Sri HARI VAYU Sthuthi in a PDF!!

Sri HARI VAYU Sthuthi in a PDF!!

Sri Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama!!

Please click the below link to download Sri HARI VAYU Sthuthi written by Sri Trivikrama Pandithacharya
Click HERE to download

In the service of Sri Harih Vayu Gurugalu,
Venkatesh Rajendra Rao
~~ Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu ~~

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  1. srinivasa rao

    Thank you.
    I have been chanting the Sri hari Vayu Stuthi without knowing the meaning.
    You have given the meaning in simple, layman’s terms which i suppose is the requirement of the day for us common people with a desire to know. The simpler, the better, to start with. Later on we can dare dive deeper, if so ordained!
    Thank you again and God Bless all.
    Srinivasa rao

    • Gopinath.R

      Dear Sir,
      Can you please help me with the link from where I can get the meanings of Sri Hari Vatu Sthithi.
      My email id is Namaskara

  2. Krishna Deshpande

    Krishna Says:
    Janevary 26, 2009 at 06:05 pm
    Thank you.
    I have been chanting the Sri hari Vayu Stuthi without knowing the meaning.
    You have given the meaning in simple, layman’s terms which i suppose is the requirement of the day for us common people with a desire to know. The simpler, the better, to start with. Later on we can dare dive deeper, if so ordained!
    Thank you again and God Bless all.

  3. a r sagar

    kidly send me sanskrit script of SRI HARI VAYU STUTI as i want to learn to chant the sacred shloka.

  4. Jagannath

    Can anyone please provide me Hari- Vayu stuthi in MP3??? It would be really helpfull…
    Or please send it to
    Or atleast give me some link to download
    Thank U..

  5. Raghavendra Char

    Hare Srinivasa, One of the Astrologer advised me to get the 36th shloka of vayustuti parayana. Is it possible to know in telugu? Kindly help me.
    Hari Sarvottama Vayu Jeevottama

    • dvaitavedanta

      I am not sure if I can get you the Telegu version. But will try my level best!!
      hare Srinivasa

      • Sankarshana

        Can u please provide me telugu version of vayu stuti to mail id. please kindly do the need…

  6. guruprasad

    Iam reciting hari vayu sthuthi regularly, this is one of the most powerfull forms of pranayama and a huge stress buster , if one can do this along with sandyavandhana, this sets a good tonic for the day and one can control emotions and stress throughout the day
    Irrespective of the 3 sects, all of them can practice this and what is reqd is 25min.

  7. moorthi

    Please send SRI HARI VAYU STUTI in Tamil so as to recite.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe sir, Sri Hari Vayu sthuthi has been translated in to tamil with meanings by Amman pathipagam publications. You can get it in all the book shops.. It costs only around 20-30 Rs max.
      hare Srinivasa

  8. Sanjiv

    Thank you sir for this translation. It is really a wonderful work and help us to understand the meaning of Sri Hari Vayu stuti slokas.
    God bless you.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Thanks for your encouraging comment sir. hare Srinivasa

  9. Kiran Garlapad

    Hare Srinivaasa
    Thank you very much for providing the Vaayu Stuthi in PDF format. This helps a lot.
    Also I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to learn and Recite any Padhyas. Is there any way to learn padhya’s or Sloka’s
    Hari Sarvotthama – Vaayu Jeevothama

    • dvaitavedanta

      hare Srinivasa. I think you can download the same from here

  10. Raghavendra Saraf

    pls send all updates to my email id

  11. Dear All,
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    Looking forward to see you join in HVS parayana!
    Let us all join and chant the moola mantra for Madhwas, the Hari Vayustuthi together and earn the blessings of Hari, Vayu and Gurugalu!.
    Hare Srinivasa,

    • dvaitavedanta

      Great work and keep it up for your blog,Sri Hrishikesh! hare Srinivasaa

  12. Harini Nagaraj

    Hari Sarvothama Vayu jeevothma! madhwa the divine and great!

  13. Chaithra Bharadwaj

    Thanks for posting the great work in a PDF and that too with the meanings for each shloka.
    Let Hari-Vayu bless you for the great work.
    Thank you


    Dear Sir,
    Could u please provide me the Sri Hari Vayu Sthuthi in Telugu PDF.
    With thanks and regards,
    Yours sincerely,

  15. Manjunath Rao

    Hari vayu stuthi, is a such a shloka, which gives a peace of mind and belive me it helped so much in difficult times. It is a miracle some times, work which was held up for some reasons were cleared within three days of chanting. I allways belive that this is a life line for me. I request you send a copy of stuthi in kannada PDF format. As i lost my book in transit.

  16. Embar R Kasturi, Harikatha Exponent

    You are all welcome to attend the Swarna Brindahavana Pratishta of Sri Rayaru at Hanumanthapuram near Bhuvanagiri from 24-6-2011 to 26-6-2011. A very old Brindavana surrounded by beautiful Agrahara and a greart spiritual place on the banks of river Kaveri.

  17. Suprith K.P

    This is Suprith, an Engineering Student from Bangalore, I have learnt complete HARI VAYU Sthuthi, but I dont know the meaning .. I kindly request u all to provide PDF format Kannada version of meaning!!
    NaraSimha Prachodayat…

  18. Suprith K.P

    Dear Friends,
    I want know the meaning of Sri Raghavendra Stotra( Sri Purnabodha),
    I kindely request u all to provide the link or Mail to
    Hare Krishna

  19. gururajan govindarajan

    hari sorvothama vayu jeevothama
    om sri raghavendhara
    fenstastic job sir

  20. Suprith K P

    Dear Sir,
    I want a copy of Sandhya vandanam. My gotra is: vasista , Rugveda,, and vyasaraja matha in Kannada or English..
    I do Sandhya vandanam rarely, but I’m not satisfied with the way i perform.. pls give me a correct way of doing sandhya vandanam… Pls also give the correct way of Mudra Dharana..
    I also want to know the Organs to be touched when v chant 24 names of Lord Vishnu while doing achamana..
    I searched many books but it was not complete..and books were not satisfied .. almost was in the way of Smarthas..
    I can spend 20 min daily in the morning if u give me ..
    Atleast pls give me link ..

  21. Suprith K P

    Dear sir,
    Thanks for the link..
    Its really use full…
    I request u to provide the way Mudra dharana!!

  22. Suprith K P

    Dear Sir,
    I have a doubt about Sri Veda Vyasa. Actually who he is?? Y Sri Jagadguru Madhvacharya worshiping Sri Veda Vyasa when Sri Trivikrarna Panditacharya, peeped in the room..
    Is he Lord Vishnu??
    what is his role in MahaBharata??

    • dvaitavedanta

      Lord Vedavyasa is none other than Lord Sriman Narayana,one who composed entire Ramayana/Puranas/Mahabharatha/Brahma sutra etc.Go through the Hari Vayu sthuthi PDF, you will come to know the reason. During the period of Sri Madhvacharya,Lord Vedavyasa guided him and made him to compose various granthas,collectively known as Sarvamoola Granthas,which was basically done to guide the Satvik people who were misguided by earlier Advaita or any other philosophies.
      As I said in most of the comments, Sri Madhvacharya is an avatara of Vayu.His earlier avatars are Hanuma and Bheema.
      During Ramayana,Hanuman’s guru was Sri Rama
      In Mahabharatha,for Bheema Sri Krshna is the protector
      and in Kalyyuga Sri Vedavyasa is the Lord for Sri Madhva
      Hence you can see Madhvacharya doing pooja to Lord Vedavyasa.
      All the avatars of Lord is same and there is no difference even in iota of any of his auspicious qualites.
      Hare Hayavadhanaa

      • Suprith K P

        But Sir Ramayana is written by Valmiki right??

  23. Suprith K P

    I read the meaning of Great ” Vayustuti ” which I downloaded from your blog.
    I understood almost all the concepts and I bow myself to Lord Sriman Lakshmi Narayana and his saint MukyaPrana..
    While reading the meaning in PDF, I came across with one doubts..
    As It is mentioned Lord Sriman Narayana is the ultimate toentire Universe and Lord Hanume is his ultimate Bhakta.. I really bow myself for this..
    But , In the sloka,
    “YemUm Bhovam Bhajante sut-a mukha SujanaaraadHitam Te Treteeynm
    Bhesente Bhasuraiste Soha Ch8ta cho/iTyaiSChata May sCheotu VaosHaha
    VaiKunTHE KanTHA LagnaSTHha SHlJchl Vile Se SatKaanti TaaNnya lila
    LBavenya Pooma Kantaa Kucha BHAra su la BHASleSha Sanrnodo soandraha //9 //
    Meaning as,
    The righteous people after serving their elders and gurus lead a wonderful life in Vaikuntha where they arc
    served by servants and enjoy the company of beautiful damsels and frequent Darshon of Shree Hari.
    I got a doubt here,, “”” served by servants and enjoy the company of beautiful damsels “””,,, why this damsels(beautiful women) comes here??
    –>For a real devotee of Paramathma Narayana is it required of damsels to enjoy,,
    –>Enjoying with Damsels is that much greater than Glimpse of Lord Srinivasa ??
    –> Do we have to worship Lord Govinda, to get damsels,,
    –> Why they have pleased the people in the name of damsels to do Good thing?
    –> wrong meaning printed in pdf dormat??
    –> OR hav I got wrong doubt about Great Vayustuti?
    Please clarity it as soon as possible..
    With Great respect towards Jagadguru Sri Madhwacharya ..

  24. Sameera

    can you tell me the website where i would get audio version of vayustuti

    • dvaitavedanta

      pelase try searching in section. hare Srinivasa

  25. Dr Vishnutheertha T K

    please send me the anuvyakhyana by anandatheertha and translation in kannada & meening where I can get in

  26. Praveen

    Can you please send me the mp3 of Sri Hari Vayu Stuti at the earliest ? Thanks a ton, in advance.

  27. k.waani

    does this slokas powerful? and how i can practice this? daily chant?
    please advice…tks

    • dvaitavedanta

      absoultely powerful no doubt in that. Please contact suitable Guru and start your learning. Worst case if you cant able to find any Guru then listen to the chants by famous scholars and do parayana. This link may help you to learn Sri Hari Vayu sthuthi.
      Sri Gurubyo Namaha

  28. Sridhar Krishna


  29. s r lakshmikanthan

    I dont find words to express about SRI HARI VAYU STUTHI.Iti s a treasure for madhawa comunity given by our JAGAD is our duty to to worship the Guruby chanting “hanumantha/Bheema/Acharya(guru) daily during our morning anusthana I am dailychanting. Sri guruppyo Namaha.
    lakshmikanthan , coimbatore

  30. Gonwar Kishan Rao

    Kindky send the Hari vayustuthi in kannada font

  31. Suryakanth kulkarni

    Pl send the valuables like slokas god fotos etc.

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