point: Click here for Google Map
  • Mookoodal river – where all three rivers Tamirabharani, Gadna, Manimutharu merge and excellent place for taking holy bath: Click here for Google Map
  • Gadana River: Click here for Google Map
  • Thalaianai Waterfalls
  • Padithurai(Near Ambasamudram Siva temple): Click here for Google Map.
  • Agastya Falls
  • Athri Falls
  • Vivekananda Rock Memorial,Kanyakumari: Click here for Google Map
  • Courtallam
  • Gundaru Dam


In Tirunelveli:

There are many Hotels in and around Tirunelveli, if you are a Pure Vegetarian then you could choose Hotel Janakiram which is very close to Tirunelveli Railway Station or Old Bus Stand. They offer delicious Vegetarian food at decent price along with Accommodation. You can choose the room suite based on your requirement.

Hotel Bharani is also one of the other choice which is located next to this Janakiram. I would highly recommend going for both Accomodation/Food with Hotel Janakiraman than the later.

  • Hotel Janakiram: Click here for Google Map
  • Hotel Barani: Click here for Google Map

If you do not prefer to take food outside and have it only at Temple/Mutt then you could contact Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Tirunelveli @+91-9600272411

In Ambasamudram:

If you are visiting temples in and around Ambasamudram you may go for Hotel Ambai Grand. Click here for Google Map location

Taxi/Cab services in Tirunelveli:

You can find many Travel Agencies who offer Cab/Taxi facility on Package basis. You could contact your Hotel/Accommodation who might also have tie up with Taxi services.

I preferred to go with Green India Travels at Tirunelveli. Mr. Iyyappan (Driver) was friendly and he guided us with many places and we enjoyed travelling with him. Please make use of this travel agency which will meet your expectation,

  • Contact Mr.Iyyappan at +916374988817 or +919486898589

(If you want to prepare travel itinerary he will help you to do the same)


In the service of Lord Sri Harih

Venkatesh Rajendran

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