Sri Sri Vadiraja Tirtha Mahaprabhu-Part7 -Rameshwaram

Sri Sri Vadiraja Tirtha Mahaprabhu-Part7 -Rameshwaram

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||
|| Sri Jayatirtha Sri Sripadaraja Sri Vyasatirtha Gurubyo Namaha ||
|| Sri Vijayindra Tirtha Sri Vadiraja Tirtha Gurubyo Namaha ||
||Sri Raghootama Sri Sudeendra Tirtha Sri Raghavendra Tirtha Gurubyo Namaha||

“Vyasaaya Bhavanaasaaya Srishaaya Gunarashaye | Hrdyaya Shudhavidhyaya Madhvayacha Namo Namaha”
Namaskara to Lord Sri Veda vyasa(Sriman Narayana), husband of Mahalakshmi who is filled with infinite auspicious qualities. Namaskara to beautiful saint who has full of knowledge,who has all the lakshanas in full none other than Jagadguru Sri Madhvacharya — Sri Vadiraja Tirtha in his magnum opus work “Yukthi Mallika”

Moola brindhavana of Sri Vijayindra Swamigalu,Kumbakonam

History of Rameshwaram:
Namaskara Satvik Jeevas,
With the divine blessings of Lord Sri Hayavadhana, I would like to present Part 7 of this series on great saint Sri Vadirajaru to the truth seekers.

In our previous article  Rajaru visited great Sethu samudra which by having dharsan removes all our Sins, and we did notice Rajaru’s exceptional style of explaining philosophical thoughts in a splendid manner. All knowing Ruju yogi now visits “Rameshwara” and explains the truth to all of us regarding the reason of installation of Shiva done by Lord Sri Rama.

I submit my namaskara to Sri Shiva, the one who fulfills his devotees wishes fully, the one who has holy Ganga in his head,the one who has the name “Rameshwara”(installed by Sri Ramachandra), thus prays Sri Vadirajaru beautifully.(Point to note here that even Sri Vadirajaru is much higher in position as he is one of the Riju yogi and rightly called “Bhavi Vayu”.HE is praying behalf of us is the right meaning).

How can Lord Sri Rama pray Sri Shiva? Does it mean Sri Shiva is Supreme?
It is said Sri Rama did installation of Shiva at Rameshwara after coming back from Lanka after killing Ravana and getting back Sita devi. In order to remove brahmahatya dosha he did prayed Sri Shiva to remove all his Sins. Sri Vadirajaru and all Madhva saints condemns severely who has this kind of ill understanding.
It is very important for all of us to understand the tatparya behind such work done by Sri Rama.

1. Sri Rama did the installation of Sri Shiva at Rameshwara even before building the sethu samudra. It means Sri Rama stays with Sita devi,Hanumantha and all vanara sevaks before going to Lanka. This is quoted in Valmiki Ramayana.

2. Sri Vadirajaru clearly proves the Supremacy of Sriman Narayana in this point. Sriman Naraayana does pralaya(total destruction) of everyone and to remove this Sin whom is he praying? Sri Shiva wont even exist at the time of pralaya is the tatparya. The holy dust from Lord Sriman Narayana removed the sins of Ahalyadevi. Learning about his greatness through Bhagavatha/Gita etc gives moksha to satvik souls. When Lord himself removes others Sins where does he get the SIN is the question raised by Rajaru. Such is the quality of writings of Vadirajaru, who else other than Ruju yogi can write in such an exceptional way? 

3.Sri Shiva always meditates Lord Sri Rama in order to save him and his devotees*. If such is the case how can we think Paramatma prays Shiva to remove his sins, explains all knowing Sri Vadiraja Mahaprabhu.
*This is told by Shiva himself in Sri Vishnu sahashnama stotra to his consort Parvathi devi that there is nothing equal to Sri Rama  nama.

Why did Rama install Shiva at Rameshwara?
1.According to Puranas  Sri Shiva is called by the name KApali because he got brahma hatya dosha by removing the fifth head of Sri Brahma, though Brahma knows it all happened as per desire/wishes of Lord Sri Hari. Sri Shiva requested Lord Sriman Narayana to remove this curse and hence Sri Rama did the installation of Rudra at Rameshwara,facing Shiva to have dharan of Sethu Samudra. Rama forsees that Sethu samudra will be laid by Hanumantha(under his instructions) as he is Sarvothama. Sri Rama shows to all that by having dharsan of sethu samudra removes even Brahma hatya dosha. When visiting sethu samudra bridge itself removes all our sins how does Lord Sri Rama gets dosha? 

Smarane of Ajaya Sri Vijayindra Tirtha in this article:
In this junction with regards to above discussion, its my pleasure/bhagya/punya to brief what Sri Vijayindra Swamin had said about this instance from his debate between learned saivite Sri Linga Rajendra at Kumbakonam.
Linga Rajendra, learned saivite debated with Ajaya Vijayindra Swamiji in order to prove Advaita tatva and asked the same question to Sri Vijayindra Swamy regarding the installation of Shiva by Rama at Rameshwara.
Due to prayers of Shiva, once Sri Narayana had granted boon to Shiva that installation will be done by him at Rameshwara. This instance is very well quoted in Varaha Purana(Rudra Gita) and Kurma Purana. Sri Vijayindra Swamiji thus replied to Linga Rajendra.

HIS holiness added a question to opponent that when Sri Krishna acted as a charioteer to Arjuna is that mean Arjuna Superior to Lord Sri Krishna? Sri Rama did namaskara to various sages, is that mean all of them are Superior than Lord? Sri Vijayindra Swamiji totally defeats advaita saint and proves that Lord Sri Rama is free from all the Sins and sins will not even touch him as declared in sruthis/smrithis.If such is the case where does the word Brahmahatya dosha come near Rama? Lord Sri Rama is the creator/protector and destoryer of this entire Jagath as declared in Vedas/Puranas etc. He is far far far above than Sri Shiva strongly says Sri Vijayindra Swamiji.

Supremacy of Lord clearly shown in “Saivasarvasvakhandanam”:
“Saivasarvasvakhandanam” is one of the 104 beautiful works of great Sri Vijayindra Swamiji. In this grantha he discusses about various Puranas which show Supremacy of Shiva and our great Swamiji refuted the Supremacy with valid pramanas. 

One should never forget that when Sri Vijayindra Tirtha entered Kumbakonam the total place was only filled with Saivitees where there is no one to aruge against Advaita as all of them were experts in their philosophy. Our great saint Sri Vijayindra Swamiji took the responsibility in his beautiful head and entered Kumbakonam like great Lion to do pratisthapana of Dvaita philosophy and HIS holiness rightly did the work assigned to him with the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu. At the end, there was no one who could beat Sri Vijayindra Swamiji at Kumbakonam, as our Swamiji proved that Tatvavadha is sathya. We should atleast do smarane of such great saints once in a while which will indeed invoke their blessings.

Amrutha in the name of Sri Raghavendra Swamiji:
Thus I would like to close this article by giving amrutha(Rayaru emba amrutha) to the readers by the divine words of Sri Raghavendra, who himself says clearly that at Rameshwaram the origins of the Siva Linga as the one that was installed by Lord Rama himself before his journey to Lanka to fight Ravana. Lord Sri Rama is the Supreme One, is not bound by Brahma Hatya Dosha (or any other doshas). Sri Raghavendra Swamiji with his clean mind bowed down to Sethu Samudra by concentrating Lord Sri Rama with his clean mind. This is mentioned in Sri Raghavendra Vijaya written by Sri Narayanacharyaa.

[To be contd…]
Disclaimer:I sincerely pray Sri Vadirajaru Sri Vijayindra Tirtha Sri Raghavendra Tirtha antharkatha Lord Sri Hayavadhana Sri Ramachandra to apologize,in case of any mistakes found in this article.

-May the great teacher,Sri VyasaTirtha,be our guide&protector,to grant all our desires.

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu||

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