Sri Jagannatha Tirtha Mahaprabhu

Sri Jagannatha Tirtha Mahaprabhu

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||
|| Sri Vyasatirtha Sri Jagannatha Tirtha Gurubyo Namaha ||

Lord Sri Aadhivarahar – Sri Nithyakalyanaperumal Temple,Thiruvidanthai,Chennai
Lord Udupi Sri Krishna at Sri Vyasaraja Math,Big street,Kumbakonam
Moola brindhavana of Sri Sri Jagannatha Tirtha,Kumbakonam

Aradhane of Sri Sri Jagannatha Tirtha Mahaprabhu of great Sri Vyasaraja Mutt will be celebrated on 26/12/2011.Its my duty to bring out the immeasurable and auspicious qualities of this great saint.

Sri Jagannatha Tirtha Mahaprabhu:-
Period: 1755-1770
Ashrama Gurugalu: Sri Raguhnatha Tirtha alias Sesachandrikacarya
Ashrama Shishyaru:Sri Srinatha Tirtha
Amsha:Galava Rishi
Birth place:Gauribidanur
Moola brindhavana:Kumbakonam
Kumbakonam is known as the “temple town”.When we think of Kumbakonam, one thing which comes to heart immediately is the presence of one of the greatest Madhva saints, Sri Sri Vijayindra Tirtha Swamiji.His holiness is like divine cow Kamadhenu. His holiness is like divine Kalpavrksha.For such a great saint my sastanga namaskara is submitted.It is also famous for our great saint Sri Sri Jagannatha Tirtha Swamiji,who continues to bless all of us in big street,Kumbakonam.

Works of Sri Jagannatha Tirtha Mahaprabhu:
Sri Jagannatha Tirtha Mahaprabhu have written three important works namely Rig Bhasya Tika,Sutradipika,Bhasya-Dipika.Sutradipika is short Vrtti in 1630 granthas.His magnum opus is considered to be “Bhashya Dipika”,which is his great work running over 19150 granthas.It is the direct commentary on Brahma Sutra Bhashya of Jagadguru Sri Madhvacharya
Its said that his holiness wrote his magnum opus work “Bhashya Dipika” at Bhavani,Erode where he built stone mutt later and spent most of his years.

Importance of Bhakthi:
Sri Prahladha in Srimadh Bhagavatha(Sapthama skandha) clearly says that, only bhakthi is way to please Lord Sri Narasimha(Sri Visnu).As we know, because of prayers of Sri Prahladha antharkatha Sri Vayu, Lord Sri Narasimha immediately appeared before his sincere devotee and saved him from troubles.
We have another similar instance for proving how bhakthi is great and important to fetch Lord Sri Hari’s grace.Once a scholar by the name Gangadhara approached Sri Vijayindra Swami and called for debate.The debate started and as usual Sri Vijayindra Swamin won over that very easily. Sri Swamiji with his aproksha gyana knew that Gangadhara had brought poison to kill Swamiji.Sri Swamiji immediately asked Gangadhara to give the same to him.Our all knowing Swamiji drank the same and his body became full of dark. His holiness at that time started to compose “Sri Narasimha Astakam” and recited with Bhakthi.

Within sometime, our Swamiji regained his original position with more brightness than before.Everyone present there wanted to know the exact reason for this brightness.Sri Swamiji showed a Narasimha vigraha which was kept for Puja.To all their surprise, the neck of Lord Sri Narasimha vigraha became dark blue in colour).Inner Meaning, Lord has drunk the poison and saved our Swamiji(his devotee) for trouble.We can see this idol even today in the Mutt premises.
Our brugu munigalu great Sri Vijayadasa sings beautifully in Narasimha Suladi that,”O lord with Lion face-Narasimha Swamin,the one who is filled with auspicious qualities,please protect those who surrender themselves by submitting their prayers with sincere bhakthi
Coming back to the real incident of  Sri Jagannatha Tirtha’s life.Due to his holiness bhakthi towards Lord, Sri Narasimha Swamy appeared and saved him from Danger,when a group of daityas were trying to attack him.This shows the greatness and bhakthi of his holiness. We can find reference about this incident in his magnum opus work.

Sri Jagannatha Tirtha Mahaprabhu-an amsha of Galava Rishigalu
His holiness is an amsha of Galava Rishigalu.When we go to the history of great Galava Rishigalu.Its said he had 360 woman children and deeply worried as his duty was to make all the 360 women to get married to good partner’s.Hence he prayed Lord and finally Lord with his Varaha roopa appeared before Galava Rishigalu and promised that he would marry each of his daughter everyday throughout the year i.,e  Nithyakalyana.This was happened at the premises of Sri Nithyakalyanaperumal Temple,Thiruvidanthai,Chennai.This is must visit place for all Vaishnavaas.Lord Sri Varaha blesses and washes away our problems,esp for those whose marriage is getting delayed for some reasons.
When the devotees of Sri Jagannatha Tirtha Mahaprabhu came to know that his holiness had the amsha of Galava Rishigalu,all knowing saint immediately attained the brindhavana at Kumbakonam,Tamilnadu.

Location of Sri Jagannatha Tirtha Mahaprabhu Moola brindhavana:

His holiness moola brindhavana is located at Sri Vyasaraja Mutt,Big street,Kumbakonam,Along with his holiness there are other two Moola brindhavana of great saints of Sri Vyasaraja Math. They are i)Sri Vidyanandha Tirtha and ii) Sri Vidyapathi Tirtha
Charama Sloka:
Amrastambhaat samaagatsa taamra tunDaan nihatyaya |
namram noumi jagannatham tamrOpaattam nRukEsari ||
Let this brilliant saint bless all of us with Gyana/Bhakthi/Vairagya,
—In the service of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu,
Venkatesh Rajendra Rao.

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    Thanks for the information on Jagannatha Thirtharu.

  2. really we are blessed to be associated with the web in this behalf and enlighted with lots of informative information, which is otherwise very hard to obtain.
    Really mAnava sEva mAdhawa sEva.
    sare janaH sukhinO bhavanthu
    sreenivasa rao- Bharadwajagotra-madhwa

  3. everything good,,,but it is sad that it has become a tendency among Maadhwas to ascribe every significant saint of our parampara with an “amsha or avatara” theory, with no proofs at all….this is not acceptable…….plz allow Jagannata Tirtha to be himself, and don’t claim that he is an Amsha of Galava without any evidence

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