Two Ancient Stone Idols found @Pattinapakkam,Chennai

Two Ancient Stone Idols found @Pattinapakkam,Chennai

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I have read the news that two ancient stone idols were found on the shores of Srinivasapuram,Pattinapakkam,Chennai on Tuesday(14/06/2022), one of them is Panchamukha Hanuman and the other one people say there is no clue about it, some of them say it looks like “Siddhar’ and some of them say it as “Nayanmars” and some of them say it may be Sri Murugan(Skanda),

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I would be very happy to inform you that the second idol found is neither Siddhar nor it is Nayanmar, but it is the idol of Dvaita Saint  Sri Vadiraja Tirtha of 16th Century.   see below the idol which we worship for years at our home, 

Idol worshipped by us @our pooja room

In one liner about saint Vadiraja Swamy

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Let us read more in detail about the saint Sri Vadiraja Tirtha in this article, 

Saint Sri Vadiraja Tirtha:

Sri Vadiraja Tirtha Mahaprabhu also called by the name ‘Rajaru’ spent and enjoyed full of life term 120 years in spreading the supremacy of Dvaita philosopy, his holiness did not even waste a single second & dedicated his entire life to spread golden Tatvavadha philosophy(dvaita) of Jagadguru Sri Madhvacharya.His holiness has composed nearly 105 works, which brought out and proved Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama tatva to such a great extent. His holiness was born at Huvinakere, South Kanara district.

Sri Vadiraja Tirtha protected Hinduism from all the other forces, especially when the mass conversions were taking place. Every foreigner was thinking twice to enter India because there was already a lion called Vadiraja Swamy protecting the entire country spreading the santhana dharma. All their attempts were failed because our Saint was protecting the country with santhana dharma. After Sri Vyasatirtha(guru of Krishnadevaraya), it was saint Vadiraja Swamy & also Sri Vijayindra tirtha(Kumbakonam) who were raja gurus of Vijayanagara kingdom. We cannot and should not easily forget the history! 

Saint Vadiraja Tirtha apart from writing many spiritual works on Dvaita has also visited various temples in and around India, especially South India. He has brought the mahimas of every temple in the book called “Tirtha Prabhandha”. This book covers most of the temples in Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andhrapradesh from south india.

During his period Sri Vadiraja Tirtha happened to come to Tirupathi on a RAAMA NAVAMI DAY. At that time he presented a garland of Shalagramas which he had just got from Nepal to the Lord of the Seven Hills. This still adorns the Lord.

His holiness brings the beauty of Alagarkoil temple at Madurai, Sri Yamadharma did thapas at this place meditating on Lord Sri Harih {in Vrushaba roopa} and as a result of Dharma’s bhakthi Lord appeared before him and did anugraha/blessings to him. This place has proved that Yamadharma is a dasa of Lord Sri Harih. Rajaru prays Lord Sri Harih to bestow Moksha{Sreyaeshath} to all his devotees.His holiness also adds that Sri Harih is looking like a shinning moon who only can remove all our samsara bandha.

Sri Vadiraja Tirtha’s exceptional style of explaining philosophical nuances is not excluded while describing the Rama sethu also. He considers the Indian ocean to be the Vedanta (Upanishads), the Vaanara Sena to be the Holy Sashtra to be learnt, the innumerable mountains and spots are sacred Sarva Moola Granthas that support the Tatvavaada which is the bridge that was built by Sri Hanumantha (Sri Madhvacharya). The ultimate aim was of course ever in the service of Sri Harih.

Sri Vadiraja Tirtha attained Jeeva samadhi(same like our dear mantralaya saint Sri Raghavendra) at Sonda,Karnataka.

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It is our punya that we have had dharshan of  idols of Hanumantha(Madhvacharya) and his dear devotee Sri Vadiraja tirtha from holy land of Chennai.

Let Vadiraja Swamin bless everyone of us! 

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