Sri Raghavendra Swamy & Sir Thomas Munro

Sri Raghavendra Swamy & Sir Thomas Munro

Sri Raghavendra Gurubyo Namah

There is interesting incident which happened when Sir Thomas Munro was taking care of Bellary during 1800.

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About Sri Raghavendra Swamy

The meaning of Sri Raghavendra naama as given by Haridasas,

  • “Ra” destroys mountains of sins,
  • “gha” provides deep rooted devotion,
  • “Ven” gives speedy liberation from the cycle of life and death
  • “dra” blesses one with vision of the Lord within oneself

In the year of 1595 Sri Gopikamba had given birth to son whose beautiful face was shinning like a Moon. It was all bright and his proud father Sri Thimmannarya named him as ‘Venkatanatha’ in the gratitude of Lord Shri Harih. 

Venkatanatha after completing his primary duties, accepted the sanyasa as per orders of Lord Sri Hari through his guru Sri Sudeendra Tirtha. Sri Raghavendra Swamy was a moon to the ocean of Maddhvaacharya philosophy. With his vast knowledge on dvaita philosophy he had to debate with other vedanta schools, and did installation of Dvaita philosophy to the entire World.

Apart from that he had performed many miracles with the blessings of Lord

About Sir Thomas Munro

Major-General Sir Thomas Munro, period from 27th May 1761 to 6th July 1827) was a Scottish soldier and British colonial administrator.
he served as an East India Company Army officer and statesman, in addition to also being the governor of Madras Presidency during 1820.

He introduced new tax system and hence called father of the ‘Ryotwari system’

Sri Raghavendra and Sir Thomas Munro:

In the year 1800, Twenty years before becoming the Governor of Madras Province, Sir Munro was served as the Collector of Bellary that was ceded to the East India Company by Tipu Sultan after his defeat in the First Anglo-Mysore war.


Munro undertook detailed surveys of the land in the area and fixed rents and taxes on a uniform scale. Since the Revenue officials were unable to comply with this order of collecting tax from Mantralaya, Sir Thomas Munro was ordered by the Madras Government to procure the annual tax from the Mutt and Manthralaya village on priority basis.

Extract from official gazette

He removed his hat and shoes and entered near Sri Raghavendra Swamy jeeva samadhi,

It is said Munro had semi divine power, and habit of doing meditation.
He thus sat before samadhi for sometime, and practised inner silence,
after a while Sri Raghavendra appeared before him and they both had conversation in English.

Everyone could notice from distance that Munro was talking with someone, which none else could see. Munro was given holy rice and he returned to his state and quashed the order of procuring the place.

‘Gu’ means darkness,
’Ru’ means to confine.
Guru means one who dispels the darkness of ignorance through the light of his knowledge.

Let Sri Raghavendra Swamy be our guru always

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