Sri Purandhara Album by Sri V.V.Prassanna

Sri Purandhara Album by Sri V.V.Prassanna

||Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama||
||namah Sripadarajaya namaste Vyasa yogine namah Purandararyaya Vijayaryaya tenamaha||

Sri Purandhara Album-Music & Sung by Daasa saahithya Bhooshanaa Sri V.V.Prassanna

About Vaikunta Ekadasi:
Before going in to the topic,let us see the significance of Vaikunta ekadasi.Vaikunta Ekadashi or Putradha ekadashi for this year falls on 5-1-2012.According to Padma Purana,Lord Krishna says one who observes this ekadashi(by doing Nirjala fasting i.,e without drinking water) will obtain Sons and also says one who do this vrtata with bhakthi will be blessed and his sins will also be washed away.Lord also says even the performance of thousands of sacrifices is not equal to one Ekadashi. Such is the greatness of ekadashi.

About Sri Purandara Dasaru
Sri Purandara Dasaru (1480-1564) who is hailed as Daasa Sreshtam Dayanidim is no exception and in all his Keertanas, Suladis and Uga bhogas he has highlighted several aspects of Sri Madhva philosophy.
Sri Purandara Dasaru has composed nearly 4,75,000 songs. Sri Vyasarayaru,his teacher himself has called his verses as “Purandaropanishat”.How great is Sri Purandara Dasaru talents?He has also said, among the devotees of Hari,Purandara Dasa is the greatest! Sri Purandara Dasaru is considered to be the incarnation of Sri Naradharu, he is also popularly known as Sangeetha Pithamaha. Sri Purandara Dasaru has made a glorious and outstanding contribution to the field of music.

About Singer Sri V.V.Prassanna&his album:
Sri V.V.Prassanna is basically Carnatic and play back singer who has taken up a project to release an album(Sri Purandhara), comprising rare songs of Sri Purandara Dasaru with soulful melodies besides combining Carnatic and Hindustani styles to attract all generations, in particular the youth of today. He is basically a carnatic singer and conferred a Title Daasa saahithya Bhooshanaa by Pejawar Mutt Junior Seer Sri Vishwa Prasanna Tirtha, at Coimbatore recently.  Sri V.V.Prassanna has been giving  dasarapadhagalu  Classical concerts across India.

When&Where the album is getting released?

With the grace of great Sri Purandara Dasa,new album “Sri Purandhara” is getting released tomorrow on the auspicious day of Lord Sri Harih i.e, Vaikunta Ekadashi(5/1/2012).It will be released in the presence of  Sri Sathyatma Tirtha Sripadangalavaru at Sri Sri Raghootama Tirtha Moola brindhavana,Tirukoilur.Special Ekadashi bhajans will be started from tomorrow 9:30PM onwards,which will be conducted by our humble Singer at the Mutt premises.

Message from Webmaster:
Sri Purandhara Album sung by Sri V.V.Prassanna has the rarest songs written by great Sri Purandara Dasaru.Our blog readers are requested to Buy this Album and get benefited. Let Sri Purandara dasaru antharkatha Sri Hanumantha antharkatha Sri Purandara Vitthala bless all of us.

How to purchase the CD’s?
At present, the CD’s are available at the below addresses:-
1. Arulmigu Amman Pathippagam & Brindavanaa Enterprises:
16/116, T.P.Koil Street,”Tirumala Flats” (Opposite to Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt)
Triplicane, Chennai- 600 005.Phone: 044-42663546
Showroom timings :
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM [Mon to Sat],4:00 PM to 9:00 PM [Sun]
2.Sri Krishna Raghavendra Mutt,Raghavaiah Road, Raghavaiah Road  Chennai, Tamil Nadu.Phone: 044-28156286
For any queries, contact any of these numbers: 09710873873,09894256203
—In the service of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu,

Venkatesh Rajendra Rao.

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu||

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  1. Savithri.K.

    After seeing your blog’s all the posting i tried Ekadasi fasting with out eating anything for the first time. I usually eat some tiffin on Ekadasi, but yesterday after reading about Ekadasi i gave a thought to my mind let me try this time like this i.e. without eating anything i could succeed becuase of you. Really Really i am very much thank you for all of you and especially my brother

    • dvaitavedanta

      Excellent to hear madam!! Please keep it up! Sri Gurubyo Namaha Harihi Om

  2. Poorna Pragna

    Hi, This one the BEST jobs you people are doing this.. This is awesome & I am very very great full to you for bring this best Dviata Philosophy website. Even every day I get the Great Saint’s/Point-tiffs “Aaradhane” ! Kindly continue this greatest work & let us know I you people require any sort of help from my end.
    Kind regards,
    Poorna Pragna.

  3. bharat s

    hello sir, ur thought on this blog is very genuine and helpful to people like us we claim to be madhavas but we really lack somewhere in knowing our abt our religion,tradition and principle’s of our madhava culture compleltely. But ur blog has helped us to overcome this problem .really thank you very much
    “hari sarvotama vayu jeeyotama”
    ” hare sreenivasa”

  4. venkat raghavendran

    Hi Venkatesh
    Where can i get the above released CD ? is it available on LANDMARK / any online ordering possible ? Pls let me know .. very eager to listen…

    • dvaitavedanta

      Kindly give me some time, let me get back to you soon. dhanyavadha
      hare Srinivasaa

  5. Namaskara do you believe really god is their …………will you seen him ……….. i want to see him please help me ……….where he stays,,, please tell me…

  6. Neela

    Namaskara, Please let me know ifthe CD can be sent via vpp.

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