Sri Kanakadasa Jayanthi

Sri Kanakadasa Jayanthi
Kanaka Dasaru photo courtesy: Sri Raghavendra Batni, USA

Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jeevothama

Sri Kanaka Dasaru Jayanthi 2022 (11/11/2022)

  • Period: 1509 – 1609
  • Mudrika(Name which appears in his songs): Kagineleyaadi  Keshava
  • Gyana Guru: Sri Vyasaraja Tirtha Mahaprabhu
  • Famous writings: Nalacharitre, Haribhaktisara, Ramadhanyacharitre, Mohanatarangini and more than thousands of Dasarapadagalu
  • Place: Lord Adikeshava Temple, Kaginele,Haveri Dist,Karantaka
  • Parents: Sri Biregowda/ Sri Beechamma
  • Contemporary Dasaru: Sri Purandara Dasaru

Sri Kanaka Dasaru

Sri Kanaka Dasaru was one of the notable Haridasaru in the dvaita philosophy. Though he was a shepherd by birth, was a scholar in both Saiva/Vaishnavism. Dasaru got Gyana upadesha from Sri Vyasarja Tirtha Mahaprabhu. For attaining Gyana he proved Caste is not a blocker at all, and only Hari Vayu blessings is more than sufficient and that leads one to moksha! Following the philosophy of Sri Madhva speeds one path to Moksha and our Dasaru was the example.

Dasaru was a shaivite in the earlier stage but later started following Vaishnavism with the philosophy of Shri Ramanuja. He was a great scholar even before having dharshan of Shri Vyasarajaru but somehow he could not find the real essence of Hari dasa seva. As soon as Dasaru met Sri Vyasaraja he started to learn the essence of Shri Madhva philosophy. He started realizing the importance of Taratamya concept. Sangeetha pithamaha Sri Purandaradasa respected the knowledge of Sri Kanaka Dasa and vice versa.

Movie about Sri Kanaka Dasa and Sri Purandara Dasa:

Sri Purandara Dasa and Sri Kanaka Dasa:

Both the greatest Hari Dasas were students of Saint Sri Vyasa Tirtha. Both these saints were very close each other. It is said they used to travel lot many temples to spread greatness of Sri Madhva philosophy. Though Kanaka dasa doesnt take birth as a brahmin but he proved Brahmin is not by birth but by the way we live. Sri Purandara Dasa supported the compositions of Sri Kanaka Dasa, in fact Purandara dasa seeing the discrimination happening to Kanaka Dasa had composed many songs in favor and fullest support of Sri Kanaka Dasa. This is how great Gyanins behave, and Purandara dasa was one example. 

Kanaka Dasaru keerthanegalu shows his excellence at par with his unique style where none can even try. One can see that his compositions reveal him as a scholar in Samskrita/Kannada, he composed thousands of Hari dasa songs including Sulaadhis etc.

see the below lyrics where he questions Lord Shri Ranganatha on why he is in sleeping position,
aparimedha Bhaktharanu noda bekenthu malagidha bhavavu?
Hey Lord Shri Ranganatha, Is it because that you want to see all your beloved devotees you are in sleeping position?
nAlku yugadAvadhaali kaDege turagavanEri
sAkAgi daNidu nInnilli malagideyo
Because of creation/protection of all four Yugaas and because of that tiredness as result you are in sleeping position? Though Lord will never become tired but Dasaru in his own style composes this song on his divine bhakthi towards Lord

This shows Lord Shriman Narayana is the parabrahama who is superior and none can even know his auspicious qualities

In one of other songs 
iMdenna jIvakke sakala saMpadavAyitu
muMdenna janma sAphalyavAyitu
taMde shrI kAginele AdikEshavarAya
baMdenna hRudayadali neleyAgi niMt
Dasaru never says his external body but says his Jeeva has got the divine grace of Lord Shri Narayana. He says he has got the aproksha gyana/bimba roopa dharshana of Lord Shri Hari.  He also says all his future births in this samsara has been sacrificed as Lord stays in his hrudaya kamala forever.  It refers that Dasaru attained Gyana/Bhakthi and detached his life from samsara.
Drudhabakiyali sisuvu bidade ninnanu Bajise
Sadagaradi kambadindodede narahariye

In one of is compositon Dasaru asks Lord Udupi Krishna to open the door and show his divine dharshan.(Bagilanu teredu seveyanu kodo hariye). There is secret behind this song and one has to study under able Guru to understand. Note that Udupi Krishna did not turn to West direction to give dharshan to Kanaka Dasa, rather Acharya MAdhva concretize Sri Krishna only in West direction during the installation. At the same time Sri Kanaka dasa is a greatest Gyanin, we cannot compare his Hari bhakthi with anyone. He is a aproskha gyanin! Let the dust from his holy feet bless us! 

In this song he asks Lord to bless as he blessed when a small Child(Prahaldharu) with bhakthi prayed continuously, and as a result Lord appeared from the pillar and gave dharshan as Sri Narasimha.

There are many famous compostions by dasaru and some of them are Nammama sharade,Varava kodu enage vagdevi ninna,Baro krushnayya krushnayya,Itaniga vasudevanu,Satyavantara sangaviralu

Baro Krishnnaya by Sri Kanakadasa:

To know more about place Kaginele:

Dasarus compositions are simple, powerful and magnetic. And it is on 11th November 2022 being the birth anniversary of dasaru let us pray him to bless all of us with Gyana/bhakthi and Vairagya 


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