Sri Raghavendra Swamy anugraha in my life

Sri Raghavendra Swamy anugraha in my life

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||

Dear Guru Rayaru devotees,

Why i created dvaitavedanta website? 


Please read the miracle performed by Guru Rayaru in my life and this is one of the reasons why I created this website.
Would like to share with you about my unforgettable experience with Guru Raghavendra on my first visit to Mantralaya during 2005!

It was the day I was in brink. I was in a stage where I did not know whether to cry or to die worrying about my future. I suffered a lot during my studies. I had to complete my arrears during my final year graduation. I had done maximum hard work from my side and went to Mantralyam for doing seva. Decided i cant do anything else apart from my hard work. I am sure i needed blessings from super powers.

At first, in fact, I was an atheist..! But when I felt the tremor happening in my life, i had decided to surrender myself to Guru Raghavendraru’s feet

With my dad’s advice, I embarked my journey to Mantralayam with lots of tears and sincere bhakthi.
I made Sangalpa that i have to clear my arrears with the hard work my side. I had completely given myself, surrendered to Guru Rayaru.. I didnt bother abt my soul. I was ready to sit nearby him for maximum hours.

In general, devotees who are doing seva to rayaru should not take breakfast and even no to water till lunch!! They should not sleep in the afternoon hrs.. They should do smarane of Lord Hari, Vayu and Guru Rayaru for each and every min. I strictly followed my seva. I didnt even touch water till my lunch. To avoid sleeping in the afternoon, i had a habit of reading books. After doing pradakshana, i would go to PRASADAM packing place and will pack rayaru prasadams most of the times. Had spent time in doing that auspicious job. I felt I was lucky to get this chance!
After my third day successful seva, I had got a chance of washing RAYARU’s panche, had got chance of taking water from well for Rayaru’s abishekha, had took water for remaining Theertharus(SAINTS)abishesheka as well. I got a chance of entering VIP entrance(entrance near Rayaru brindhavana)…

I was allowed to a little room inside the VIP entrance where Rayaru’s panche were kept.. Most of them may not know this room as its present at the corner of Rayaru’s brindhavana. I spent time by arranging Rayaru’s panche in order… Each and every time when i was washing Rayaru’s panche i was very sincere to my beloved master.I had tears in my eyes most of the times whenever i did Rayaru’s seva… I was very sure that my Guru would like my seva as it was done with REAL BHAKTHI&DIVINE FAITH. On my fourth day, i was given ABISHEKHA HONEY from an Achar there. HONEY was a LORD VAYU DEVARU abishekha prasad(done with chanting of HARI VAYU STHUTHI).

Eventhough i had done so many PAPA’s(SIN) in my earlier life, Rayaru allowed me inside his brindhavana and made me to wash his clothes and he took bath from well water…! I think, this is not a easy chance that everyone will get. Its purely the result of my sincere seva to my beloved master. He is such a great mahan! He needs a divine faith and deep bhakthi on him and LORD HARI,VAYU…!

I got my results on the following Thursday after my return from Mantralyam. I had cleared all my papers. I really would not forget that day when my family cried before LORD HARI,LORD VAYU and Guru Rayaru for this great miracle performed by them in my life. On the consecutive week thursday i got a job in a top5 IT company in India…

From the time when i joined the company, I would cry atleast for a minute thinking of my Great Guru Sri Rayaru blessings who had turned my horrible life to pinnacle of happiness, who made me a strong believer of LORD HARI,VAYU… From that point of time i had decided that some part of my salary must go to Rayaru’s mutt for helping an student or for feeding food for poors or helping a vidyapeet or to whomever needy. I have been doing this great seva since then 

My present happy life is filled with happiness and its 100% because of life given my Guru Raghavendra Swamigalu.. I bow my beloved master!

“pUjyAya rAghavendrAya satyadharmaratAya chabhajatAM kalpavR^ixAya namatAM kAmadhenavedurvAdidhvAntaravaye vaishhNavIndIvarIndaveshrI rAghavendragurave namo.atyantadayALuve”
Meaning: I worship as the Kalpa-vrksha, and salute as the kAmadhenu the esteemed RaghavEndra who is always engrossed in the true dharma;. He is a brilliant sun who destroys the false arguer, and a moon that casts a mellow light upon the ViShNu bhaktas; salutations to that Guru ShrI RAghavEndra; salutations to the one of extremely kind disposition.
In the service of Sri Harih Vayu Gurugalu,
Venkatesh Rajendra Rao
~~ Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu ~~

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  1. Jay

    a great experience indeed.You are very fortunate to have done seva from such close quarters in Manthralayam. Guru Rayaru will always be with you in your noble ventures you are undertaking. Pranams to your Bhakthi.

  2. Latchu


  3. Jayanthi Guruprasad

    You hv true n eternal bakthi…. Getting blessings of SRS is a gift to you!! Even we also had such experiences in life. We made it a habbit of visiting Mantralayam once in a year with family. Thanks for sharing.-

    • Pramod

      My life is total mess on both personal and professional front. Multiple hardships. Don’t know what to do. Praying to rayaru but problems persist.

  4. rao

    Hi Venky,

    It is a lesson to others, if we have sincere belief in Him, He will definitely Bless each and every one.

  5. hema

    wonderful and thanks so much for sharing this true experience. you are really blessed and graced by God through Guru Raghavendraji. The divine will is supreme !
    hare krishna !

  6. Lakshminarasimhan

    Hi Venky,
    I am indeed blessed to read your experience . May the grace of God and the Guru Raghavendra be on everyone who prays to him with sincerity and devotion.

  7. Sowmy

    thanks for sharing ur experience its really a gud lesson and people who doesn’t believes him probs will give a second thought and will start believing……

  8. rajiv

    really a great experience.really god blessed you from close quarters.

  9. vaman

    I personally and we ( My family) have also experienced blessings of GURU RAGHAVENDERA SWAMY. He is very great and dayalu.Because of him now we are very happy.When we are expecting our 2nd kid my wife faced serious problem, The Doctor who did the scanning told us that , your wife faceing srious problem, both mother and baby are having life treat, any one can be servied. the same is was spelled by our family Doctor Dr.M.S. Vaidya who is also great follower of SRI GURU RAYARU. He told us have faith in HARI VAYU GURU and he informed my father to ferform VAYUSUTHI PURCHARANA. Fartunatly in next weak we had chance to be blessed by SRI SUSHMEENDRA THREETHRHA SWAMIJI we tlod our problem He blessed us with SRI GURU RAYAR Mantrakshate informed my to eat few Mantrakshate daily by praying SR GURU RAYARU.
    Just after 10 days we gone for scanning once again as per the directions our Doctor. There was a mirracle! every thing was ok. The doctor how scanned was surprised he told us it is a miracle it is by GOD’s grace. Right now my doughter is one year old with strong health with the blessigs of The SRI HARI VAYU AND GREAT SRI GURU RAGHAVENDRA SWAMI.
    With due blessings of SRI GURU RAYARU i got promotions at every year now i am professor in a leading engg college.
    I thank U for creating this community.

  10. narasimha s.p

    raghvendra raghvendra payhimmam
    raghvendra raghvendra rakshamam…..
    hiii really u so much lucky to do savea to sri guru raghvendra swamy…. since my birth every year i visting mantralaym..swamy ll not leave any one to face problem who trust him …… jai gurusarvabhoma raghvendra swamy…

  11. nirmalamurthy

    Dear Venkatesh, The blogs are very useful and I will forward to my family members
    God bless you

    • dvaitavedanta

      Hare Srinivasa!!
      Thanks a lot madam.
      With your blessings,

  12. N.S.Murthy

    Dear Venkatesh,
    I am proud of being Madhwa and read your blogs and it is very useful and guide to every member.

  13. Divya

    OM SRI GURUBHYONAMAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hi to all………..
    I`m V damn happy to see so many miracles from guru raghavendra swamy……
    Even I`m a Bakthe of guru rayaru…….
    Even I`ve got lotz n lotz of grace from rayaru…. indeed its all r jus miracle kind……..
    Especially every thursdays r always filled wid some kind of grace n happiness…..
    Thanks for creating such a community……

    • dvaitavedanta

      Thank you very much!
      Hare Srinivasa

  14. narayana

    what a wonderful experience in mantralayam to do seva for sri raghavendra swami which shows the sincere bhakthi and faith towards him.

  15. Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy anthargatha, Sri Mukyaprana antargatha, Sri vadiraja antargatha, Sri Krishnarpanamasthu………………………
    A great experience indeed. I are very fortunate to have done seva from writing Sri Raghavendraya Namah 108 times daily until 1008 times before writing i done sankalpa and started and it got very good surprise result. Guru Rayaru will always be with me in my noble ventures i am are undertaking. Pranams to my future Bhakthi.

    • Hi,
      Thank you very much venky, you are giving very good informations about Sri GuruRaghavendra Swamy. When i come back to India i will go and do seva.

  16. Raajesh

    Hi Venky,
    This is indeed a great blessing from Guru.
    I am currently having several problems in my life and these problems are so bad that it was way out of my control. Recently ( 2 weeks before) i was watching few videos online and i found about GURU RAGAVENDRA. Something forced me to chart Guru name everyday.
    I started to chant OM SRI RAGAVENDRAYA NAMAHA everyday and i fully surrendered to Guru.
    Though my problem still remains I strongly beleive Guru will guide and help me to overcome this.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri Rajesh,
      Its indeed great to know that you have found our Guru Raghavendra Swamy in your life now. Yes, your problems are going to be solved now through the Anugraha of Mantralaya Mahaprabhu Sri Sri Raghavendra Theertha(with the help of Sriman Narayana and Sri Hanuman). I kindly request you to plan for Mantralaya trip as soon as possible. Go there and do seva for 3 or 5 or 7 days sincerely and your problems will be trashed to the bin…!! Believe me, Sri Raghavendra Theertha has such great powers, where he is ready to help us, subject to DIVINE FAITH AND SINCERE BHAKTHI
      Kindly let me know if you have any queries…
      Hare Srinivasa

      • Raajesh

        Thanks Venky for your reply.
        I have already prayed to Sri Ragavendra guru that I will definitely make my visit to Mantralaya. Currently i am in US and whenever i come to India I will definitely do the trip.

      • nagapadma

        NAMASTHE .
        am Nagapadma pl help me what to do i too have so many problems specially financial

  17. narendran

    hi its really amazing, Always the true Bakthi will be served one day…. this is the nice lesson should not leave our faith in god……..

  18. Raajesh

    I would like to know more on Sangalpa Seva ?
    what it is. How should be we.
    Is this means that we have do some Pooja or we have to work for Mantralayam temple during the seva period? pls advice

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe sir,
      I will get back to you shortly with information

      • Raajesh

        Thanks Venky. I really do not know what Seva exactly means. Like do we do some volunteer work at temple or anything else. Pls. explain.

        • dvaitavedanta

          Namasthe Sri Rajesh,
          Sankalpa Seva means you need to do Pradaskhina namaskara to Sri Raghavendra Theertha for certain number of times for 3,5,7 days continuously, if you have any prayers.
          I would request you to please visit the below site to get more information,

          Hare Srinivasa

  19. Prasad

    Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha! Just this chant will do a lot of miracle in your life. Pray to him, sing or listen to the songs sung by various devotees/artists about him. Today because of Rayaru only I am in a good position, earning handsome salary and leading happy life. I visit Manthralaya every year without fail and do sava. I continue to do until end of my life. Venky you are lucky to get such an opportunity to serve him.
    Rayaru bless you all.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Shri.Prasad,
      You are exactly right! We should not waste even a single second without thinking our Mantralaya mahaprabhu. He has been doing everything for us. He is sitting inside the brindhavana and blessing all of us daily. What he needs? He just needs divine faith and bhakthi on Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu.
      Visit this link :
      hare Srinivasa

  20. moorthi

    You are truely blessed by SRI HARI VAYU GURUGALU. Thanks for sharing this great miracle.
    Do post such miracles.

  21. Raghav Murthy

    I can personally attest to Rayaru’s grace. I live in Austin TX and on Oct 11th the Rayaru Aradhana was held in the temple and I so wanted to go for it. Unfortunately I had to travel at 1135 on that day by flight. As providence would have it, I reached the airport counter at 1106 and was told that since I reached the airport less than 30 minutes ( I reached at 29 minutes ) they would not let me fly and booked me at the 445 flight.
    I immediately took a cab to the Temple, told the Raghavendra Stotra and participated in the function.
    Na Madhava Samo Devaha Na Madhwa Samo Guruhu
    Na cha tat vaakhyam samam shastram Na tasya samam puman!!!

  22. Raajesh

    Hi Venky,
    Where can I find baby names that are related to our Guru Ragavendra. Could you pls. help ?

  23. Narendra Shenoy

    Hari Om Venky,
    Thanks for all the information you are giving to all devotees of rayaru. May Sri Guru Raghavendra anthargatha Sri Bharathi Ramana Mukhyaprana anthargatha SRI LAXMI NARAYANA bless you.I am also a humble devotee of Rayaru. I have been married 3 years back but no issues.Could you plse tell me any sevas to be done so that i can beget a wonderful child.
    Thanks a lot

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri Narendra, Please do pradakshina namaskara to Sri Rayaru at any of his brindhavana for 3,5,7 days continuously. He will bless you surely if you keep sincere faith on him.
      I would request you to please visit the below site to get more information,
      Let Sri Rayaru antharkatha Sri Hanuman antharkatha Sri Laksmi Narasima bless you and your family members.
      hare Srinivasa

  24. Shridhar S Mundargi

    Really..lucky person…..your ..
    Rayaru allways….creats miracle…

  25. vinodkumar.k

    Iam praying lord rayaru..from 2004, i got miracle blessing from rayaru at kochin while i was on tour to ayyapa puja, he saved me from evil effect. That day on ward i have been strong follower of raghavendra swamy. This life i got is blessings of god raghavendra.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Excellent experience Sri.Vinodh. Thanks for sharing.
      hare Narasimha!

  26. Abhishek

    Terrifying bro!!……..
    Really dat’s so GOOD for u…..
    Indeed Rayaru is Gr8 ……u just have to keep faith in him n do’nt have to worry abt wht will happen furthur…Once we go in his Sharana………Rest of the things are all taken care by RAYARU Himself…

  27. magesh

    Really guru is with us
    Sri Ragaventhraya namaha

  28. Sri

    My family and I had the most amazing experience of Gururaja’s grace. On Thursday, 1st Oct 2009, we started from Dharwad to go to Mantralaya. Due to the heavy rains we could go only upto Gangavati and we had to return to Dwr since all roads were blocked. After reaching home we saw on TV the calamity that had struck the kshetra, the people who were stranded there because of the floods…. Shivers ran down our spine thinking if we had left just a day earlier we too would have got stranded… We can only thank Rayaru for his mercies for brining us safely home..

  29. Raajesh

    Hi Venky,
    I am a strong devotee of Guru Rayaru. Can someone help me to get the picture of Guru Sri Raghavendraswamy, in a sitting posture and writing on palm leaves.This paiting was drawn by BKS Varma and I read that the eyes in the painting were drawn by Guru himself.
    Pls. help me to see the picture.

  30. xxx

    hello brother,
    i m extremely happy reading al your experiences
    i am married since 5 years, no baby yet and i am facing lots and lots of problems, anyways i am devotee of guru sri raghavendra, hope he will take care of all my problems
    i have also experienced lots of his miracles..
    may guru sri raghavendra bless u all

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe brother, thanks for your positive comments.
      I request you to please pray Sri Raghavendra Swamy very sincerely with divine faith. He will surely bless you and your family members… there is no doubt in that.
      Believe me,he is with us always…. !!
      Hare Srinivasaa

  31. Savitha

    Dear Sir,
    God bless you. I pray that Guru rayaru forgives me for the way I did Seva for him in June recently. I slept in the afternoons and I had his panchamrutha prasad from the brindavan every morning before lunch. I was wrong I realise that now. May Rayaru forgive me. I am not as blessed as you, but I will wait and pray and cry until he decides to open his eyes. Truth be told, he has given me enough to survive, but I want to soar high now. I have lived a mediocre life, and always believed that I had enough if I had God.
    But now I am in need of financial stability and the need for knowledge and ability to take care of myself. I pray that Guru Rayaru leads the way for me. I am looking for answers.
    In search of his love and guidance.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe madam,
      Having his panchamrutha prasadh is Ok. For this reason, dont think Rayaru will not bless.
      I pray Sri Raghavendra Swamy to bless you and your family members always.
      hare Srinivasaa

  32. thiviyya

    swami unga arul enkku vendum om shri ragavendrai namha

  33. Nagarajan V

    Sri Gurubhyo Namah
    Hi Venky,
    I need this book in Tamil I am in Bangalore.
    I do not know where I will get it in Bangalore.
    If you inform me where I can get it from Tamilnadu also I will get one.
    1.Mantralya Mahan(tamil book)
    2.GuruRagavendra Charitamruta

    • Nagarajan V

      Sri Gurubhyo Namah:
      Hi Venky
      I am Nagarajan.V
      From Bangalore, Thank you Venky,
      As you have advised I got those books from Arul Mighu Amman Pathipagam. They were also kind enough as Rayaru and you
      I have received those books in very short time and I have Started reading the same,
      Thanks once again
      Hare Srinivasa

      • dvaitavedanta

        Namasthe sir,
        Good that you have now got the books. Enjoy reading. hare Srinivasaa

  34. Gopalakrishnan

    Hi Venky,
    I need suprabhatam of sri raghavendra swami in tamil.Plz send it to my mail id.
    i need mantras(complete) to be chanted for our guru.
    Ohm Shri Raghavendraya Namaha!

  35. V.Venkatakrishnan

    Dear venky,
    My heartful thanks to you for creating this wonderful site. I read your experience which is quite amazing. As of me all cannot get these sort of experiences, what is needed is the real bhakthi, which you have in abundance with rayar. I can confidently tell one thing that is rayar looks only the real bhakthi and not ones yogyatha, caste, etc. Because I have experienced a lot how karuna (mercy)he is. This life is a piksha given by him to me. So I always stand as a beggar before him. Sometimes I am not sincere to him, but he is always sincere to me. When I am in problem I use to scold him a lot, I’m aware that (it is my karma)scolding him is a great papa, but I’m unable to tolerate the pain. In my life i was irritated by many people my relatives(Social status, lack of money, no proper job)etc. But, rayar accepted my bhakthi and that one is more enough for me and I don’t want any of these peoples or society respected. I have one problem which is of 13 years (from 1997)that had affected my job and affecting me right till now. For this problem I use to get temper with rayar and ask him why he is unable to solve this problem which is affecting my career etc. Till now I didn’t get answer for this question from rayar, but still I greatly believe that he will surely cure my ailment oneday with his anugraha. I sincerely appreciate your valuable seva to rayar bhakthas which cannot be expressed only through words. Your seva had really given us the deep bhakthi with rayar, because the people like me sometimes have fluctuated mind when some of our problems are getting continued with. May rayar be always with us and bless us by solving all our problems.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Sri Raghavendra Swamy will be with you always. Please pray him with sincere bhakthi.
      I pray Sri Raghavendra Swamy to bless you and your family members always. hare Srinivasaa

  36. Raghavendra Joshi

    I am sincere bhakta of rayaru, I am praying for good job & time to seva (able to visit regulary r math / Mantralaya)
    Venky -thanks for this site

  37. Raghavendra Joshi

    send me site updates

    • dvaitavedanta

      namasthe, its easy to subscribe our blog for site updates:see below
      Go to home page>> search for SUBSCRIBE OUR BLOG? tab >> enter your email ID >> DONE
      hare Srinivasa

  38. poornima

    hi everybody
    i would like to info u all abt dakshina mantralaya which is located at pauparapatty , dharmapuri district , tamilnadu…
    if poss plz visit the place which is no less than mantralaya in all aspects ..

  39. date:-30.03.2011
    Dear Venkat
    This gives me immense peasure to read Sri guru Rayau”s
    miracles. i am his servant. I have eaten his humble
    blessings and just by his grace i am here today.<>
    I am still sufering. Even my own people are il trating me,But rayau has not left my hand.
    Poojyaya raghavendraya satyadharma ratayacha bajatam kalpavrikshaya namatam kamadenave.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri Srinivasa,
      Please dont worry.Leave your sorrows at the holy feet of Sri Sri Raghavendra Swamigalu,everything will be alright. hare Sreenivasaa

  40. Prashanti

    Hello Dear,
    What will I say about my experience,1st exp Rayaru saved me from drawning in the river saved my life more than anything, Whatever is prayed sincerely and truely he WILL give, He is my hari and vayu as well.I have gone thru many unbelieveble miracles and I cannot stop praising him, If I face any problem I just cry infront of him and the issue is solved.I love him a lot and I know for sure I will see him in real before I die.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Appreciate your real bhakthi/love towards Rayaru. Keep it up!! hare Sreenivasaa

  41. vinoth

    Great to know and happy to hear about the miracle.I hope rayaru will bless me also by curing my stammering problem.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Please chant “Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha” Sincerely with bhakthi.. he will cure any kind of diseases. Kamadhenu Kalpatharu Sri Sri Raghavendra Swamiji ki JAI

  42. Raghavendra

    Dear Friend,
    I have seen soo many miracles of Sri Rayaru when i have visited to Mantharalaya Matta.But Rayaru is not listing my prayer when i am in problems.Please tell me is there any Bheeja Manthras of Sri Raghavendra Rayaru.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Please chant “Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha” Sincerely with bhakthi… Rayaru will be surely pleased and bless.. there is no doubt in that… hare Sreenivasaa

  43. Vaishanva

    wow.. that’s really wonderfull expierence..
    i am running out of words
    guru rayaru will be performing miracles.. our prahaladarajaru will take us to moksha. soon we will reach vayu and hari.. accordingly, if we believe our master.

  44. Eshwari

    hi all,
    I am having a baby after 10 years of my marriage..and this is definetely a blessing from my Guru Sri Raghavendra Swamy and my goddess Lalitha Parameshwari.
    In 2009 while I was staying in Dubai ,after finishing my 101 pradakshinas to rayaru on the aradhana day i had a small nap at my home in the afternoon.In my dream Rayaru came and blessed me.His pic was so damn clear that I immediately got up.Then in Nov I conceived without a single medicine and got a baby girl in 2010 june.Its all his blessings.Just worship him and take watever he gives to u.No need to even ask.As a song says “nimma manadha nimma maneya vishayavella ballanu”.
    Thank you God

    • dvaitavedanta

      Very nice to hear. Jai Sri Raghavendra Prabhu!!

      • guruswamy

        Dear Devotees,
        Kindly visit if you possible Sri Raghavendra Mutt in Nanjanagudu near mysore..beacause its 2nd mantralaya..6 earleir Guru Ji ‘s Brindavana is in Nanjanagudu Mutt…. Sri were stayed here while his roaming…

  45. Nikhil

    Very nice post…..I feel our Rayaru’s works are not being reached out to the common man…lets resolve to at least go through Rayaru’s works. We must always remember what our Rayaru has said when entering the brindavan “”Right knowledge (jnana) is greater than any miracle”

  46. Rajaprabu

    I love Sri raghavendra swamigal very very very much…

  47. Anu

    I am facing lots of problems in life , it is like breath holding i am waiting for him to resolve and full fill my wishes. I am very much waiting , daily i am praying. I have done wrong thing …but still i am waiting that he will come to me to resolve my problems and full fill my wish . I am in higher depression and sad …please help me raghavendra swamy .

  48. GANI


  49. Prakash RamaRao

    “Sri Raghavendra Gurave Namo ATHYANTHA DAYALUVE”, what to say about this great devotee of Sri Hari Vayu – to protect him and to endorse his Hari Bhakthi, Sri Vishnu, took an Avathara – Lord Narasimha. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience. Always praying to Hari Vayu Gurugalu for their blessings.

  50. Pallavi

    I am overwhelmed to see all these miracles done my beloved guru deva.. really feeling blessed to have him in our lives… Thank you so much Guru Raghavendra.. Looove you so much.. I pray Gurudeva to bless everyone’s life with full of happiness… Om Shri Guru Raghavendraya Namaha :

  51. murali

    yes u r correct friend ,and u done good job by sharing swami miracle…this inspires everybody to get in a devotional way…once we enter in that way we can’t come back then automatically we become a good human..

  52. murali

    u know friend for me also had a great experience…. when i went kurnool for official purpose.. I completed my work .. the office staff ..told me to go to MANTRALAYAM .I heard about Dance master Raghava lawrence and Super star Rajni kanth had been inspired by Swamy .. My childhood onwards i want to darshan swamy… now i got the movement i thought … I went to MANTRALAYAM.I don’t know about the entrence gate way (dwaram) to go inside..there are 7 to 8 gates are there to enter i got confused. then i asked a swami pujari how to enter..he showed the way… i entered and i had great dharshan of swamy very closely…there i observed another line…that is little far from our line…i completed dharshanam day i went to kurnool office..there the staff shared my experience..they told told that im entered in special’s swami mahima .THEN I RECOGNIZED SWAMI MAHIMA…Hey Im entered in VIP ‘s queue…

  53. murali

    This is the frist pilligramme I dharshan alone..My childhood onwards i didn’t go alone to any pilligrimmage. I had completely concentrated on swami Guru Raghvendra and went to Mantralayam…there swami helped me in form of Swami Pujari.

  54. murali


  55. yoga

    blessed to read your experience and feel guru raghavendra brindavanam closing my eyes,,although sitting 3000 miles away from mantralayam i just felt the closeness of gurugalu in my mind and heart. thanks for sharing your experience.
    Om Sri Gurave Namaha.

  56. Shruthi

    Hi everyone,
    Great to read all of your miracle experiences with Sri Hari Gurugalu, even he has done wonders in my and my family’s life as well and I always feel his warmth protection, whatever problems I face gets solved as soon as I cry before him in pain.I got married within a week of time I started writing “Shree Guru Raghavendraya Namahaa” 101 times a day, 3rd day the match was fixed and the 6th day was my marriage. Even now I write his japa everyday and I am very happy. Be good at your heart and Pls believe in him and he will always protect you.I Pray swamy to protect all of us.
    Ohm shree Guru Raghavendraya Namahaa


    Namaste Venkat Ji
    I too wanted to perfoem seva but i have a health problem that requires me to drink 3-4 glasses of warm water and tea in the morning and then go to office travelling quite a long time.
    Can’t i perform seva at home in evening hours after coming from office at about 7.30 or 8 pm? can you please tell me if this is suitable?
    What should i do exactly at home seva for rayaru?
    Is it doing pradakshina around his photo and chanting his stotra and mantra? how many times? If i start at 8pm what all should i do to finish by 10 or 10.30 pm?
    Can you please suggest me some way of seva that i can do keeping my health problem and time?
    Thank you

    • guruswamy

      Madam greeting you,
      Nothing worry to make seva Sri guru will understand the devotees desire. Just chant Sri Jagadhguru Raghavendra swamy name….. Sri Guru will always blessing you.. nothing else than chant..

      • RK

        Sri Ruru Raya ,Please bless me with baby boy


    Fine the finishing time won’t be a big problem, actually i get up at early so eye redness and dizziness remains bcoz of lack of sleep but iam ready for the seva, i felt like telling you my problems and shortcomings a bit that happens day to day as i feel that it should not affect the seva and even i should remain in normal healthy condition to do it so please kindly guide me.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Yes, incase if you dont have any other alternative. Rayaru will surely bless. HIS holiness accepts whatever seva we do with Bhakthi…
      Hare Srinivasa

  59. guruswamy

    sri raghavendraya namaha.. dear devotees dont worry Sri Rayaru is one of the great Manudharma daiva guru.

  60. sairam

    can you please let me know how to do seva at Mantralayam as you got the chance? Interested to do the same. Please let me know.

  61. Lakshminarayanan R

    Dear sir,
    can you scan and post a bigger version of this picture of Sri raghavendra Swami on top of this page. It is extremely nice.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Could you please click on the picture to get the bigger picture. thanks
      Hare Srinivasa

  62. You are lucky to have the grace of guru rayaru. Mine I am still struggling to get job have been praying guru ragvendra swamy from the time of my studies.Have had many ups and downs. Don’t know whether my method of worshipping is right or wrong now.Fully feed up with this life.May be even guru rayaru has stopped helping me.May thats what he is telling this.<>

    • So nearing one year and I am still in same position. Why me Is the big question in my life. What wrong did i do?

  63. bharat bharadwaj

    my life itself is a miracle done by Raayaru. since the age of 11, i have been reciting “sripurnabodha guruthirtha payobdhi paara” sloka by appannacharyaru. i am 63, and raayaru have given me excllent health and never have i looked back intellectually. what ever i pray for my friends, with genuine problems, with 3 days of seva at home ( we have mrithika brindavana given by senior swamiji at mantralaya). irrespective of caste or religion, he has blessed those for whom we do 3 days seva sincerely and with total dedication and surrender as experience by mr. pradad. just 3 days back one of my friends mr. nafiz, came to me that he has not slept for 2 weeks and feels uncertain , we prayed for him, he is perfectly ok today. he says, what doctors could not do but give him anti-stress tabs, he says guru raayaru have done. through me. i am onlly a MODEM.
    A learning teacher of management and an honest student of life.

  64. You are lucky to have received grace of guru sarvo bhauma…
    I am still trying to get a grace from gurugallu.Hope guru rayaru will turn his grace full eyes to me.And help me to over come the hurdles which I am facing now.

  65. Reshmi

    I had many exp first time I went alone and got oppurtunity to take 2 big Malays of rayar main brimdavan and to put it to rayars statue sitting on main and my mala was taken by, put on rayars statue by priest as I can’t being in saree do that. Second day I got honey and one flower falled from main brimdavan when I asked him to bless and many.. I’m waiting for great miracle to happen into my life. If so I would stay for 48 seva with sankalpa to b blessed with good children. Pls pray for me…- Reshmi

  66. Harish Kumar

    Hello Venkateshji,
    Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha! I’m Harish.. undergoing a lot of problems right now.. My mind is in turmoil.. I have taken refuge in our Gururayaru.. and I trust that I will come out of this phase very soon.. Plz do pray for me.. Plz.
    Shri Gurubhyo Namha!

    • Poornima

      Hi Harish,
      We surely pray for you, please dont worry. Rayaru will definately solve your problems.

  67. AMIT

    I sincerely thank you in the name of all vaishnavas of the world for your painstaking attempts…

  68. AMIT

    ah! I forgot to ask…can you please suggest me a guru for receiving mantra diksha…
    Thank you!

  69. suji

    om sree ragavendraya namaha!!!! i am struggling in my life. please pray for me to resolve all the issues in my life.



  71. amit

    can you please suggest me a guru for receiving mantra diksha…
    Thank you!

    • well you pray to guru rayaru he is also known as guru of gurus.No other is needed in life.

  72. R B Asha

    Namasthe Venkaresh Sir, I am born as madhwa Brahmin i have married a men from other caste and i am believed Rayaru from my childhood,still now i am believed sri rayaru but in my personal life i have faced a lot of problem from my husband he is like sadist but everyday i do reading ashtothara and every thursday i will visit brindhavan in vidyapeeta(Bangalore) but still gurugalu not solving my problems please tell me do you have any sugeestions about my pooja system, i will be crying in front of rayaru photo which i have bought from manthralaya but i am not getting any solutions for my problem kindly guide me or help me out what i can do best.

  73. rajesh.cj.

    i am struggling to get my own house for past 1 year kindly suggest guru rayara seva

  74. asha rani

    hai,this is asha i was reading all ur words expressed about my sweet god, even i have gone through so many miracles in my life and in my home , am lucky to be born in praying guru raghavendra in my life how much people will get this chance . let rayaru bless all of them . om shree guru raghavendraya namaha;

  75. asha rani

    asha rani i want to share 1 important experience which had happened in my home my mother is very devotie of rayaru hence i have also born from rayara vara, my younger br was spoiled from 1 married women but we dint come to know last day wr he was suppose to leave everyone and go with her was planned on the same last night my mother got a dream that 1 sanyasi came and told that something very crusial will happen tommorow then my mother was stunned listening that sanyasi words then then that sanyasi kept hand on my mother head and went wen she opened her eyes no body was in front of her then next day my br and that lady had been cougtht out with every one and now she is no more in his life now is ok in gud living.if we believe in rayaru he wont leave our hand every time he will be with us.

  76. Sri Raghavendra Swamy, please save me from my the new IT project, Singtel. I dont want to go to that project, please save me from that project and help me continue with my old project, Telstra

  77. Sivakumar

    Om sri raghavendiraya nama

  78. shruthiganesh

    I wouid like share my experience my elder sister severe illness doctor told that child will not b more. At that time one lady came to hospital and told us in ur home there one rayaru’s photo without knowing us we searched full home suddenly we got one old rayas photo we were shocked and we took that to hospital and kept in childs pillow suddenly that miracle happen when doctor tested and told child is cured. From that day onwards we all took fasting on every thusday till now and for ever than raya .
    Now we r facing one bad situation tat we need a job in dubai urgently because my visa is going to expire this month. I need all ur prayers. I have faith in rayaru pls help us and save us pls.

  79. shruthiganesh

    pls giv one good job immediately pls raya

  80. asha

    Dont worry shruthi rayaru will help u he is there u will get a good job

  81. RK

    Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha,
    I am devotee of Sri Rayaru from 2008 and doing every year pooja and visited mantralayam two times, now i am waiting for his blessing to bless me with baby boy …
    Guru Raya please bless me ,
    Guru swamy please pray for me ,to bless baby boy this is my life time dream.
    Guru Raya please answer me

  82. ArchanaRM

    I’ve one question or can say doubt……. I personally not mean to offend any devotees
    I’ve read about miracles performed by Rayaru, even my mom use to do pooja of rayaru on Thursday’s but I heard about rayaru’s early life where i found his wife & son suicide due to poverty….. If Rayaru can help his devotees to overcome from obstacles, troubles, problems then why dint he solved his personal life problems.. why dint he stopped them from suicide??….

    • dvaitavedanta

      hare Srinivasa
      namaskara, Poorvashrama wife did not commit suicide because of poverty. It was Sri Hari’s eccha. Mantralaya Prabhu knows that as well. Mangala Gowri habba is celebrated even today to show the greatness of her. Btw, Poorvashrama son of Rayaru lived for a long time.

  83. sruthidharanikota

    Please help me out as iam facing a lot of family problems and financial problem. I lost new job and not able to get new job. I dont know how to pray raghavendra swamy. Can you please help by telling how to pray raghavendra swamy plz.. plz

    • dvaitavedanta

      Hare Srinivasa.
      If possible go to Mantralaya and do sincere sankalpa seva of Sri Rayaru for 3 days atleast. Rayaru knows what to be given and what not to. Let his holiness decide on that but let us sincerely pray with Bhakthi.
      If you know Rayaru stotra you can recite while doing pradakshine of brindhavana. If not, you can chant “Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha” (for ladies “Sri Raghavendra Namaha”) .
      If you are not able to go Mantralaya you can go to any of his holiness mritika brindhavana and do seva. If you still cant able to go to his holiness mrithika brindhavana you can keep photo of him and do pradakshina namaskara. (or) you can just mediate “Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha” (for ladies “Sri Raghavendra Namaha”) with drida bhakthi (sincere faith) and chant holy mantra for 108 or 1008 times.
      You should bring his holiness moola brindhavana to your mind and cry before him. His holiness knows how to wipe out your tears.
      In the mean while do yatha shakthi dhana,dharma by feeding the poors or contributing yatha shakthi to Vidyapeeta(Gurukula) and spread Dharma.
      Let Sri Mantralaya mahaprahu Sri Raghavendra Swamigalu bless…
      Hare Srinivasa

      • kani

        only a month ago,i came to know miracles performed by rayarappa in most of them life.i started to pray him.i believed in him strongly,but unfortunately i couldn’t get his blessings.may be he dont want to accept me as his child.

  84. nithya

    lovly my life also my GURU RAYARU has created wonders. i studied my plus two sub oly for three mon bfr xam..i was unable to study bfr becoz of personal issue..two days bfr xam a mami near my house became my moms frnd..and gave us intro to MY GURU FOR FIRST TYM N MY mom and i prayed him a lot..i duno any mantras at dat i jus said his name and wrote all xams..i got 1135 anD 196.25 my cut off..ds happend in 2008..i got medical seat..and also i fel in love wit a guy..i prayed dat he himself shud propose me..lyk a miracle because of seniors ragging i got his FRndship and he said his luv one ts 7 ys over and gettin married next yr..ts jus two incidents..ther are lots of miracles n my life..i lov u GURU RAGAVENDRA..

  85. shivalingaswamy

    Evet since I chanted The Msnthra ” om sri Raghandrayanamaha”44years ago so many miraculous events are still happening in my life. It is enormous and I cannot quote in limited page here. DAIVY ATHMA OF SRI Rayaru is eternal and omni potent snd omni present.

  86. shivalingaswamy

    My eyes well up with tears whilewriting this
    I was penny less in the year 1971 could not complet my degree and with out a job. My intimate friend Sri Srinivas gave m a small black and white photo of sri Rayaru and told me to chant “poojya Raghavndraya……every day which I could not reapeat . Then adviced me to chant ” om sri Raghavendraya namaha. TO my own wonder I showed interest in studies completed my DEGREES. Got an interview in Bangalore borrowed bus charge and attended with the same photo of sri Rayaru .Got the job and now after 40 years I proudly declare that by HIS blessings I own houses in Bangalore ( once pennyless) .Do you know what name I have assinged to my new house it is “SRI RAGHAVENDRA KRUPASHRAYA” every day I perform abhisheka to the small idols of sri Hari Vayu Guru galu and swallow the same visit Manthralayam every year.See the simple manthra of Rayaru chanched my life and stand living example.I always say :Nambi badukiri sri Rayara” .In kadaba gere place by name kamadhenu kshrethra started in 2011 Sri Rayaru showing his miracles every day visited by thousands and just 17 kms from Bangalore now known as 2 Manthralaya in karnataka state . OM SRI RAGHAVENDRAYANAMAHA.

    • Sharada

      Am also one of the devotee to Rayaru. I faith in Rayaru. I put hard work in my job exam and also I did Rayaru seva. But I didn’t get the job. I can’t digesting this matter. Daily I used cry.
      Y Rayaru did like this

      • dvaitavedanta

        Have divine faith on Rayaru, his holiness will bless and there is no iota of doubt. Hare Srinivasa

  87. Bhaams

    Recently only I am blessed to come a cross / interested of worshiping of Sri Ragahvendra Swamy Can you please let me know who is Shri Hari Vayu Gurugalu.
    One of my relative, he is at the age of 30’s is suffering severely from a spine disease and the doctors have told that he is one of 1000 case to suffer from a disease like this and can not do anything to cure him as he is at his later stage of the disease. he is the only son to the mother with 2 sisters, father no more, very poor family in terms of finance, his mother’s pain in unbearable, can we do anything to get him cure from the disease and have a good life. I know the God blessing will do him miracle in his life/family. Please advice how to pray.

  88. Viji

    I am praying Sri Raghavendra from the age of 8 yrs old. Now I’m 49 yrs. My father died when I was 4 yrs old. I accepted Raghavendirar as my father. He has done countless miracles in my life. Now recently I’m facing lot of problems due to karma . One time I decide to go to Christianity . Next day early morning Sri Raghavendirar appeared in the computer screen for few seconds . I was happy and changed mind. Now my one son has a major medical issue . To take care of him facing lot of other problems. When Raghavendra solves my problems, I will write all miracles he has done. I love my dear father Sri Raghavendrar! My children call him ” Grandfather( Thatha). – Viji

    • Revathi

      wow that’s wonderful to hear.let him shower his blessings always in your life…..

    • Revathi

      Wow… that’s wonderful experience.. let raghavendra swamy shower his blessings always in your life

    • Revathi

      Wow that’s a great experience… let raghavendra swamy shower his blessings always in your life

  89. Suriya Narayanan

    Excellent.really you are fortunate and blessed by Rayaru.

  90. Anant

    Firm belief is the only requisite condition for getting anugrahaofguru raghavendraswamiji

  91. BP

    I have been struggling in finances and visited mantralayam for guru rayara darshanam, I have been tested badly and I don’t know how it ends. I am in total dipression hoping guru rayaru will save me

  92. Rangaswamy

    Hope Sri Rayaru miracle happens to everyone. I also got the miracle during my​1st time visit I had requested for a baby baby​boy. 2nd time before visiting the temple I was negotiated for a site but the seller was insisting for a whopping price. But after visiting the temple when I did my pranam to his Lotus feet I got the call from the seller that he is ready to sell the property property​less than my negotiated price.

  93. Shivanagouda

    Feeling literally blessed to learn the miracle by Shri Guru Rayaru. I need his blessings to burn my sins and to lift me up from the naraka I’m undergoing. I have complete faith on Shri Rayaru. Whatever happens from now on will be his wish and grace. I am infinitely indebted for the grace he is showing and wish may this life I can be a better person.
    Om Shri Raghavendraya Namah

  94. Raghavendra

    Had tears in my eyes when I completed the reading this message today.thsee will help go close towArds shri gururayaru and I am sure he will stand for you in difficult times and protect you from odd if you surrender yourself to him. If he stands for you no one stand against you .
    Jai shree ragahvendra

  95. Venkat

    I have done a serious mistake for which i got punished by LORD RAGHVENDRA.. I know that mistake is very wrong and will not do it once again , waiting for Karuna from LORD RAGHVENDRA

  96. Rekha

    Iam suffering a lot of problems no job no life no believes.
    Am waiting for guru Raghvendra Swamy blessings in my life. Only one chance give me am to see Sri guru Raghvendra Swamy Matta in manthrala

  97. Guru Bhakth

    Dear Sir, you are really deserve to get blessings of guru raghavendra theertharu…..I feel bad to share my experience even after vritha or seva for 21 days, i could get nothing …neither his Darshan (in dream) nor his blessings. I hailed from village area and i completed my Ph. D in life sciences …soon after completion of my degree i got private job which i enjoyed for one year. Later i thought to appear for exam of Scientist post. it was competitive exam so i didnt get sufficient time to prepare for exams and i thought to quit company to devote my self to read in full pledge. Before resigning company i seek a guidance from “Sai Baba ” (in him i had tooooooo much faith and devotion). Mean while i got some positive indication from sai baba that i can quit company and read for exam as i will get through it. I dedicated full time for reading and did excellent in exam …i got selected for interview but i did not selected in final list. Soon i got results i broken down because i came all the way here by resigning handsome salary pvt job , but ended up in nothing …i was so upset on sai baba as he misguided me ….i did his “Saptaha seva” (Reading Biography of sai baba and completing it within 7 days ) for three months . Soon after his misguidance and negative results, i met astrologer and they said “You have Kaal Sarpa Dosha, in spite of your hard work you wont get what you deserve “. At this time i had only option of taking shelter under holy feet of guru rayaru. I went to Mantralayam and did one day pradakshina seva. i was not satisfied so went once again and made sankalpa seva and performed three days seva. I felt nothing improvement even after coming back from there. I decided to perform 21 days seva with one meal a day , sleeping on floor without mats and beds, chanting HARI VAYU STHUTI every morning and Appannacharya Virachita SRI GURU RAGHAVENDRA STOTRA twice (morning and evening) and Pradakshina seva at my home . At the end of the vrat i expected pro verb “HARA MUNIDARU GURU KAYVANU” (Even if Lord Shiva can leave our Hand but Guru Never).I Thought Guru will certainly show me some path or guide me in my critical condition. But i did not get any sort of guidance and blessings ….Now i am struggling lot and lot …..please tell me what way i can please the GURU RAYARU to get his blessing vision

  98. Guru Bhakth

    Pls some one can get me ideas to get blessings of Rayaru

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