161th Aradhane of Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru

161th Aradhane of Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||
|| Sri Raghavendra Gurubyo Namaha ||
|| Sri Sankarshana Wodeya Yatindra Guruvae Namaha ||

Madhya aradhane of Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru(1810-1862) will be celebrated on 17-12-2023 at his Moola brindhavana,Karapoondi,Near Polur,Tiruvannamalai District.

About Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru

Poorvashrama name of his holiness was Sri Tammanna Nayak. At his young age, he did sastra pata from Sri Bheema Varaha Acharya. During his yatra to Udupi shetra,Sri Tammanna studied Sarvamoola grantha of Jagadguru Madhvacharya from Sri Visvapriya Tirtha of Sode Mutt. At the age of 32.

Sri Tammanna was given Sanyasa by Sri Sathyaparayana Tirtharu and renamed as Sri Sankarshana Wodeyar.

Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru was the first saint to write Sanskrit commentary on Harikatha amritha saaraa(called as Kannada Sudha written by great Sri Jagannatha Dasaru) and its the most extensive teeka.

He had taken avatara specially to write a tika on the Harikathaamritha saaraa. His holiness had Sri Sanjeevi Rao as his shishya.

Interestingly his holiness had also written many dasarapadhagalus, few are given below:
i) Kollala Noodhutha baro Kamshamardhane Krishna… Sankarshana Vittalane (Kalyani raga)  

ii)Sruthi Smrithi kalindha thoodhisalarenu ninna karivaradha Kalinga mardhana Sri Krishna(Bandhuvarali Raga)

iii)Bharathi Ramana Dhayamado ni dhayamado ni krupayindha nodo… 

After Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru attained brindhavana in the year 1862,gave dharsan as Rudraamsha to his sincere bhaktha “Sri Venkataramana Acharya”.

After having dharsan of his gurugalu he decided to compose Sri Sankarshana Kavacha,Kalpatharu Stotra,Mangalastaka Navaratnamallika &Mangalastaka on praise of his holiness.

  • Sri Sankarshana Kavacha-consists of 14 slokas
                      “Nam nasathasya katha Peeda neha muthra sookisavai tharayen Mantravath yantram savandhya puthrina bhavedh”
                         Meaning:Those who chant the divine name of Sri Sankarshana Tirtha will be surely blessed and will always stay happy.Those who chant this Kavacha will be blessed with beautiful baby. 
  • Kalpatharu Stotra–consists of 3 slokas
                      “Sankarshanam Sacharanam Varenyam Anavilath manamanindra leelam…”
                        Meaning: I praise my guru Sri Sankarshana, His holiness destroys all our sins, studied veda/sastra to such a great extent. His holiness always do japa of Lord’s name.
Apart from above, Sankarshana Navaratna mallika(10 slokas) & Sri Mangalastaka(9 slokas) were other precious work composed by his devotee Sri Venkataramana Acharya.
My sincere thanks goes to my relative & well wisher late Sri.N.L.Thirumal Rao(Ex-Secretary of Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru Moola brindhavana Seva samithi,Polur) for giving me this valuable information from the book(“Sri Sankarshana Vijaya in Tamil”) of his father Late N.S. Lakshmana Rao

Download Free E-book about the great saint:

Late. N.S.Lakshman Rao(Ex-Treasurer & Ex-Secretary of Shankarshana Aradhana Committee) had compiled and presented a book in English on great saint Sri Shankarshana Wodeyaru.
This ebook was shared to me by Sri Raghavendra Rao(Chennai) and all credit goes to him.

English Version:

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Tamil Version:

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2023 Aradhana Invitation:

Request all Donors/devotees to contribute generously and attend the aradhanae and get his holiness blessings.
If you wish to Donate then please contact the numbers given in the above invitation. Please get the confirmation about bank details and ensure it is only the Trust account.
Please note Trust has never engaged any other individual to collect the Donation
-May the great teacher,Sri VyasaTirtha,be our guide&protector,to grant all our desires.
|| Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu||

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  1. Dhananjay

    Hare Srinivasa
    1) I Have sent a M.O for Rs. 1000/- from Mumbai ( Around 3rd week of November) to Sri Thirumala Rao in seva of Sri Sri Wodeyar Swamiji. Please convey that this should be used to perform pooja on the Aradhane day of Sri swamiji every year. I will send across the gotra and nakshatra.
    2) Can you please mail the full text of Sri Sankarshana Wodeyar Kavacha in devanagri script.
    Thank you

    • dvaitavedanta

      I will convey this tomorrow. Secondly,Please give me sometime,will post his holiness kavacha. hare Srinivasa

  2. H RAGHAVENDRA RAO mob 9043458932


  3. Dhananjay

    Hare Srinivasa.
    Can you please post the Sri Sankarshana Wodeyar Kavacha?

    • dvaitavedanta

      i will do when i get some gap, in the mean time please purchase the book “Sankarshana Vijayam” and get benefited.
      hare Srinivasaa


      In the Sankarshana Wodeyaru group a file will be there . please see if you can find your requirement there.

  4. H Raghavendra Rao

    this year aradhane of sri sri sankarshana wodeyaru moola brindavana at karapoondi village take place on nov 2014 , 26 27 28.madhya aradhana on 27 11 2014. on all the three days theertha prasadha will be offered .

  5. ashok2423

    Can anybody please tell me, whose avatar is Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru ?

  6. Guru Prasad Subba Rao

    can I have google map location of Sankarshana odeyar Brindavana. Planning to visit the divine place this weekend for the aradhana

  7. Guru Prasad Subba Rao

    Can I also have how to reach the brindavanam by bus from Vellore or nearest Town bus stand.

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