Guindy Hanuman – Chennai

Guindy Hanuman – Chennai

Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jeevothama

Shri Raghavendraya namaha

Sri Vyasaraja installed Hanuman @Guindy,chennai

Shri Vyasaraja mahan:

The greatest saint Shri Vyasaraja Swamin installed 732 Hanumantha throughout bharatha desha over 500 years ago. The only intention of Sri Swamiji was to prove Jeevothama tatva of Mukyaprana, and also to bring bhakthi towards him. It is also the fact that only through blessings of Hanumantha one can cross the Samsara and attain the lotus feet of Lord shri Harih.

It is not easy task for normal human being to do this work but only a great Gyanin like shri Vyasarajaru could do easily. Please note installation of all temples by shri Swamiji was not the only task of him, it was just part of it but he did involve in many great activities like running Vidyapeeta, doing nithya pooja to Tirumala for 12 years, being spiritual guru for many great saints like Shri Vadiraja, Shri Vijayindra tirtha etc, bringing up Haridasa koota tradition, Guru for Shri Purandara dasa, Shri Kanaka dasa etc, defeating other philosophies and doing sthapane of shri Madhvacharya’s Dvaita philosophy and much more.

(Sorry but I am not capable enough to explain the greatness of shri Swamiji with my very limited knowledge!)

Shri Vyasarajaru’s service cannot be easily forgotten and King Shri Krishnadevaraya was truly blessed to get Sri Swamiji as his raja guru, and entire South Indian temples were renovated by the great King as per the orders of Sri Swamiji. Shri Vyasatirtha was a great Gem to Dvaita philosophy and also to Sanātana Dharma!

Remembering holy name “shri Vyasarajaru” cleanes our Sins. We are really blessed souls!

732 Hanumantha by Saint Vyasaraja:

With my very limited knowledge, and with the service of blessed devotees I have started to explore 732 Hanuman Temples in South India. Please click here to know the Temples information we have found so far. If you think Hanuman is found as per given details then feel free to please mail me(

About Guindy:

Guindy is one of the largest industrial estate in Chennai,Tamilnadu. It was the entry point to Chennai(Madras) city for many years.

About Shri Veera Hanuman Temple:

Shri Veera Anjaneya(ஸ்ரீ வீர ஆஞ்சநேயர்) temple is located in Mangamma kulam(Mankulam now), adjacent to Guindy Railway Station towards Kathipara junction. It is also located near to Guindy Bus stand on the main road. Landmark: Beach to Tambaram trains will ply via Guindy, you can get down @ Guindy. Temple is situated just walkable distance from Guindy railway station.  Temple is situated in MKN road, opposite to Guindy Industrial Estate.

Hanumantha here looks very beautiful and temple is very well maintained by Veera Anjaneya bhaktha sabha. We do not want to say the mahimas of Hanuman here as it was installed by Shri Vyasaraja Swamin. It holds true that Hanumantha here stands strong and straight, and blesses all his devotees with Gyana/Bhakthi and Vairagya.

Google Map Temple Location: Click here

Devotees may have dharshan of the famous temple and get his blessings. 


In the service of lord Shri Harih

Venkatesh Rajendran

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