Naveena Veda Vyaasa

Naveena Veda Vyaasa

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||

Naveena Veda Vyaasa

Sri Vyasaraja teertharu during His sojourn came to Mithila and had to confront a scholar whose name was Pakshadara Mishra. After debating with the saint for a considerable period the scholar was astounded by the polemical acumen of the saint and opined in bewilderment:

“Yattadeetam Tattadeetam Yatnadeetam Tadapyadeetam
Pakshadara Misro naavekshi vina naveena vyasena.”

A simple translation would be that, ‘what i have read He has also read, what i have not studied that also He is aware of, I have never seen such a brilliant scholar who like a modern veda vyaasa.’
Prof. Das Gupta an eminent historian of recent times also says, “The logical skill and depth of acute dialectical thinking shown by Vyasaraja stands almost unrivalled in the whole of Indian thought.”
Sri Moolagopala Krishna Preethyartham,

Dr. B. Basker

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