Sri Sri Vadiraja Tirtha Mahaprabhu-Part3

Sri Sri Vadiraja Tirtha Mahaprabhu-Part3

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||
|| Sri Vijayindra Tirtha Sri Vadiraja Tirtha Gurubyo Namaha ||
||Sri Raghavendra Tirtha Gurubyo Namaha||
Vyasaaya Bhavanaasaaya Srishaaya Gunarashaye | Hrdyaya Shudhavidhyaya Madhvayacha Namo Namaha
Namaskara to Lord Sri Veda vyasa(Sriman Narayana), husband of Mahalakshmi who is filled with infinite auspicious qualities. Namaskara to beautiful saint who has full of knowledge,who has all the lakshanas in full none other than Jagadguru Sri Madhvacharya — Sri Vadiraja Tirtha in his magnum opus work “Yukthi Mallika”

Sri Vadiraja Tirtha Mrithika brindhavana at navabrindhavana,Chennai

Namaskara to Satvik Jeevas,
In this Part3 series of Sri Vadiraja Tirtha Mahaprabhu, we are going to see the life history of Boo Varaha(Rajaru) and at the end we will come to know how Vairagyashali he is.We will feel at the end that he is the real Winner of everyone’s heart.

Swathi Mutt(Sode Mutt) was started by the poorvashrama brother of Jagadguru Sri Madhvacharya,none other than great Sri Vishnu Tirtha.Sri Vagisha Tirtha was 19th saint from his lineage.

Birth of Rajaru:-
In the village of Kumbhasi,Huvinakere there lived Vaishnava couple Sri Rama bhatta and Smt Saraswathi devi.They were dipressed because of no children. At that time, Sri Vagisha Tirtha was in the village and this couple went to them and saught their blessings.Before their arrival, Sri Hari instructed Sri Vagisha Tirtha to bless this couple with santanaprapthi.Lord also instructed him to get their first child which has to be gifted to Mutt.As per orders of Sri Hari,Sri Vagisha tirtha blessed the couple and told they have to give their first son to Mutt, but asked them not to worry as they will get Second son.His holiness told the couple that if the first Son is born outside of their house it has to be gifted to Mutt else they can take care.

Lord in the roopa of Holy Cow:-
With Sri Vagisha Tirtha’s blessings, Smt Saraswathi Devi became pregnant in due course of time.Sri Rama bhattaru wanted to make sure his first son should be born inside his house due to the agreement between him and his holiness.The day was Magha Suddha Dwadasi in the year 1480(Click here to read Part2 at this point), and Sri Rama bhattaru did pooja of Lord Sri Hari through his sakshad roopa Saligrama and sat for Dwadashi parane.Smt Saraswathi devi was serving neivedhya to his husband.

At that time divine Cow came outside of their house and started eating the grains. Smt Saraswathi devi came outside the house and started to shoo the Cow.The Cow started to run fastly and tried to damage all the grains.Smt Saraswathi devi followed the Cow and stopped beneath the tree because of tiredness.At that time,labor pain was started for her and immediately beautiful Son was born(with face very bright in color,like moon).As per their agreement with Sri Vagisha Tirtha the couple bestowed their beautiful baby to his holiness.

Namakarana as Sri Boovaraha:
Sri Vagisha Tirtha received the baby and named him as Sri Boovaraha.The reason behind this name could be because of Sri Boovaraha idol which was given by Jagadguru Sri Madhvacharya to Sri Visnu Tirtha of Sode Mutt.Sri Vagisha Tirtha with his thapa shakthi would have understood that this young boy Sri Boovaraha has taken birth to protect and did stapane of Dvaita philosophy, with Hari Vayu blessings.There is no doubt that Rajaru has done the same.
His holiness finished the thread ceremony of Boovaraha at the right age of 5.His holiness started giving Tirtha to him daily due to which at the very young age, Boovaraha was excelled in the studies of Dvaita vedanta.

Vairaghya of Sri Boovaraha and his first Ugabhoga:-
Once his holiness Sri Vagisha Tirtha kept costly Clothes,delicious food Items,Cashewnut etc in a place and asked the Mutt Vidyarthis(students) to select and take whatever they want. Everyone chose their items and thanked his gurugalu for giving the same.But Boovaraha neither selected any items nor moved from his place and kept very silent.Sri Vagistha Tirtha called the young boy and asked for the reason,at that time the young and bright boy sung his first Ugabhoga.

Guru Bhakthi Beku Hariya Karuna Beku
Harikathegala nithya kelatira irabeku Virakthi beku
Vishnuvina aradhana beku Varamantra Japa beku
Thapabeku parakathigae SIRI HAYAVADHANNA paramaanugraha beku Visnu nigraha beku!! 
I need bhakthi towards my Guru, need blessings from satvik elders,need to listen Sri Hari kathe daily,need Vairagya,need to do puja to Lord Sri Hari daily,need to chant mantropadesha mantra,need to do
thapas to reach Moksha&need anugraha of Sri Lakshmi sameta Lord Sri HAYAVADHANA.

Just imagine, in our childhood we would have asked several things, starting from chocolate/biscuits etc, but what did Bhoovaraha(Sri Vadirajaru) ask for? this is called vairagya and that too it has come to him at the age of 5.
And thats why he has become the real HERO of our Dvaita philosophy as well as the Winner of everyone’s heart.
O beautiful saint Sri Vadiraja Swamin,please stay with us always and bless!

[To be contd…]
I sincerely pray Sri Vadirajaru antharkatha Lord Sri Hayavadhana to bless in case of any mistakes found.


|| Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu||

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