Water Bubble!

Water Bubble!

Hare Srinivasa

Water Bubble is the state of our human life, which might burst anytime warns us Kanaka Dasa through his popular song “Dimbadalliruva Jeeva”. 

As the Water bubble burst in the water flowing, That thin layer of water bubble is our life! 

If this is the real situation why this Jeeva live with Ego, Ahankara(Anger), Superiority, Inferiority, Caste, Religion, Gossips, lust etc? 

krtru kageneleyaadi keshavana Charana Kamala nityadalli bhagisi sukhiyagi baaLelO

How to spend our life in a quality way? how to escape from the hands of Yama(death)? Let us surrender the feet of Lord Aadhi keshava and remember his holy name always! Our thoughts/manas should always remember this and should leave out all the above said doshas(sins) immediately! 

Let Kanaka Dasa bless us with gyana/bhakthi/vairagya on Vayu anthargatha Lord Sri Harih! 

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