About Papparapatti – Dakshina Mantralaya!!

About Papparapatti – Dakshina Mantralaya!!

Papparapatti Sri Raghavendra Swamy

||Sri Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama||

||Sri Guru Raghavendraya Namaha||

Dear Sri Raghavendra Swamiji devotees,

In this post I would like to share the great divine place where Rayaru has been doing great miracles there. This article is the courtesy of well wisher and friend Mr. Srinivasan Hejmadi. I would like to thank him for drafting this article. The Brindavana of Sri Guru Raghavendra at Papparapatti is known as Dakshina Mantralaya. Papparapatti is a small Grama (settlement) in Tamilnadu border, enroute Bangalore to Salem.


Temples become fountains of spiritual energy and sources of divine benediction by the grace of God. Man may labour to build majestic temples, but the place where he chooses to build is pre ordained by divine will. History is full of examples for this. Almost every great pilgrimage centre we can think of: be it Tirupathi, Badri, Benares or Udipi (we can add hundreds of names to the list) are places predetermined by celestial powers.

This is often narrated in the Sthala Purana of the places. When Sri Guru Raghavendra chose Manchala Grama to be the place where He would enter the Brindavana, The Nawab of Adoni was surprised. He could not understand why the saint preferred a barren village, when he was offered the pick of fertile lands of the kingdom. So would any of us be; going by our commercial common sense. But this is where common sense ends and divine sense takes over. Guru Raghavendra was aware of the tremendous divine vibration, the holy land of Manchala grama was blessed with. The place next to the holy Tungabadhra river where he decided to enter the Brindavana was the spot. He had performed countless yagnas in Hisearlier incarnation as Prahlada. It was the place where Arjuna fought a battle and with the divine help of Krishna conquered Anu Salva. It was the place where Sri Rama had tread upon, during His search for Seetha.

The Brindavana of Sri Guru Raghavendra at Papparapatti is known as Dakshina Mantralaya. Papparapatti is a small Grama (settlement) in Tamilnadu border, enroute Bangalore to Salem. Situated about 13 kms from Dharmapuri, a town on the National highway number 7. It is connected by a motorable road from Dharmapuri, with the road meandering about through lush green sugarcane fields. As we approach Papparapatti , we see the agrahara and rows of about 120 houses of Brahmins settled there for centuries. The clean courtyards, the rangoli in front of each house and children playing about, remind us of a picture page from a history book.

In the centre of the houses, stands the temple of Sri Varadaraja like a Jewel in the Crown. The temple is about 800 years old, as written in the stone inscription in the front. It still retains the ancient texture, the stone walls, and the carved low entrance where one has to step inside bending down with reverence. As the eyes get used to the shade after the bright sunlight from outside, in the glow of the oil lamps, we are rewarded by the sight of Sri Varadaraja Swami along with Sri Bhoo Neela Devis on either side. Sri Lakhsmi Narayana Murthi stands right in front of the main idols, blessing the devotees. Outside the sanctum sanctorum to the right is the Navagraha Sannidhi, a unique feature in a Vaishnava temple.

The temple tank under renovation now, is in front as we come out. To the right of that we can see the idol of Siddhi Vinayaka and to the west are Panneshwara Swami and Vedavalli blessing the devotees. As we go inside, we see a beautiful idol of Venugopala with Rukmini and Satyabhama. Next to that are the idols of Mukyaprana and Madhwacharya. Alongside is the Mrithika and Saligrama Brindavana of Sri Guru Raghavendra. As one stands in front of the Brindavana in all humility, one feels a strong attraction and pull, not wanting to move away. At the same time, there is a feeling of awe in the presence of Dakhina Mantralaya Swami in all His splendour and glory. One can feel a wave of profound respect inspired by the greatness, superiority and grandeur of the great Saint. A worshipful reverence floods the heart for the kind, compassionate Guru.

Hospitality is the hallmark of the temple at Papparapatti.

Here God waits for His devotees. Visitors driving along the highway drop in at odd times, taking a detour to have a darshan of Dakshina Mantralaya Swami. They are promptly rewarded. The archakas and the temple staff, staying near the temple premises, open the temple door, do a mangalarathi and the happy devotee gets the prasada and moves on.


All great events in the world happen by Divine will. Man is an instrument. God’s grace empowers man to act. Without His divine grace man is like a bulb without electricity. We read this in the scriptures, hear this in the discourses and see this happening around us. The construction of the holy Brindavana of Sri Raghavendra at Papparapatti Agrahara is an illustration to prove this. With His immense compassion, we can see the divine hand of Sri Guru Raghavendra guiding, helping and inspiring the turn of events. Every event that went into the making of the temple rings this bell in our minds loud and clear.

From time immemorial, history is replete with instances where superhuman beings have performed supernatural events. This is so in every religion. These supernatural events; which are commonly known as miracles, are done out of love and affection for the devotees. These miracles are not “a show of power to impress”, but they are braces to support the devotee to stand upright in his faith and march forward to his goal. It is a benediction, a reaffirmation for mankind to strengthen their resolve and move on; to progress in the spiritual path.

The vibrant temple and Brindavana at Papparapatti is a witness to a series of miracles starting almost eight decades ago. Way back in 1930s, the joint family traditions were the order of the day. There was a God fearing devout family of a landlord in Papparapatti . The family consisted of seven brothers and two sisters. Sri P.R. Achyuta Iyer was the eldest brother and the head of the family. His younger brother Sri P.R.Krishnamurthy was looking after the administration of the property and land. Another brother Sri P.R. Srinivasa Rao was looking after the Varadaraja temple activities.

Sri Srinivasa Rao had a series of misfortunes. All the children he begot died one after the other. The family was grief-stricken. Finally Srinivasa Rao’s wife; Smt Giriamma, delivered a boy, who survived. But the child was suffering from an acute stomach ailment from birth. The parents could not get any solace, as there was no improvement in the baby’s ailment in spite of prolonged medication. They took the child to a famous specialist Dr. Venkataramana Iyer, at Chennai (Madras as known in those days). The doctor thoroughly examined the child. His verdict was very disappointing. He said that the ailment had become very chronic and expressed his helplessness to cure the child. Being a great devotee of Sri Guru Raghavendra he advised the parents to go to Mantralaya with the child and seek the blessings of the Divine Guru.

Accordingly, the child’s father, Srinivasa Rao, his wife Giriamma and his sister-in-law (Sri Krishnamoorthi’s wife) went to Mantralaya. There they performed seva for two months. The parents became anxious as they could not see any outward changes in the child’s condition. Also, Sri Krishnamoorthi, who was supposed to have come to Mantralaya during the period, had not turned up. Srinivasa Rao thought of going back home to Papparapatti . Accordingly he sent a telegram to his brother Krishnamoorthi informing about their return programme. He started making preparations for his departure the next day.

“Man proposes and God disposes”. Here in Papparapatti , Krishnamoorthi was making preparations to leave for Mantralaya. He was not aware that his brother and family on the other hand were making preparations to come back from Mantralaya to Papparapatti . Nor had he received the telegram sent by his brother from Manatralaya about his departure. Having made all the preparations, Krishnamoorthy retired to bed early to start for Mantralaya the next day. But this was not to be. Divine will prevailed. In the early morning hours on the day of his proposed departure, Krishnamoorthy had a dream. In that, an old Sanyasi (mendicant) appeared before Krishnamoorthy rao and told him “I am coming to your place”. Then he disappeared. Krihnamoorthy Rao woke up. He immediately contacted the scholars and friends there and sought their advice. They said “The message of the dream is clear. You need not go to Mantralaya. Instead Sri Raghavendra Swamiji is coming here. You construct a Brindavana here.”

There was great rejoicing all over. The people of Paparapatti and around were thrilled to hear that Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamiji had blessed them by condescending to be in their midst. The brothers got together, and decided to construct a Brindavana in Papparapatti itself. They resolved to set apart suitable lands for the upkeep and maintenance of the temple, and offered prayers to the effect. The very same night, in Mantralaya, Srinivasa Rao’s wife Giriamma had a dream. In that an old man approached Giriamma and gave her a broom and a mora (normally used for collecting the swept waste etc. from the ground). The lady could not understand the meaning behind the dream; whether it was auspicious or not. She was very apprehensive and upset and wanted to know the significance of the dream. She sought clarification from the Archaka, Vedavyasacharya who performed the pooja for the Brindavana.

Sri Vedavyasacharya explained to her that the dream conveyed a very positive meaning. It meant that the stomach ailment the child was suffering from would be cured; as a matter of fact literally swept away. True to his words, the child purged in the afternoon, and became free from the ailment. It was a dream come true for the mother. She brought a broom and mora and swept the waste clean!

A grateful Srinivasa Rao with his wife and child**** took the permission of the Peethadipathi Sri Sri Suyameendra Teertharu Swamiji and came back to Papparapatti .

{****The child grew up and devoted a lifetime of seva to Guru Raghavendra at the temple in Papparapatti . He was known as Ramakrishna Rao, and familiar figure to so many devotees. He passed away recently]

Preparations started for construction work of the temple. Two of the brothers went to Bangalore to contact a sculptor for carving of the Brindavana.

The sculptor was already working on an order from another party for preparation of a Brindavana. It was almost ready. Just a day before the two brothers came to him with their requirement for the Brindavana, the sculptor got a dream. In that an old man ordered the sculptor “You hand over the present Brindavana that is constructed to the two persons coming to you tomorrow. Do not worry about the earlier order. It will take six months more for installation of that.” Next morning, the sculptor was amazed to see the two brothers who came to him as mentioned in the dream wanting a Brindavana.

He immediately offered to hand over the Brindavana to them. Not only that, he even transported it by train to Pallakkadu Railway station and delivered it to the two brothers for installation with great devotion. Pratishtapana of Mrithika Brindavana is a holy and elaborate ritual. The Moola Mrithike has to be given personally by the Peethadipathi of the Mantralaya temple. It has to be brought with due piety, purity and the laid down norms. In those days a bunch of chosen devotees would carry the Mrithike on their heads turn by turn. They would walk the distance from Mantralaya to the place where it was to be installed. No other form of transportation was used. The devotees carrying the Mrithike would only travel by day, and rest in a temple or a holy place by night. Sometimes the travel would take weeks, or even months. The devotees would chant Bhajans and sthotras enroute and observe the laid down niyamas of purification.

The eldest brother Sri Achutha Iyer and a team of devotees, set upon the holy task of bringing the Mrithike from Mantralaya. Accordingly, they went and entreated upon the Peethadipathi of Mantralaya Temple,for Mrithike. The swamiji, was happy to oblige the devootees. Accordingly, after the due prayers and procedures, Swamiji removed the Mrithike to hand over to Sri Achutha Iyer. What a wonder! Everyone there was astounded to see a Saligrama appear along with the Mrithike. The overjoyed devotees not only got the Mrithike, but a holy Saligrama along with it. How blessed were they! How elated they must have felt! It was something unique to indicate that the Brindavana at Papparapatti had a very special grace. It was a pointer to indicate the splendour that it would be. Sri mutt swamiji conveyed that Papparapatti is going to be like another Manthralaya; now acclaimed as Dakshina Mantralaya.

||| Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu |||

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  1. jayakumarkrishnarao

    A great site to visit. Delighted, being a Madhwa, this site offers great information.

  2. Maruthi

    Very happy to see this. i am from pauparapatti village
    my house located just beside rayar mutt

  3. Hi,
    It’s exciting to know about this holy place. waiting to visit and experience the vibrations from rayaru.

  4. Anand

    I would like to come to Holy place, kindly forward the bus route from chennai . I am planning to come there tommorow, Please reply as soon as possible

    • dvaitavedanta

      Dear Sir,
      It is situated 16 Kms from Dharmapuri. We can go by travelling by buses which are plying to Palacode via Papparapatti
      Town Buses: 4A, 12 C
      Hare Srinivasa

    • raghavendra

      from chennai come to dharmapuri or salem, whatever is direct. From dharamapuri there is a direct bus to paupparati agrahram.
      if you are coming from salem come to salem-dharmapuri-pauparapatti.

  5. Balajisharma

    I am fully happy about ppt because i am in paparapatti temple st

  6. Mukund Seshadri

    I am big devotee of guru raghavendra.
    Can any one of you send a photo of paparapatti brindavana to my ID mentioned above.

    • dvaitavedanta

      I too do not have the photo, i will surely send you if i get that.
      Hare Srinivasa

      • Vina

        I was privileged to have all the priests come to my wedding in 1998 and bless me ,It was due Sri Rayaru that I even came to the U.S and was able to join my fiancé now my husband. Before my daughter was born this is where all the shrimantha stuff was offered by my parents . I used to love the serenity and the calmness of this place and it has been a while since i have visited this place.
        My father Shri C.M Pavmana and my mother Smt. Rakma Pavmana are great admirers and have lot of Bhakthi in this temple , infarct it was my dad who made so many Bangaloreans aware of this place and he would invite a new relative or a friend and their every time they went for Dharshan. I still get Prasad for birthdays and wedding anniversary from here. Thanks Mana for introducing this awesome temple.

  7. “Hari Sarvam”
    Hare Krishna,
    Do they serve prasadam lunch and do they offer accomodation at the mutt?
    Sri krishnarpanamsthu

    • dvaitavedanta

      Hare Srinivasa!
      Ofcourse, they will provide theertha prasadha!

  8. “Sri Hari ”
    1) Do they Provide Lunch and accomodation like in mantralaya
    2) Can we Stay overnight at the Mutt ?
    3) Can Seva be performed ?
    Sri krishnarpanamasthu

  9. bhima rao kallavi

    Dear venkatesh,
    What is the significance of calling Paapparpatti as Dakshina mantralaya?Andhra pradesh is already in south India. This is not the first brindavana to south of original mantralayam. Also “south” never signifies good or auspiscious things .
    Bhima Rao

    • dvaitavedanta

      Paapparapatti Sri Rayaru mutt was one of the very old mutta. This mutt is around 300 years old. The point is, Rayaru mritika was taken directly from Jeeva brindhavana, at the time, people say that they had also taken few Saligramas from brindhavanna. Hence, Papparapatti is considered to be one of the famous mutts at Tamilnadu.
      Please note that this does not mean other mritika brindhavanas does not have power!! Wherever mritika is present, Rayaru is saksadh present inside..!!
      Om Sri Raghavendraya Namo Namaha!

      • In one of your comments indicates the pauparapatty mutt is 300 years old. It
        is wrong. In Pauparapatty Agraharam the First historical temple is Varadsharaja swamy is 800 years old( from the book of temple trustee (HR & CE ) then around 150 to 200 years Mukyaprana devuru temple,after this penneswara temple, In 1935 Sri Ragavendra swamigal brindavana pradhiestapana by Mulbagul mutt peetadhipathi and in recent years Sri vedhavalli temple in 1986 Durga and Srimadvacharya sila prdhiesta. Please dont remove this from your page and you may clarify with Asthika samajam trust. thank you

        • dvaitavedanta

          Thanks for this information.
          hare Srinivasa

  10. The article has furhter strengthened my decision to visit the temple as soon as possible. How far is it from Bangalore and what is the best way to reach there?

    • dvaitavedanta

      Bangalore – Hosur – Dharmapuri is the best route to reach Papparapatti.
      hare Srinivasa

  11. I wish to take my wife there and stay for couple of days.Is there any tel# I can reach and make resevation for any Seva?.
    We are Madhwas and also devotees of Lord Anjeneya.We also like rural atmosphere for a change from the mondane city life in west.
    Beautiful narration of the Mutt’s origin.Originally I hail from the village Modur which is 9- miles from Dharmapuri on way to krishnagiri.
    Prabakar modur

    • dvaitavedanta

      Sri. Prabhakar, please note Papparapatti Rayaru mutt number :04342 245383, 04342 245398

  12. vijjay

    great to have these information in world wide,
    thank you

  13. nagarajan

    Hare Srinivasa Very happy to know about our village. thanks a lot

  14. Nagaraj Achar

    I am verymuch pleased to see the website of sri papaarapatti rayara math. I remember one Shri Gopinath and his brother working withTVS, whom I used to meet frequently on a business matters. Please convey my regards to them. I was working for Prithvi Fabrications P Ltd.


    i am nithiyanantham residing in the police colony A.Paupparapatti since birth. I am very proud about to see this. Jai hind’

  16. jayakumarkrishnarao

    Please let me know the web site URL for papparapatti shree Raghavendraswamy Mutt, [if it has one] as referred by Mr Nagaraj Achar on 31/12/09, above.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sir,
      I am not sure about it. Let you know if I come across.
      hare Srinivasa

  17. Prabakar Modur

    I wisited with my wife on the 21 st Jan 2010 to receive the fine hospitality and arrangement by Mr.Krishanan.The whole holy place so well desined,clean and the service was very good.The temple is under rennovation and should be ready for prayers in a years time.I would love to go there again.Mr.srinivas was also very helpful as well as the other priests.
    Prabakar Modur

    • vina

      I totally concur on the gracious hospitality extended everytime we have visited this place . Every nice people and very nice place

  18. Raaghav Suresh

    My native place is Dharmapuri at Bharathipuram Near (Sri Raghavendra Swamy Brindavan)
    Thanks for this information.
    Om Sri Raghavendraya Nama

  19. Vitthal Joshi

    Thanks for the information…
    However, If its year 1935 as mentioned somewhere, then, the Peethadipathi Swamiji during that period was 36th Peethadipati of Sriman Madhwacharya Moola Maha Samsthana, Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt was Sri Suyameendra Teertharu (1933 – 67)….and NOT Sri Sudheendra Teertharu, who is the AshramaGuru of Sri Raghavendra Swamy.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri.Joshi, I have corrected it now. Thanks hare Srinivasa

    • chandru

      1n 1935 prathistapana was done by sripadaraja mutt peetadhipathi not by rayaru mutt peetadhipathi

  20. Raghavendra

    Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha
    Dear Sir,
    Namaskara.I felt very happy to see the info about the Paupparapatti Brindhavana.I am very proud to say that we belong to the family of Sri Achutha Iyer who is none other than my great grand father.Because of their deep faith the brindhavanam came there.He was the most privileged and gifted person to carry the holy Mriththika from Mantralayam on his head.They came from Mantralaya by walk in those days.


    Thanks for this valuable information I’m also from Pauparapatti. My grandfather’s name is Sri.P.V.Gopalakrishnan Retd HM.

  22. Maruthi S

    Dear Devotees
    Sthala purusha of pauparapatti is Sri sri Abista Varadaraja swamy. this temple is very ancient twhich has lot of heritage and history on it

    • dvaitavedanta

      Thanks Sri Maruthi. I had to delete few unnecessary information in your comment and I have approved the same. hare Srinivasa

  23. Dr. Shreenivas R. Deshpande

    it is indeed nice to know about this mutt. how long is it from bangalore? how to reach from bangalore?

    • dvaitavedanta

      Bangalore – Hosur – Dharmapuri is the best route to reach Papparapatti.
      hare Srinivasa

  24. N.Bhaskaran

    This holy place is my brothers’ in laws’ place.I visited several times and had the blessings of Guru Raghavendra.You can plan ur visit and get the blessings.

  25. suresh devaraj

    i m a devotee of guru Ragavendra. m keen to know more details on how to pray to guruji… any particular guru strota that i can recite everyday to guru Ragavendra. i wish to embrace myself fully and wholeheartedly in my prayers to guru ragavendra. ttks.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri.Suresh,Please chant Rayara stora or read his grantha.If both arent possible do good to poors. By this way Sri Raghavendra Swamy gets preethi.There is no doubt in that.hare Srinivasa

  26. Pa.Si. Ramachandran, Sr. Journalist

    I read this article fully and I really thrilled about this.Some months back, I read that there was a devotee of Rayaru by name Shri Mutthoor Venkat Rao, who lived very near to Rayar Mutt and he served there as a chief cook without any salary. One Ekadasi day night he went to mutt and cook early for Dwadasi day, so he slept in the mutt. At about 2 or 3 AM, he heard a loud voice, please remove your leg and I want to enter inside of the mutt.
    Immediately he saw some water foot prints and this foot print straightaway ends near to Brindavana. Yes. Everyday Rayaru did his early
    morning snana and entering in the Brindavana.
    Now a days most of the devotees, after the darshan of Rayaru, use to go to Muthoor Venkat Raos house and perform poojas to his photo.

    • R Parthasarathy

      Dear Mr Ramachandran
      I am Kannan, s/o late K R Ramaswamy, ex-SRVS, who passed away in 1969. By any chance, are you son of Mr B S Srinivasa Rao? Please reply <>

      • Pa.Si. Ramachandran, Sr.Journalist

        Dear Kanna. You are right. I am (late) B.S. Srinivasa Rao’s eldest son. Most of the days I remembering your father and mother smt. Pattammal (pattu). We were residing at 5, TP koil lane. Now only I saw your reply. I think your brother Raju and sister Ambuja are okay. Thanks

  27. Prabakar modur

    These real events makes one’s hair and skin get a sense of chill. I believe the Great Saint blesses all those devotees who take a trip there. I was fortunate to know about this place by my visit.

  28. dr bharathidasan

    i am from salem.my wife dr indu is from papparapatti.when ever i visit in-laws i visit sri raghavendra temple and meditate.i get a vibration and feel swamy.i feel light and get solace in my problems.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe sir, as you said the place is very vibrant and Sri Raghavendra Swamy who is present here has very special power, who blesses all of us surely. hare Srinivasaa

  29. Surya Kumar

    really a powerful god rayaru….i’m his big devotee and this holy place has lots of facts…if u are really truthful to this god u will achieve the things u need…..

  30. R.V.Raja Rao

    I am glad to know the sthala purana of Papparapati Sri Raghavendra Swamy and I recently visited the temple also. You have correctly mentioned that the staff and the priest are very good. I feel like visiting again and again. I did not understand one thing about the family who built the temple. Are they Iyers or Madhwas ? Eldest son’s name is P.R. Achyuta Iyer, and other brother’s name is P.R. Srinivasa Rao.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe sir, all the family members who constructed SRI Mutt (Sri Achyuta Iyer/Sri Srinivasa Rao) are Madhwas. hare Srinivasaa

    • Pauparapatty Nagarajan

      Namaskara Sir’
      You are in the clarification i,e, the orgion of the builder of the pauparapatty temple.Well.The Ragavendra Swamy Brindavana is installed by Sriman P.R. Achutha Iyer.He had 7 brothers and among the one was P.R Srinivasa Rao.In this area we are the belongs to Visvamitra Gothra and Vyasaraja mutt and being worshiped Rudhra devuru as Kula Devatha in the Name of Penneswara Swamy.Almost 800 years back Our Moola puruaha of Visvamitra Gothra Sri Veeranappa Iyer from penugunda of Andra Predesh got married from Sripadharaja mutt Sishyas family. Afterthen we are following Madva samparadhaya.You can see the name Iyer added with their names from 1900 to 1950. But after this you cannot see as iyer but Started to add Rao with our name. So no doubt P.R Srinivasa Rao also belongs to Madva Brahamin.

      • dvaitavedanta

        Namasthe Sir, thanks for the clarification. hare Srinivasaa

  31. R.V.Raja Rao

    Thanks for Mr.Pauparapattynagarajan’s detailed naration.

  32. Mankal Ramprasad

    Hare Srinivasa,
    All those who are very much eager and interested to visit Papparpatti, here one good news comes:
    Please find attached the invitation for the Lakshavruthi HariVayustuthi parayana to be conducted at Feb 27 2011 @ papparapatti, TamilNadu. The details are posted in the following website:
    2196 Avrutthi HariVayuStuthi Parayana with Purascharana
    On account of the 732 Prathistapana of Sri Anjaneya Swami by Sri Sri Sri Vyasaraja & for Lokashema,
    Lakshavruthi HariVayuStuthi Mantra Parayana Samiti (LHVSMPS) has planned to conduct 2196 Avrutthi HVS paryana by
    732 Madhwa Sadjanas.
    Date: 27 Feb 2011 (Sunday)
    Time: 7:30 AM – 11:45 AM
    Place: Sri Sri Sri Raghavendra Swami Mutt,
    Papparapatti Agraharam,
    Dharmapuri Dt.
    Tamil Nadu.
    Please reach out to the numbers in the invitation to register and participate in the sacred parayana.
    Madhwa devotees from all over TamilNadu will be participating in this sacred event. We request madhwa devotees from all other locations to spread this information and join this event. Pass on this message to whomever you see are interested.
    You can get more details from http://harivayu.wordpress.com/
    Hare Srinivasa,
    Mankal Ramprasad

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri Mankal,its a great initiative. I will try to attend for sure. Thanks for this information.hare Srinivasaa

      • Mankal Ramprasad

        This is just to remind you & invite you for the Hari Vayu Stuthi Parayana at Papparpatti.
        On account of the 732 Prathistapana of Sri Anjaneya Swami by Sri Sri Sri Vyasaraja & for Lokashema,
        Lakshavruthi HariVayuStuthi Mantra Parayana Samiti (LHVSMPS) has planned to conduct 2196 Avrutthi HVS paryana by 732 Madhwa Sadjanas.
        Date: 27 Feb 2011 (Sunday)
        Time: 7:30 AM – 11:45 AM
        Place: Sri Sri Sri Raghavendra Swami Mutt,
        Papparapatti Agraharam,
        Dharmapuri Dt.
        Tamil Nadu.
        Please spread this valuable information amongst your friends and relatives and reach out to the numbers & participate in the sacred parayana.

  33. venkatesh a .kulkarni

    Please send me further details on the Papparapatti Mutt as I am planning to visit the place on this 26th Jan.2011.I am planning to go by my vehicle.Kindly let me know the shortest and best route to reach.What are the Darshan Timings please send me the details.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri Venkatesh,
      Full address:Sri Raghavendra Swamy Brindhavan,Paupparapatti Agraharam,636809,Dharmapuri Dt,T.N. (you can see comments in this section to know more)
      You can also contact SRI mutt at this number: 04342-245398,245383,9362669187.
      hare Sreenivasaa

      • venkatesh a .kulkarni

        We visited Papparapatti Sri Raghvendra Swamy Mutt alongwith my wife and children on 29th Jan.2011 and got the blessings of Rayaru.It is about 115 Kms from Bangalore city.70 kms from Hosur.
        We reached Sri Mutt around 1130am and Bhagawat Parayan had just finished and we are greatful to the kind gesture from Acharya Sri Ravi who was very kind enough and offered us the Parasadam (Lunch)eventhough there was no prior information.Usual practice is we should inform mutt about our Date of arrival,number of members and requirement of accommodation.
        We went by our car through Hosur-Rayakottai- Palacode -Papparapatti.The road is really good and will enjoy the shadow of the big trees alongside the Road till you reach Palacode town(palakkadu).Papparapatti is about 10 kms from Palakkadu.When you enter Palakkadu Town go about 2 kms and take a right turn which will take you to Papparapatti.You can also go to view Hogenakkal falls which is about 30 kms from Papparapatti.
        We stayed till evening but could not wait for the Deepotsavam which will start at around 630pm.
        There is no such specific Seva to be offered from Bhkatas like in Sri Mntralayam.However every Poornioma they perform Shri Satyanarayan Pooja.
        wherein Bhaktas can either donate cash or offer food grains/items.
        I am delighted to visit the pace again on 18th February 2011 being a Poornima.
        May god bless you all.
        Sarve Janaha Sukhinobhavantu.
        With Best Regards,

  34. venkatesh a .kulkarni

    Please share your views on the Sri Mutt whoever has visited.


    “Haree Srinivasa”
    “Sri Raghavendra Gurusarva Bhowmaya Namaha”
    I visited Pauparapatti on the great occasion of the car festivel for “Sri Boo Neela Sametha Abhishta Varadharaja Swamy(300 years old temple)” on 17th of May 2011. It is a pleasure to me for joining on the great and grand ceremony of car festivel. I spend three days over there in my grand father’s house (Shri.P.V.Gopala krishnan Retd HM) it was a great time to me to attend the functions arranged by the <> If the people those who are not seen this temple please visit there and get the blessings of Sri Varatharaja swamy and Rayaru.
    With Regards

    • Prabakar Modur

      I can imagine your enjoying the great event plus spending time in your grandfather’s home. Mysel and my wife met him in our first visit in 2010.He is a very gracious host.The next time I brought my mother who is 87 years old from US.
      It is a peaceful abode.I hope to make more trips.
      If you can post some photos , it will be nice for us see the events atleast in photos
      Prabakar modur

    • Pa.Si. Ramachandran, Sr.Journalist

      Dear Murali: Is Shri Gopalakrishna Rao is the son of late Mutthoor Venkat Rao, who had a darshan of Rayaru in the early morning of a Dwadasi day? If your answer is “yes”. I met Sri Gopalakrishna rao in the month of june 2013 and I have written an article about your family in Tamil in the magazine of OM SARAVANA BHAVA (Editor Nakkheeran Gopal). bsr_43@yahoo.com

  36. murali@krishna

    I am very very happy about papparapatty agraharam because i am in paparapatti temple st

  37. nandha

    am very proud 2 be in ppty……..
    Thank u mr.srini
    for ur wonderfull information

  38. RAJESH

    I would also like to come here. Please let me know where I can stay for a couple of days. I am from Chennai. I am suffering from some mind related ailments (depression ,anxiety etc)

  39. Srithar Madhavan, Bangalore

    Poojyaya Ragavendraya Sathya Dharma Rachayata Bajadham kalpaviruktchaya Namadham Kamadhenuve.
    Sri Ragavendraya namaha
    Sri Ragavendraya namaha
    Sri Ragavendraya namaha
    Sri Ragavendraya namaha
    Sri Ragavendraya namaha
    Sri Ragavendraya namaha
    Sri Ragavendraya namaha
    Sri Ragavendraya namaha
    Sri Ragavendraya namaha
    Sri Ragavendraya namaha
    Sri Ragavendraya namaha
    Sri Ragavendraya namaha
    Sri Ragavendraya namaha
    Sri Ragavendraya namaha
    Sri Ragavendraya namaha

  40. Parimal

    I wan to visit papparpatti rayara mutt with my family.I want to know the temple timings so that I can plan accordingly.

    • Prabakar Modur

      The good people ho manage live with in couple of minutes from temple.
      Prabakar modur

  41. Jai Ganesha,
    I would Like to know how to reach the pauparapatty temple
    is there accommodation for the family available from trust
    and how to book the same
    how for it is from Bangalore
    Mahendra Pandey

  42. Prabakar Modur

    My suggestion would be if you reach Bangalore,you can rent cars from most of the three star hotels you when you stay. Bangalore.From Bangalore it takes three hours,so you leave by 6AM reach by 9 AM, get your Darsan and return to Bangalore by 4PM or so.At this stage they donot have very convenient accomadation.But if the Lord willing it may happen soon.The people there are some of the best you have seen.
    Prabakar Modur.

    • vina

      Very true, simple and down to earth people. Very affectionate too, it is amazing even after so many years, there have been changes around but the ambience is still the same , serene and peaceful.There is a chatara, hall with basic amenties. Personally the darshan always being the highlight ,the so called minor “not haves ” always been overlooked. anything for his darshana. My daughter loves the place and the whole experience over the years has always been so humbling .

  43. R KRishnan 2 Third St, Thirumagal Nagar, Chennai 600073

    I want to visit Papparapatti Rayara Mutt with my family. Is there accoomodation for stay. I am from Chennai. Which will be the best route to reach Papparaptti. To whom I have to contact at Mutt.

  44. Uthra Srinivas Mani

    we had been there for several times.The hospitality shown by Sri KRISHANAN MAMA and his nephews Suresh,Gururaj and Achuthan[and his small kids Ramkumar and Vadhiraj] who is parampara trustee there was unforgettable.

  45. R.murali

    pojyaya ragavendraya sathyadharma rathayacha I
    Bajadham kalpavrkshaya namadham kamadenaveII

  46. Pa.Si. Ramachandran, Sr.Journalist

    I am Pa.Si. Ramachandran, Sr. Journalist, Chennai. In the month of June I came to Dharmapuri for a family function and immediately started my journey to Papparappatti and had a good darshan of Sri Rayaru. I read an article long ago that Sri Rayaru shown his darshan to Sri Mutthoor Venkat Rao. I met his son Shri Gopalakrishna Rao at his home.and he showed the photo of late Venkatrao. Another devotee, I dont know his name, he also described his wife’s health and after settle down in Papparapatti she is alright now because of Rayaru. I explained these miracles in a Tamil magazine by name ‘ OM SARAVANA BHAVA ‘ – Editor Nakkheeran Gopal in the month of August 2013, in the caption of ” Tamil naattil oru Mantralayam”.

  47. naib ramesh

    requested to post phone numbers
    with std code. and working mobile number

  48. Hi Ramesh,
    Sri Raghavendra Swamygal Brindhavan,Paupparapatti Agraharam,636809,Dharmapuri Dt,T.N. Contact details : : 04342-245398,245383,9362669187.

  49. Prabakar Modur

    My Dear Devotees of the Mutt,Wish you all a wonderful 2015.I hope to read more devotees personal experience .Hope the temple work is complete.They never fail to send prasadm to My mother in law address in Kodambakkam.I hope to go sometime end of 2015.Mukya Pranadevaru bless all.Prabakar Modur,731, Whithorn Court,Westerville, Ohio 43081.

  50. dr.r.niruba kannan

    very happy to see this site i got my medical seat by praying to ragavendrar in papparapati and my elder daughter was born by ragavendrar blessing for past 15 years i am visiting ragavendrar temple during aradhanai in avani month. very powerful he is there .he lives there. place i wish to visit always.guru ragavendra by your blessings let this place grow more and more and many devotees will be definely benefited by your blessing.

  51. veena

    very happy to read this article.. I wish will be soon visiting this holy place with rayaru grace

  52. Sir, We are planning to visit Paparapatti on Sunday 8th July 2018 along with family members of 11 persons for darshan and theerthaprasadam (lunch) kindly arrange and confirm to my email address so as to inform our people well in advance.
    Thank you sir.

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