Aradhane of Sri Yogindra Tirtha Mahaprabhu

Aradhane of Sri Yogindra Tirtha Mahaprabhu

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jeevothama ||

|| Sri Raghavendra Gurubyo Namaha ||

Moola brindhavana of Shri Yogindra Tirtha, Srirangam,Tamilnadu
saandrabOdhaaya shaastrEshu nistandramanasE harou |RaaghavEndrakumaaraaya namO yOgIMdrayOginE |

About Sri Yogindra Tirtha: (1671-1688)

Sri Yogindra Tirtha was the direct disciple of Mantralaya mahan Shri Raghavendra Mahaprabhu. He studied sastras under Gurugalu for many years. how gifted it would be? Sri Yogindra Tirtha was having dharshan of our great Swamiji for many years. Sri Yogindra Tirtha was called Venkannacharya before his sanyasa ashrama, but later renamed as Sri Yogindra tirtha by Sri Raghavendra Swamy and accepted him as his successor.

King Muddalagadri of Madurai:

Sri Swamiji did the pooja of his Gurugalu Sri Raghavendra Swamy for many years staying in Mantralaya, and later did sanchara throughout bharatha desha. King Muddalagadri Nayaka was ruling Madurai during the period of Swamiji and he welcomed him with great respects knowing the greatness of Sri Swamiji. He gifted kalla mutt at Srirangam to Sri Swamiji. Sri Yogindra Tirtha decided to stay at Srirangam based on his Gurugalu’s instructions .

Aradhane of Sri Yoginda Tirtha:

Sri Yogindra Tirtha’s aradhane is celebrated on Uttarayana/Magha/Shukla/Dashami(11/02/2022) @ Srirangam,Tamilnadu. 

Sri Yogindra Taravali:

Sri Yogindra Taravali was composed by Sri Sumateendra Tirtha praising the greatness of Sri Swamiji. Sumateendra Tirtha was another popular saint of Sri Madhva philosophy. Please click here to know the greatness of the saint. Yogindra Taravali is composed of 27 slokas written in his own unique way of writing skill which has to be appreciated and respected. Every sloka has each nakshatra attached to it starting from “Aswini” ending with “Revathi”, and Sri Swamiji finishes saying Yogindra Tirtha was a great tapasvi who crossed the ocean of Samsara,and those who reads this holy book is also blessed with the same. 

Let shri Yogindra Tirtha bless everyone with Gyana/Bhakthi, 

In the service of shri Harih

Venkatesh Rajendran



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