Divine Saligrama with Questions & Answers

Divine Saligrama with Questions & Answers

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||

Sri Saligrama used by Sri Sri Jayatheertharu


I would like to let you all know about Saligrama stone with its history and types.
Saligrama, a sacred Gandaki river stone is a special Avatara of Maha Vishnu.It is always placed with Tulasi (signifying Lakshmi). In some parts of India,Tulasi vivaham with Saligramam is conducted- sort of Kalyanotsavam forSaligrmam and Tulasi. In a way we can compare Saligramam worship as theVaishnavites equivalent of worship of tiny Lingam by Veera Shivas.

The sacred Saligrama stones (black ammonite stone), are found only on the bed of river Gandak near Muktinath, Nepal. These naturally formed stones are used by devout Hindus to worship Lord Vishnu.

1. Is Saligrama in the form of black stone only ?
Yes. Mostly black stone only. Reddish black are also there, but they are very rare. Red Saligrama are not worshipped in houses.

2. Is it available at gandaki river in nepal only or else where also ?
In gandaki river only.

3. Does it have the symbol of sudarshana chakra or other holy weapons of lord vishnu? Chakra symbol only.
No other symbols.

4. Is it a naturall formation or impression of any river worm or insect due to passage on the black stone or it used as a shell by the insect ?
It is not a stone-formation by nature. The chakras on the stones are formed by the river worms called Vajra-keeta. Its teeth/nails are said to be harder than granite stone. The chakra formation is found not only on the outer surface of the Saligrama. There are chakras inside Saligrama also. This can be seen through the hole or holes on the Saligrama with the aid of torch light. The holes are termed as vadana (mouth). Chakras can be seen inside these holes. At the very face of this chakra one can confirm or suspect whether a particular Saligrama is original or duplicate.The Vajra keeta worms drill the stones, get inside and live there. During their stay inside the stones, they cause these chakras. Similarly outside Chakras also are caused by the worms only. Saligrama are used as living place by the worms not used as shells. The puranic declaration is that the Lord Himself causes these chakras in the guise of worms.

He reveals His presence in Saligrama through the Chakras. Because He is already present there by his own choice, We do not perform any pratishta-ritual for Saligrama just as we do for other idols.There are also some normal size, small and very small size Saligramas with no hole and ni chakra. They look like mere black stones. But if you hold it against the lamp and look through the stone, you will be surpraised to find it is transparent. That is, the reddish light will be visible insid the stone. These Saligramas are called Ratna Garbha. They are very rare.

5. Is it a fact that more number of chakras in a Saligrama represnet its significance ?
No such significance. A Saligrama with one or two chakras is as powerful as the one with a dozen chakras. A Saligrama with 7 holes and 14 chakras is known as Ananta Padmanabha Murthy. 2 holes and 4 chakras is Narayana Murthy and so on. All the Murthys are of the same power.

6. Any other mythological background to substantiate the prevalence of such stones deserve worship as the manifestation of Lord Vishnu ?
Of the 18 Puranas, a good number of them, under different contexts, proclaim the mahima of Saligrama as Vishnu pooja. They also proclaim that the White stones ashore at Dwaraka is as powerful as Saligrama. These white stones are called : “CHAKRANIKA”. This is to be kept in pooja along with Saligrama, proclaims the Purana.SALIGRAM SHILA YATRA, YATRA DHVARAVATHI SHILA UBAYO SANKHMO YATRA, YATRA MUKTHRNASAMSHAYAHA

7. Is any size prescribed for the worship in the daily puja by Madhwas?
It is learnt that abnormal sizes should be kept in the Temples/Mutts etc.Yes. The size recommended for the puja in the house is the smaller ones which can be accommodated in the closed fist. Abnormal ones are to be kept in the Temples/Mutts etc.

8. Is it true that Saligrama should not be kept in the house without daily Abisheka ?
The emphasis is only to stress the point that you should not be lazy and miss Saligrama Puja for too long a period on False excuses. It is not to ask you do away with Saligrama on grounds of imaginary problems.

9. Are Saligramas worshipped exclusively by Madhwas or by others also ?Iyengars do Saligrama Puja as also some of the Vadama Iyers who wear Gopichandana.

Types of Saligramas:

Twenty five types of Saligrama are known. These are classified based on shap, size, color, openings (Dwaras), Chakras(natural carvings), lines etc.Some of them are are as follows:

1. Lakshminarayana Saligrama: Light dark in color, one opening, four chakrasand one line.
2. Pradhyumna Saligrama: Small, one chakra on the top, and with crookedopenings.
3. Aniruddah Saligrama: Round, light yellow to yellow color, smooth glasslike appearnace. Brongs peace and happiness to the owner.
4. Vasudeva Saligrama: Equivalent to worshipping Krishna himself. Round,shiny, with one opening surrounded by two chakras. Brings to devotees theirheart’s desires.
5. Sankarshana Saligrama: Two chakras facing each other. Narrow in the frontand wider at the back. For Brahmacharis, it brings knowledge.
6. Narasimha Saligrama: Worshipped with great devotion. Contains two chakrasand shape is varied. The devotee of this Saligrama becomes a sarva sangatyagi (renunciate) and a jitendria.
7. Lakshmi Narasimha Saligrama: Not a sugra as the Narasimha Saligrama. ThisSaligrama is thus an embodiment of pleasantness.This has a wide opening, has two chakra an also has a garland type of line.This brings to the devotees peace and solace.
8. Hayagriva Saligrama: Horse faced with two chakras. Not so appealing inappearance. Specially for gnanam (education).
9. Sudarshana Saligrama: Has a ordinary form with one Chakra.
10. Gadadhara Saligrama: Very ordinary with one chakra.
11. Madhusudana Saligrama: Dark cloud color and wheel shape. Has the signsimilar to foot print of a calf. Very Holy.
12. Lakshminarayana Saligrama: One opening with a garland like line. color ofdark clouds, four chakras. Very rare and special. Fulfils all desires ofBhaktas.
13. Lakshmijanardhana Saligrama: Same as above (12) but without garland shapeline.
14. Vamana Saligrama: Small in size, lighter shade of black color, twochakras with no opening.
15. Sridhara Saligrama: Same as above(14) but with a garland like line.Brings good luck and progress to the devotees.
16. Raghunatha Saligrama: Two openings, four chakras and a sign similar tofoot print of a calf.
17. Damodara Saligrama: Huge, found commonly in temples. Has two chakras.
18. RaNa Rama Saligrama: Round, moderate size, with two chakras, baby feetsign, bow and arrow signs.
19. Rajarajeshwara Saligrama: Same shape as above (17), but with sevenchakras and the sign of an umbrella(Chatri). Brings Raja Yoga and RajaSanmanam to the devotees.
20. Anantha Saligrama: Pitch black with 14 chakras. Holiest of the Saligramas. Very rare.
~Info Courtesy from Unknown site~

In the service of Sri Harih Vayu Gurugalu,
Venkatesh Rajendra Rao
~~ Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu ~~

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  1. Ramakrishnan

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks very much for the valuable information. We are Kerala Iyers we have saligrama pooja at home which is passed on to us by my grant parents. But as you mentioned saligrama is vishu’s how Iyers who are generally Shivaits like us having the same. I have seen my grant father praying rudram while performing pooja. Do sivalinga will also have holes in it ??? Our saligrams have no chakras on it but it have 3 holes .


      Respected Sir,
      We have 59 various saligram in house and we are plannign to have 108 saligrams and my husband daily do Aradhana and also prasadam. We need salirgrams but we do not know where we get. Kindly let me know/who are interested in giving salirgrams to us.

    • Dear Ramakrishnan,
      Please note being iyer doesn’t mean you are a shaiva, as far as i know iyers are smartha’s, you have 5 dieties to choose. Saligrama are Narayana Swaroopam.
      to share on this further, Adhi shankaracharya was a vaishnava, this can be clearly proved by his works, in his commentary to Vishnu Sahasranamam: he describes Eshwara as Sriman Narayana only but none other, he can only be the absolute controller,
      there are differences in philosophy between shankara, ramanuja and madhva but the faith was one that is Sriman Narayana as the supreme personality of God
      I hope i have made some sense here
      Pardon me if i have taken you of topic

    • Nagarathna

      I am interested in giving saaligrama to you

  2. prasanna sayee

    were i get Lakshmi Narasimha Saligrama …tell me the rate ..
    thank u ….

  3. dvaitavedanta

    Generally we should not buy Saligrama rather someone should gift it for you.
    Pl tell me where do you stay? so that i can guide you accordingly.
    Jai Sri Ram

    • Ranganathan

      Namaskaram to Swamiji,
      Can we use shaligrama with 2 chakras one clockwise and other anticlockwise close to each other and surrounded by 9 chakras surrounding it, within the fist of the hand and black in colour. it has no opening and has water in it.
      My son 12 years old, has finished Upanayanam is eagerly interested to do this shalagrama pooja along with me. please guide us and enlighten us in this issue. he wants to do pooja on his leave and saturday and sunday.

    • Yogish

      I have a strong desire from long time to worship Saligrama from a very long time, and I am told that the great representation of Lord shouldn’t be bought.. can any one please help me get a Saligrama and let me know any specific mantra or sthothra for daily worship.
      I would be indebted for ever.
      I stay in Bangalore.

    • Manoj

      Dear Sir,
      How can i get Shaligram Shila, as am planning to do Tusli Vivah after Diwali. Please help me how to get Shaligram Shila

    • Rahul Jha

      Jai Srimannarayana. I am very desperately in need of Shaligram. Please let me know if anyone is donating them and I will be very obliged and pay my dandavat is anyone who can donate me one. I am a Vajasanayee Brahmin and I want to perform the daily araadhana. We only had one ancestral saligram sila which is being served by my father’s cousin’s counsin family.

    • bramanathan


      • RameshNarayan

        we are having one ancient saligram and want to sell that bcos of our need, if u interested please contact RameshNarayan at gkt1480@gmail.com

      • Arun kumar mittal

        Whether shaligram to kept only with tulsi plant

    • Srinivas Rao S

      I need 1 saligrama…..Where Can I get…Staying in Chennai

    • Rajesh

      i want to have saligramam. can anyone be kind enough to share with me one.

    • Reaspected Swamiji,
      I am from Bengaluru. I have a Saligrama (Balaji) gifted to me by a divine man 6 yeras back. Since then, I am performing Pooja for the same along with 1 Lakshmi Narayana and 1 Lakshmi Narasimha Saligramas which I brought from Muktinath 4 yerass back. Yesterday, while performing Pooja the Balaji Salagrama, after the Abhishekha was found broken and now it is in 2 pieces. It has not fallen down or got any impact or force. Should I continue performing the Pooja for these pieces or should I not. If not what is that I should do further about this. Kindly guide me.
      Respectfully yours

    • Jai srimnnarayana, i am K V R PRASAD from Hyderabad, i am an advocate practicing advocate. by the grace of Narayana performing daily thiruvaradhanm and also i am doing SUNDARAMANDA SAPTHA SARGA PARAYANAM, Sir i request u to plz give information about shatchakra sitarama saligrama and any other saligrama any one want to gift i am ready to take. and keep it in my nitya kainkarya vidhi, thank u.

  4. srinivas

    Dear Sir,
    I have a slaigram where the tips of two chakras are touching.Can I worship the same?
    Hare Sinivasa

    • sri rajalingam pillai

      swami you can worship the shaligrama shila …..there is no restriction ….I have 2 narasimha shaligrama shila with the tip touching….
      but pls be careful the opening should not be more than 3 quarter if it is pls donate to a temple or……

  5. prasanna sayee

    im in salem (tamil nadu)

  6. dvaitavedanta

    Dear Sayee,
    please enquire at your nearby Rayaru mutt. Near sharadha college there is one Rayaru mutt… you can contact them…
    or i will let you know the place where you can get it in salem..
    Or, by any chance if you come to chennai just let me know i will help you to get saligrama….
    Jai Sri Ram

    • kalpathy pathy

      i am a tamil iyer from palakkadu. i have taken up through a guru rudram and panchayudhana puja .i have a saligrmam made of 2 black stones in one of which i have sivalingam .i have yet another one whhich is oval black with 6-7 white circular rings on outside.can you let me know anyone who had been performing panchayudhana puja but not performing presently for any reasons. i can contact them and take their lingams and saligramams for my nithya puja.
      dr pathy,hyderabad

    • Bhuvaneswari.

      Namesthe. I would like to keep a Saligram at home. Please advise where i can get from Chennai. Thank you.

  7. dvaitavedanta

    Dear Srinivas,
    I will consult with seniors reg this question and i will let you know.
    Hare Srinivasa

    • Ranganathan

      I am in need of Sri Vadiraja Tirtha Swamigal picture with a plate on his hands above the head and a horse drinking/eating from it with its forelegs on the swamiji’s shoulders and besides him is Lord Hayagriva. Or let me know where i can get if from. I could not control myself after seeing it in a shop and I am so restless to have one immediately.

  8. Bhaskar

    Kindly provide Chennai address to get guinine Saligramam.

    • muthukrishnan

      were we buy saligrama at chennai

  9. dvaitavedanta

    You can get saligrama at Teekacharya Agencies,Nanganallur(Opposite to Nanganallur Hanuman devastana) 🙂
    || Harey Srinivasa ||

  10. namaskar,i am a bengali brahmin.please tell me from where i could have adamodar shaligram or asri dhara shaligrama.i am in delhi.i dont want to buy them as it is not prescribed by the sashtras….

  11. M.Ravikumar

    I am very much impressed and serious about possessing a saligrama, please let me know how can i possess one, i live in Bangalore city, i do not know much about this, please guide me.
    Warm regards

    • dvaitavedanta

      Pl contact your nearby Rayaru mutt to get the information.
      Jai Sri Ram

  12. Will

    Dear Sir,
    I live in United States and I am looking for a pair
    of Shaligram to worship to follow Madhva Deva Puja
    Paddhati. Can you please advise where I would obtain
    a shaligramam

    • dvaitavedanta

      Dear sir,
      I do not think you will get Sri Saligrama at U.S.
      || Hare Srinivasa ||

      • Harish Brundavanam

        Dear Sir, I am so happy to find lot many queries answered by you here. May i have your email Id and contact numbers. I stay in bangalore. I’m a vaikhanasa I need saligramams. Please help.

    • Venkat Gururajan

      Dear Friend,
      Normally it is said that when you cross the ocean from your home country, possessing/carrying a Saligrama is not appreciable (does not consider to be more meaningful). While you can buy almost any type of Saligrama anywhere, it is considered to be a “shreshta” when you have it within India and as perform pooja with Tualsi periodically. You may please check these facts with an “Achar”. Warm Regards, Venkat

      • dvaitavedanta

        Namasthe Sri.Venkat, you are absolutely right!
        We get punya only when Sri Saligrama pooja is done inside India. It carries no value when its done outside. hare Srinivasa

  13. Will

    Is there any possible way to send them from India?

  14. Srinivas

    I have six saligrama that I got from my forfathers. First I want to get it identified by experts. I am doing almost daily pooja for past two years with the help of book I purchased.(Madhava paddathi). I have doubts and clarification on the pooja procedures. Are there any Saligrama pooja classes conducted at Bangalore? Please let me know.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Sir, I will mail you some important contacts in Bangalore. Please check it.
      Hare Srinivasa

    • vijay teertha

      jai shree hari
      shree krishnaye namah
      plz inform me from where i can get this book madhva paadhati
      as i have shree shaligramma .
      vijay teeertha

      • dvaitavedanta

        please let me know where you are located. If you are in Chennai, contact Brindhavan stores at Triplicane. hare Srinivasa

  15. pranesh

    You can go to Uttaradi Mutt Near Basavanagudi which is a great Samsthana… It houses many acharyas. You can contact any one of them and they will be more than glad to help you out in this.

  16. Radhakrishna

    dear Sirs,
    I have a saligramam at home. how do i know what type of saligramam this is ?? what kind of pujas should be performed on this on a daily basis. are there shlokas or cassettes / cds available reciting the mantras ?? please guide me and i stay in bangalore.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Hare Srinivasa!
      Dear Shri Radhakrishna,
      I would request you to visit the nearby Rayaru mutt at your place and please get help from Achar and learn mantras from him. He will also tell you what kind Saligrama it is…
      Jai Sri Ram

  17. Guruprasad

    Can somebody help me with the link where I can get the saligrama pooja procedure online or a link where I can down load audio of the manthras


  18. basanagoud

    dear sir
    i am from bangalore in our house there is a saligrama black stone and we were not kowing that is saligrama stone we thought that is shiva lingu, we can’t do puja regularly please guide us to whom to give or where to live that stone

  19. keny

    We have our Vishu Saligram kept in a mutt because there is no one in our house who can do the puja everyday and remain vegetarian. Is it necessary that the puja has to be done everyday and no non-veg food can be prepared in the house where the saligram is kept?.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sir,
      Yes ofcourse, at any cost pooja has to be done to Sri Saligrama each and everyday without fail. If not possible to do daily, at least weekly once pooja is a must one..!! And also more importantly one should not even eat Onion/Garlic in the house where Sri Saligrama is kept. If this is the case, how can one eat Non-veg?
      For your information, this is the reason why we could not do Pooja to Saligrama these days(for above restrictions) 🙂
      Saligrama is such a pure one,where we have to give respect at any cost. There are thousands of roopas of Sri Hari inside the Saligrama. If a Saligrama pooja is done in the house, that house will get Subhiksha and particular family will live their life happily..!!
      PS: Women should not touch Sri Saligrama anytime in their life!! But they get Punya very easily than their Spouse.

      • keny

        Thank you sir. I always wanted to have our saligram at our house but as mentioned by you and also believed by my elders none of our family members today can remain totally vegetarian including me. I really appreciate my great grandfather who used to do daily puja. and my grandfather who used to bring the saligram ocassionally at home.
        Thank you for responding.

      • Narayana,
        Prabhuji you are commenting on the hari bhalt vilasa…as to my knowledge Hari bhati vilasa are accepted by the Gaudiya Math and Iskcon.My question is do the Madhva Sampradayaa followers have women worshipping a sri shaligrama murthy and also do Madhva sampradayaa acarya allow women to do sri shaligrama shila pooja?.I raise this question because this group belongs to Sri Madhva Sampradayaa!
        thank you

        • dvaitavedanta

          Hare Sri Govindhaa
          As per Sri Madhva sastra Women should NOT touch Shila at any cost!
          Easy way for Women to fetch punya:
          They can easily get punya when they wash the pooja utensils(by chanting Sri Madhvanama by Dhruva avatara Sripadaraja or Sri Lakshmi Shobane by ruju yogi Sri Vadirajaru or Harikathaamruthasara by Sri Jaganatha Dasa) and encourage their Son/Spouse to do shila pooja!!When Women have this easy way,why should we waste our time by analyzing this issue?
          Let Sri Ramachandramurthy bless all!! Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothamaa

          • Mahesh S

            Dear Devotees of Lord Krishna,
            Hare Krishna Prabhu !!!!!
            There has been many questions and issues with related to Women doing Shaligram Shila Pooja.
            Prabhu, I wanted to express and clarify on this issue. I am not against Sastra’s or other Champradaya created by the ancient Saint.
            In fact I try and follow strictly as per Sastra which can be practically applied in the current life style without deviating the ultimate purpose of each rules and regulations.
            I humbly beg to forgive me if anyone gets hurt on my commentary.
            Prabhu, First thing I would say to my knowledge and experience in the Devotional field that I accept all religion are one and equal. The almighty LORD is only one Supreme Power. We see, feel and worship this Supreme Power in various forms.
            Let me give an example the Supreme Power is like SUGAR. SUGAR is sweet which everyone likes it. With this SUGAR we make various sweets like Jankari, Badhursha, Milk Sweet etc.
            Each and every individual like different sweets to taste. Some like Jankari, other like Badhursha and some other like Milk Sweet.
            Each people taste the sweet in different form to their liking. But if we see the ultimate source of all the Sweet is SUGAR which is nothing but the almighty Supreme LORD.
            This is the reason for so many religion and GOD came into exist in this Universe. I like the Sweet in the form of SHALIGRAM SHILA Murthi.
            When I take up this Sweet it tastes very good and I feel happy and could see good things happening around me. I could feel the LORD.
            Sastras and Champradaya has been brought by ancient Saints only for the purpose to strictly follow the worship procedure in our daily life.
            Due to materialistic life and the current life style we should not deviate from certain rules like doing daily Pooja, doing abishekam to SHALIGRAM Shila and other procedures.
            With my experience I had with SHALIGRAM SHILA I could feel the vibration of the Shaligrama Narasimha Murthi which I worship. The teeth of the Murthi has physical vibration which I can feel in my palm.
            Like human beings the Shaligram Shila Murthi has SOUL. It has Jeevathma inside the Shila.
            Like we daily do routine duties of physical maintenance, eating, going to Office and other work the SHALIGRAM Shila have to been taken care very well with Devotion by every individual DEVOTEE who has Shaligram Shila in their Altar not even leaving a single day of Pooja. At least one time a day.
            All Shaligram Shila Murthi are waiting for our service. Please take care of Them very well if not donate Them to someone who can take care very well.
            Under LORD each and every one, living creatures, human being are one and the same. LORD does not see everyone separated by Caste and Creed. Only human beings thinking that I am superior and you are low caste due to Creed.
            LORD is seeing only true Bakthi from His Devotees. One who is very much deep in love with LORD if he does SHALIGRAM Shila Pooja, he attains the LORD’s grace in a short period of time. He will see good things happening around him and feel the LORD.
            This is my true experience I had since I started doing Shaligram Shila Pooja. I was brought up in a Non-Vegetarian Vaishnav Family. I changed myself to a pure Vegetarian since 20 years due to the deepest love I have on KRISHNA.
            Both Men and Women are the same and have come to this Earth by the wish of the LORD. A very good example I could say that Sri Mahalakshmi always reside in the heart of Maha Vishnu. That’s the reason that in all Shaligram Shila Lord Maha Vishnu resides with His Consort.
            Though Shaligram Shila may vary in its physical appearance all the Shila are same and equally powerful.
            Hare Krishna !!!!!
            Mahesh S

      • Namaste Sir,
        When we fail to do Pooja in the morning for some reasons, Can we do Saligrama Pooja in the evening as per Madhwa Sampradaya?

      • Satish

        Radhe Krishna. My name is Satish Vaidhyanthan hailing from chennai. Can you please guide me in getting original salagrams directly from Kandagi theertham? Would be very blessed if you can refer me anyone who visits Mukthinath regularly or so and can help me in getting salagrams Ji? Ram Ram.

  20. harish

    Namasthe Sir,
    My Uncle gave me a salagramasila for daily worshiping.I am doing that.I found the colour of saligama at the top side is light red,but the other sides are black .i heared that red saligramasila should not keep in home.plese help me on this

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe sir.
      I am not sure about this. I will enquire with an Achar and get you back.
      In the mean time, you can also contact your nearby Rayaru mutt and clarify pl

  21. Manoj

    Dear Sir,
    Please let me know where i can get original Lakshmi Narayana Saligrama in Bangalore or anywhere else ? I need to donate it to a Acharya at mantralaya who has asked me to donate it to him twice now. Hari Vayu Guru wants me to do this punya duty. Also let me know where i can get good quality devara pratimas.
    Please do help.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Dear Sri Manoj,
      I request you to please visit Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt nearby and enquire for Sri Saligrama. They will help you surely.
      FYI : There is one mutt in Jaynagar 5th block. They may help you.
      Hare Srinivasa

    • Hariprasad Alur

      Namaskara Sri Manoj
      You can try at POOJA PRAPANCHA. It is near Nette Kallappa circle.From the circle walk towards, Upahara Darshini Bus Stop and ask any body they will direct you.
      Hariprasad Alur

  22. Sanjeev V Sardesai

    I am from the State of Goa and belonging to the Suryarao sardesai family. We have a history that is glorious but sadly is on the point of vanishing into oblivion. In my ancestral house, which is like a mini fort, we have the Saligram as three round stones but have always been in a highly sanctified cloak of puja. We, the younger generation are unaware of its importance, though our elders have been feeding us with broken links. I am sincerely grateful to you and your efforts to enlighten the people through your indepth article on the “Saligrama”.
    As an effort to pass on our wonderful, yet science based culture to the younger generation, I have in all humility started a forum called as “SANSCRITIC” which is a forum raising general questions based on why we do what we do in the name of tradition, and making an effort in recording the logical understandings (explainations) of every individual wiothout critisizing it – hence SANS – without, CRITIC – criticism.
    In this my efforts, I seek your permission to carry this wonderful note and its contents above to every individual in my family and to those who seek an explaination. Credit will be given wherever necessary.
    Such information is a must read for every Indian,who must be aware of his or her rich culture. Looking forward to you positive reply.

  23. mallika

    Our atrologer in kerala has told us that there is a saligram vishnu in our house in Chennai, which is ignored by us… how do I identlify this…so that can do the needful

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe. How to identify in the sense? You mean you are not sure how saligrama looks like? Pl clarify 🙂

  24. gunasekar

    dear sir any place shaligram shila to have sell in chennai

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe,Please contact Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt which is at Triplicane.
      hare Srinivasa

  25. Shyam Prasad

    I am a madhwa brahmin,I am looking for a saligrama to do pooja. can anyone guide me where i can get guinine one.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Shri. Shyam, may i know where you are staying so that I can try to get you the Saligrama.
      hare Srinivasa

  26. sundar

    I do laghu panchadana pooja and would like to have a shaligram for that purpose. How can I get it in States (delaware).

  27. Jayateertha B

    Namasthe Sir,
    My name is Jayateertha B, Stay near BTM 4th Stage. I am a Madhwa Brahmin, I am looking for Saligramas’ to do pooja, could you please guide me where I can get original saligrama.
    Is it feasible to visit Nepal to get Saligramas’. If yes do you know any one in Nepal.
    I am searching form last 2 years.
    Please Guide Me,
    Hare Srinivasa

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe sir,
      Did you ask your nearby Sri Raghavendra Mutt? Please enquire them if not. For your next question, yes, we can visit kandhaki river to get Saligramaas. But i think we cant go during oct-march. Will let you know surely if i get more information.
      hare Srinivasa

  28. i have six shaligrama. four are common type two is having chakra look like narasimha and sudharshana. kindly guide me narasimha and sudharshan are good to keep at home. any harm ful thing will affect at home kindly guide me i am daily doing pooja muthu krishnan

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri.MuthuKrshna.
      If you are doing pooja to Saligrama daily, then there is no point to get scared 🙂 Lord will accept your pooja if you atleast pour a drop of theertha on him with divine faith and bhakthi!! All the saligramas have the equal power, its not like we need to get scared keeping Narasimha saligrama at home…!! Sri Anandatheertharu says we should not see bhedha among Sriman Narayana roopas. All are same and have the same power. 🙂 hope this clarifies!!
      I am really happy to see you are doing pooja daily. !! Let Sriman Narayana bless you and your family members!
      hare Srinivasa

  29. k r chandrasekaran

    My family is in saligram puja for crnturies. I do saligram puja daily at home also . I various types but did nao make aby attempt to identify them . I have some saligram with clear lines but they are in various shapes of broken stone. I also have one on hole which can be seen from one end to the other I got all these from Nepal. Please let me know if I can keep these saligrams with a clear hole and in broken pieces

    • dvaitavedanta

      Sir, can you explain what does broken saligrama mean? can you take a pic of it and share with me please so that I can try to help you on this?May i know where do you stay? so that I can refer someone from your area where you can clarify your doubts…
      hare Srinivasa

  30. priyaprasanna

    can females in house can do poojas for shaligramam i need a fast reply for this
    pls help us…

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe, women should not even touch Sri Saligrama at any cost. Its restricted for them to do pooja.
      hare Srinivasa

  31. vijay teertha

    shree raghvendraye namah
    i have one shila with 3 opening and 6 chakras but text says – it is taraka sita rama
    and another text says it is pradumnya shila
    plz guide which shila is this.
    vijay teertha

  32. madhava rao

    I am a madhwa bramhin and I am in deep need of a saligrama for daily pooja (other than narasimha saligrama ) can anyone help how to procure it

    • dvaitavedanta

      You can enquire the nearby Sri Raghavendra Swamy mutt located at your city. hare Srinivasa

    • madhava rao

      I enquired about this in N R coclony Rayara matt but … But I want a saligrama to performe daily pooje. I know buying saligrama is a sin hence I am asking where to get it. pls help me some how.

      • dvaitavedanta

        Sri. Madhava Rao, I am not sure where you are located still. Is NR colony in Bangalore? If yes, then another question: Is Jaynagar 5th block closer to this place?? If both are yes, please request the Rayaru mutt authorities. take their advice to procure it. hare Srinivasa

  33. abhay

    it is said buying shaligram shila is a sin
    but what if a person is living in place where he cant get the shila ?

    • dvaitavedanta

      Ofcourse, buying saliGrama is a Sin. But at the same time, if we do not get it as a gift from others, we indeed want to Buy it to do daily pooja… 🙂 hare Srinivasa

  34. abhay

    guru ji
    do u mean we can buy the shilas if we love good
    this way there is no sin?
    i stopped my wife from touching shilas after i read ur post. anything for prashchit (repentence)
    i can do?
    thank you again

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Abhay, what to do if there is no one to gift shila to us?? better buy and do pooja from today! 🙂

    • sanjeev

      buying is sin. But you can ask someone to buy & give it to you with dakshina & you can py that person as gift not for the purpose of buying saligrama.

  35. abhay

    shree hare vayu guruve namah
    what rules are there to be followed while taking lord in shaligramma form while travelling
    i cant leave him behind as i cant live without him and also there is nobody to do proper pooja.

    • dvaitavedanta

      hare Srinivasa
      Namasthe Sri.Abhay,
      You can carry Sudharsana saligrama(which has only one chakra) along with you when you travel some where, so that you can do pooja daily. hare Srinivasa

  36. Jayateertha B

    My Name is Jayateertha B
    Few days back i have seen some good and rare collections of photos in this site. But now i am not able to find them could you please help me to know the path or send me the link sir and even the photo which is in the main profile i want a copy of that could you please help me.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe, You can download pictures from here
      You can right click on that picture and save it locally. hare Srinivasa

  37. madhva dasa

    All glories to Shree Hari Vayu Guru.
    i am small devotee and my heart instructs me to do shaligramma pooja
    plz guide me where i an get lord in shila form i enquired from Shree Ragvendra mutt in new delhi but they say they donot have shilas. where should i go?
    plz guide
    madhva dasa

  38. yarun

    Prabhu ji
    can DWARKA SHILAS or GOVARDHAN shilas be worshipped?
    any separate rules?
    yarun khera

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe, If its a saligrama, you can worship, no issue where you get it.
      hare Srinivasa

  39. yarun

    prabhu ji
    can we do pooja of shaligrams little large in size like size of orange or apple ?
    or it should be kept in temple
    we have home temple room with all materials to do elooborate pooja which is done daily with HARI VAYU GRACE.
    Shree Venketesham Mansa Smarami!!!!!!!!

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri.Yarun, it would be better if we do pooja to a Saligrama which is small in size(accommodated in the closed fist). Bigger one’s can be donated to Temples/Mutts. It gives koti punya if we donate a Saligrama to some one/mutts.
      hare Srinivasa

  40. yarun

    prabhu ji
    what type of conch shell should be used to bathe shaligramman
    nowdays only american or indonesian varities are there and original indian varities are very very costly.
    shree Udupi krisna sharnam mamah!!!

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri.Yarun, Shanka(conch) with left side opening should be used for doing abisheka to Saligrama.Shanka with right side opening should be kept in the pooja room,and should not be used for doing abisheka to saligrama.
      If your conch(the one which has left side opening) has gold plated coin at the end, you can do abisheka to saligrama through that way,else you need to do it in the left side opening space.Conch’es are available for sale at the nominal price only. I dont think it will cross 1000-1500Rs max.
      hare Srinivasa

  41. prahlad

    hare srinivasa
    what is rule for jala dana of shaligrama i am residing in north india now. what should be done during summers as the shaligramma may gets very hot.
    should i kept lord under water in open mud pot ?
    plz guide

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri.Prahlad,
      Please do clean Saligrama with a cloth(specifically used for it) daily. Its more than enough. I do not think it should be kept in a mud plot. Its not at all required
      hare Srinivasa

  42. dhruv

    prabhu ji
    can narsimha shaligramma be worshipped in home by a household or is it ugra narsimha which needs restriction.
    plz guide
    dhruva dasa

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri.Druv.
      There is no restriction in worshipping Sri Narasimha salagrama at home. According to Sri Madhwacharya, all the avatars of Sri Harih carries the same power. hope this helps
      hare Srinivasa

      • sivakumar

        i have built a mahalakshmi temple in kodaikanal, u can google about it too. now we r planning to build a shrine for ananthapadmanabhan. we want do a shaligramam idol. we have been scouting for someone who could do a shaligram idol like in padmanabapuram following the same procedure with kara sakara yogam. please do let me know if u know someone who could do a shaligramam statue. it would be of great help if u could drop a hint on it. we also hear that the tirupathi idol is also a shaligram statue . please do help us.

  43. dhruv

    prabhu ji plz reply
    i am having Narsimha shaligramman at home and
    according to scriptures there are many varities of narsimha shaligrama which should not be worshipped at home but some like BAL NARSMIHA can be worshipped. so plz help me
    plz reply
    dhruv dasa

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri.Drva, I hope I have already clarified you. You can very well worship Narasimha Shalagrama at your home. Not at all a problem 🙂
      Let Lord Sri Narasimha bless all of us.
      hare Srinivasaa

  44. Venkatesh

    Very useful information. Let Lord Sri Narasimha bless all of us.

  45. Badri Narayanan

    I have 8 salagramas at my home. I wish to purchase a neelanjana box made of holy skin. I am in Chennai. Please guide me where would I get one that accomodates 8 samputas. Thanks,
    “Bramhantaath guruvath saakshaath Ishtam Deivam Shriyapathihee. Aacharya Shri Madhaacharyaa santhume Janma Janmani”.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri.Badri, Its very difficult to get Neelanjana box made up of holy skin, as its been banned by the Govt to use the same … May be you can ask book stores at Triplicane/ tnagar mutts.. Thanks
      hare Srinivasa

  46. Vasudevan

    Sir, I have 4 Saligramas at home . I want to get it recoginsed . Can anybody help me at Bangalore? I am doing pooja daily. Is it Ok if I do puja to one Saligrma or all the Saligramas should be used at the same time.?

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe.. Can you tell us how does each and every shila look in shape. I can try to help you actually. For your next query, you can do pooja to all the shilas you have. If you dont get time, do pooja to any of your shila daily.

  47. Badri Narayanan

    Namaskars Shri Venkatesh,
    “Having and worshipping the dwarka shila also known as chakraanikhey, along with the saligramams in our pooja”: Wish to know any mandate reason for this (if defined in our Sampradhaya).
    ‘Shriman Madhwa mathe Harippara thara: sathyam jagat thatvathoe’

    • Sathyavijayan

      Jai dwarakadish
      yes, you can worship Chakranike alongwith Saligrama in your pooja room. Sri Sri vadiraja Theertharu in his Theertha Prabhnada has given detailed explanation about Chakranike which is available in Dwaraka where Gomti river merges with sea. I can offer dhan to you and also to Venky. Pl give your contact details

  48. Sudhindra B Savanur

    Sir Dvaitavedanta,
    I stay in Dombivli (Mumbai) , Kindly guide me how to get Shaligrama for daily pooja…? I’ll be deeply obliged if your good self can help me.
    Sudhindra B Savanur


    every presons daily do the neivadhiyam for lakshmi narayana and done the vaisvadeva with kumuti.
    he is get moksham defenitely.please think om namo sri lakshmi narayananya namaha any time . arutomatically ur mind will be changed to that set. after ur daily pooja will get power . if u think any mindset at the time of pooja that pooja will not forfeited and u will get more pappa. so think lakshminarayana and get high levele energy thinking.


    all devotees first u think narasimha is the avatar of narayana. narasimha avatar is importaancy of rescue the prahladha from hiranyakashipu. so narasimha avatara is only for rescue purpose. so don fear about any narasimha avatar.think narasimha with lakshmi at every time. in all vedhas if vishnu is there lakshmi is combined with vishnu at any time. so lakshmi is the interior of vishnu. one said if u fear with snake snake alsofear with u. because u take some action on the fear time that snake also feared with ur action and he also take some action to safe the life. so dont fear with narsaimha swami do the narsimha with prosperous and godd thinking narsimha will give the good values in ur life.

  51. Sir recently i got a saligrama from a relative. It appears to be like Sri narasimha saligrama. sir some one told me that this particular saligrama has to be worshiped daily with lot of Madi(Devotion), other wise it results in lot of problems. sir i am not aware of this, please advise me , can i proced or return to the donar.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Not only Sri.Narasimha but all Shilas need Madi(at least to some extent). you can very well proceed and do pooja with sincere bhakthi + Madi

  52. sir,\
    iam residing at srirangam/trichy
    1.i need lakshmi narayana saligram,
    pl suggest me where to get this geniun one
    2. apart from that i need other saligram also
    pl inform me where to get this

  53. karthik

    respected sir,
    i would like to ask you a question about saligramas. can we wear saligramas as pendents or in form of lucky charms around neck etc..

    • dvaitavedanta

      namasthe sir, we should not wear saligrama shila around neck. Better keep shilas in a wooden box and do pooja daily.But pls wear Tulsi mala around the neck while doing shila pooja.. Thanks. Hare Srinivasa

  54. sreraam

    Respected Swamin,
    I need to know where / how to get genuine Saligramas – i am residing in chennai.
    I heard some elders saying that having 9 saligrams in home is equivalent to a Shektram and other saying it as 11. Kindly clarify.
    I’ll be deeply obliged if your good self can help me.
    With pranams..sreraam.

  55. Badri Narayanan

    Namasthe Shri. Sreraam,
    A genuine saligram is little tricky to check, although this should not be the word to be uttered! If you wear a gold ring, try scratching it gently on the shaligrama shila and the genuine one will get the gold impression even on this slight and gentle swipe. (This is just a test and cannot be the final test to prove the validity). These are available in Triplicane book stores and Giri trading agency, ganapathy book store – nanganallur and jaya maruthi book stores, nanganallur. Having 11 shaligramas and worshipping daily is heard to be a shektram per my gurus advise. (Again Sudarshana shaligrams does not come into a single count as its a part of the shaligram – FYI)

    • dvaitavedanta

      Please dont scratch Sri Saligrama at any cost. Get in touch with learned one’s or please visit nearby Sri Raghavendra Swamy mutt in your area and clarify. Thanks.. hare Srinivasa

  56. Jayasimha

    Dear Sir,
    One of my friend donated me 1 chankrankita (Dwaraka shila). But when i checked after reaching home, I came to know that there were 2 chakrankitas (he should have put 2 chakrankitas in the packet by mistake).
    I have heard some say that 2 chankrankitas or 2 saligramas are not to be worshipped at home.
    Is it true? Can someone please advice.. (request your earliest response)
    Thank you very much..
    Hare krishna..
    Best regards,

    • sanjeev

      If you have to worhip saligramas, One number is best or else it should be in even numbers. But also one should not worship two numbers. So it should be 1, 4, 6, 8, & so on even numbers.

      • dvaitavedanta

        Namasthe Sanjeev,can you please enlighten me where it is written that shilas should be in even numbers? As per my knowledge, there is no dosha in worshiping any no of shilas. It matters whether we pray the shilas with sincere bhakthi/faith,rather than the nos we have in our daily pooja. hare Srinivasaa

  57. nagaraj.rg

    Can any one explain me how to do a simple salagrama pooja in home

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe sir, request you to please buy the book “Saligrama pooja padathi”by Kumbakonam Sri Rama rao from nearby book stores. hare Srinivasa

  58. Ashvin

    Dear Sir,
    We have 18 (eighteen) Saligrama Shilas in our house. These have been acquired progressively by my father over a
    period of time during his extensive pilgrimages.
    Previously, these Saligramas were kept in boxes in the puja
    room and no special daily pooja/abhishekam was being
    done to them apart from the normal pooja offered to the rest
    of the deities.
    After getting some spiritual advice, from the last 2.5 years,
    these Saligramas get a *once*, daily simple Abhishekam
    with water followed by application of ‘Chandan’ and offering
    of ‘Tulsi’ with the chanting of ‘Om Namo Narayana’. No
    other sholka or suktas are chanted. When on travel (15-20
    days at a time), the saligramas are left largely unattended.
    Most of the Saligramas are larger than fist size and quite a few have ‘Chakras’ on them. This is the background.
    Our family has been going through some very difficult times
    for the past ten years. We have tried all spiritual and other
    remedies to overcome our problems. There is negligible or
    partial success. A typical symptom is: any new effort in the
    direction of progress gets deadlocked very soon.
    1. Is there any link between our current state of affairs and
    the way Saligrams are and were being worshipped at home?
    2. Is there any ‘prayaschita’ (atonement) to be done?
    3. We heard that improper pooja to Saligramas can invite a curse. Is this true?
    4. Do you have any other advice for us?
    Many grateful thanks for your response and advice.
    With Pranaams,
    Hare Srinivasa

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe sir,
      I really dont know whether I will clarify all your queries, but anyways I will try to answer you up to my knowledge,
      1) Is there any link between our current state of affairs and the way Saligrams are and were being worshipped at home?
      Though you have many shilas at your home, try to do nirmalya to all the shilas together by chanting sooktas or atleast “Om Sri Narayanaya namaha” or “Sri Rama mantra”. If you travel some where, please take Sudhersana+Chakraneeka with you and do a simple pooja wherever you go.. but please dont stop doing shila pooja everyday at any cause.
      2. Is there any ‘prayaschita’ (atonement) to be done?
      Keep shilas up to your limit,where you can do daily pooja to ALL OF them. If you cant do pooja to all of them, please donate the same to deserving devotees or even to any temple(where it is properly taken care).
      3. We heard that improper pooja to Saligramas can invite a curse. Is this true?
      Nothing will happen if you do atleast nirmalaya. Though if you dont know any mantras, but know only “Sri Narayanaya namaha” and do shila pooja without fail is MORE THAN ENOUGH.
      4. Do you have any other advice for us?
      My sincere advice, if you cant do shila pooja, please dontate it to others.. this is most important.. dont keep it unattended.. because, Sri Narayana is waiting for you to do simple pooja atleast.. thanks
      Please go to nearby Sri Raghavendra Swamy mutt and clarify any further queries.
      hare Srinivasaa

    • Venkat Gururajan

      Dear Ashvin, Please do check if you have Narasimha Moorthy or Kurma or Varaha or Matsya type Saligramas out of 18 Saligramas your father has collected. You can take these salagrams to the nearest Rayar mutt and have a priest verified of the types.
      I have heard from elderly people that some of the above saligramas need higher level of “Madi” or “Achara” for pooja. Sudarshana or Chakrankitha shilas need a normal nirmalya pooja, as Sri Venkatesh answered your queries. You can have them at home and do Nirmalya.
      If you think you can go great lengths performing pooja of Shree Saligramas (Dasa avathara salagramas), please donate them to a Rayara Mutt..
      God bless, Venkat

    • padmavathi

      Namaskar. Dear sir I am seeking saligramam to worship. If u wish pls donate one to me

  59. Sreekesh

    Dear Sir
    My friend is planning to donate me a saligram on which i would like to perform pooja everyday. But I have a habit of consuming alcohol. how do i go ahead.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe sir,
      My sincere advice, First of all please leave the habit of consuming alcohol. Please pray Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu to bless. Once you leave the habit of consuming alcohol and once you become SATVIK, please start doing saligrama pooja.
      Please take this in the right spirit.. Thanks
      May Sri Raghavendra Swamy bless you always.. hare Srinivasaa

      • Sreekesh

        Dear Sir
        Thanks you for your response. I will will surely try to follow as you said.

  60. Sreekesh

    Dear Sir
    When we worship saligram how can we be sure that the god is satisfied or not by our way of worship. Kindly let me know.

    • Dear Sreekesh, I am not sure what you are trying to get answered. Lets say in first place, Having a Saligrama Shila at home is a Holy thing. Second doing abhishekam with pure well water or purified water to the Shila/Stone is our duty. Let us see it this way, If you cant do it daily, Do it atleast 2~3 times a week and make sure Tulasi leaf is placed on the Salagram on a daily basis.
      Going back to the question, “Making sure the lord is satisfied”.. Thats tough to answer..:-) As per Vaishnava rituals/customs – Perform the pooja with proper procedure..And as per Bhagavad Geetha “Leave it to the lord”. He certainly blesses and takes care of his devotees..!!
      God Bless, Venkat

      • Sreekesh

        Dear Venkat
        Thanks for your mail. Every day after my sandya vandanam in the morning I do pure water abhishekam to the saligrama, wipe and place tulasi leaf chanting om namo narayanaya and om namo vasudevaya. Offer kalkand as prasad and show agarbathi arathi every day. My intention was to how to make sure that god is satisfied with my offerings. As you rightly said leave it to lord. he will certainly bless and take care.
        Thanks and regards

      • Venkat Gururajan

        Dear Sreekesh, Glad to know what you are doing everyday. Well, I just would like to add a comment/question. Are you doing the Abhishekam twice? First Abhisheka is Visargana (I mean the water used is for cleaning/bathing the saligramas). After you do that, Do the abhishekam second time – This is called Nirmalya Thirtha..Very very holy. Please collect this water in a Panchapatra and take it 3 times and provide it to your family members as well. When you do second time Abhisheka (for Nirmalya Thirtha), chant Narayana Gayathri and do the Abhisheka using Shanka (Divine Conch/Shell).
        I am just saying what you are doing – With little bit of moderation in the process. I am sure the almighty is satisfied and very happy with what you are doing. When you do this everyday – without expecting any outcome :-)..Just as your duty..See the changes – Starting with your own mental peace and joy.. It is boundless and something beyond. You would see it for yourself.
        God bless, Venkat Guruajan

  61. VENKAT


    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri Venkat,
      Please continue doing pooja to Shila. Lord needs just a nirmalya abhisheka. If you cant able to do, please donate it to Mutt/or any deserving person.
      hare Srinivasa

    • Dear Venkat, As per Sri Venkatesh, please make it a practice to perform daily pooja, it does not take long..! Having a Saligrama at home is very holy, Sudharshana saligram are great for any household to perform pooja/Nirmalya abhisheka.
      Emphasis is to perform pooja/abhisheka, Not to be lazy reasoning our day to day schedules for not performing the pooja. Lord never curses you.
      God Bless, Venkat Gururajan

  62. N.Prakash

    || Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||
    Can anyone donate me a Shaligram !please
    I stay in Bangalore and i have gone to the nearby Sri Raghavendra Swamy matt in j.p.nagar and searched few other places and they don’t sell or donate shaligram anymore
    So requesting to provide me a geninue place where i can get shaligram in bangalore since i am searching for a long time
    email : nprakash@live.in

  63. Prakat shrestha

    I’m from nepal 2week before i went on a trek and near gandaki river i found 2 shaligram!
    1 is broken on a side and another is good!
    I searched those shaligram for my friend who is a girl.
    I have a question that shaligram that i found for her should i gift it to her because it is belived girls shouldn’t touch the shaligram??
    And next question is i have a shaligram ring, which is right finger in which can i wear my ring in??

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri Prakat,
      Generally Women should NOT touch Saligrama, so please avoid gifting the same.Its my humble suggestion.
      Secondly, you can wear the saligrama ring,but you need to follow high madi(neatness).You should not take that inside Restrooms/Bathroom/Bedroom. Its always advisable to touch Saligrama,only during the morning pooja khala. Even when you are out of station, please take Sudhersana/Chakranika shilas and do pooja wherever you go. Its always advisable to keep Silas in a empty wooden box(please tare the cloth inside the wooden box,if present).
      hare Srinivasaa

  64. N.Prakash

    Namasthe Sri Prakat,
    Prakat is it possible to donate a shaligram for me since i am finding it very difficult finding shaligram in bangalore.
    || Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||

    • dvaitavedanta

      namasthe Prakash, did you made a visit of the shop outside Jaynagar 5th block Rayara mutt? or any shops nearby mutts? hare Srinivasaa

  65. hareshkashyap

    i am in erode. i have to give a sri saligrama (for daily pooja in home) to my sister during her marriage. can u guide me where i can get this?

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe, you can contact Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt(Sripadaraja Mutt),Agraharam street.They may help you in this. hare Srinivasaa

  66. guruteja

    Hi achare,
    Recently i purchased a saligrama, thought it is a VAsudeva saligrama, but one of my uncle said that it is a narsimha saligrama, can you please leave me your e-mail id, so that i can send you the picture of the saligrama and let me knoww what saligrama it is.
    A few questions regarding lakshmi-narsimha saligrama, it is said that we should perform naivedya daily for lakshmi narsimha saligrama is this true?

    • dvaitavedanta

      namasthe Sri Guru,
      You can send the pic of shila to my email ID: mailmevenky@gmail.com. I will try to rectify your doubt.
      Secondly, there is no doubt that we must do naivedya to all the shilas, irrespective of its type. People say Lord Sri Narasimha is ugra and may punish if naivedhya is not given,at the same time they give less care to other shilas,but according to Sri Madhwa sastra, all the avatars of Sriman Narayana is treated to have equal powers. Its a big sin if we categorize. by the way, i hope your doubt is now clarified 🙂

      • guruteja

        Thanks for the response, that was quick enough.
        I’ve sent the mail to your id.
        can you please suggest on this.

  67. RDorepally

    Dear Sir,
    I am a madhwa brahmin. Recently i bought a saligrama from a brahmana.It is ratnagarbha saligrama. Thts what he mentioned. But some are of the opinion that we should not buy. I didn’t find anybody who was willing to donate. I am also planning to go for Sudarshana Saligrama. I am interested in following these rich traditions. We invite a brahamana every month to preform saligrama puja.
    Please suggest.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe, yes, buying Shila is a Sin, but sastras say we should never miss even a single day without doing pooja. In this case, there is no other way than Buying a shila and worshipping Lord. 🙂 If theres no one to donate, better buy and pray Lord. Disclaimer: The statement is purely given based on my little spiritual knowledge, request you to consult your Guru/Achar and seek his advice, please. Hare Srinivasaa

  68. pranitsonthalia

    namaste…i m a resident of kolkata… i recenty brought a saligram shila from rishikesh but i dont know is a real one or not.it does not have any chakras on it please tell my how to know that it is a real saligram.in case it is a fake one can you just tell me whrer i would get a real saligram.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe, Pl see the related websites to get to know about real shilas. But one thing, please dont think if a shila without chakra is fake. We have shilas like Ratnagarbha,Govindha etc without chakras. hare Srinivasaa

  69. mukunda

    Dear Dwaitavedanta
    i live abroad .can i worship saligram.what r the specific rules for me. eagerly awaiting ur answer.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe,for this question: request you to please get answer from your spiritual Guru. hare Srinivasaa

  70. varun

    Im in bangalore and i’ve been adviced to worship shaligrama. Its not available in rayar mutt. Can I know where to get a GENUINE saligrama

  71. soma shekar

    Hare Srinivasa,
    Guruji, I am very much interested in this dwaitha philosophy, I want to know where will I get the books of Sarvamoola grantha, Brahma sootra bashya. I stay in Bangalore. Kindly reply

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe Sri Shekar,
      It would be great if you first search a suitable Guru, who can teach this Tatva.Its not advisable to learn by ourself. And also, Samskrit knowledge is essential.
      hare sreenivasa

  72. i.have got only one saligrama some.body says we should keep minimum two IS IT TRUE

    • dvaitavedanta

      As per my knowledge, you can very well do pooja to a single shila. No issue at all. hare Sreenivasaa

  73. gurutejayt

    in one of the books (sankhiptha pooja padathi by B.E Nagendrachar) it is mentioned about “MukhyaPrana teertha” but how ever no details of how it prepared etc are not mentioned.. can you please let me know how this is done and what is the process.. ?
    thanks in advance
    Hare srinivasa

  74. Pavan Kumar

    Hi All,
    As i observed in bangalore, one person is there by name DHIRENDRA ACHAR who sells a pure shaligramas.If any wants i will arrange with him to get shaligramas.I took nearly 10 shaligramas from him.
    [MODERATORS NOTE: Dvaita-the ultimate truth blog is not related in any way.You can contact the person directly.Its buyer’s responsibility to check the source of the information] hare Sreenivasaa… Venkatesh Rajendra Rao|webmaster

    • varun

      can u tel me details of wer he stays and sells shilas, their rate, phone number etc?

    • Mrs. Usha Nair

      I am interested to procure vishnu shaligram, let me know the contact details of Mr. Dhirendra Achar with price etc.
      Rgds/usha n

  75. R S Nambi

    What are the contact coordinates of Mr DHIRENDRA ACHAR?
    R S Nambi

  76. Sivakami D

    Kindly guide me how to identify shaligrama.I have a saligrama which is black in colour & has no chakras or openings or any other symbols.I got it from a tribal person at Kutralam who sold it to us as Saligrama who said he got it from deep river. He sold it to us performing several tests with fire etc. He said the milk will turn blue if the salaigrama stone put in to milk on Prathosam day.Kindly reply me.

    • dvaitavedanta

      [i] He said the milk will turn blue if the salaigrama stone put in to milk on Prathosam day.[i/] Namaskara, I do not think you have the right Shila. Any Lord Visnu’s shila will not turn to blue color that too in Rudra deva’s pradosham day. Hare Sreenivasaa

      • Venkatesh

        All praise to Sri Hari and his great devotees!
        Oh devotees!
        Can any one please tell me how to worship the saligram murthy according to the Puranas?
        How can I serve him? Is worship to the saligrama murthy the best form of worship?
        Sri Hari, in the form of saligrama stone resides at home! Please tell me about his daya,karuna. Please tell me.

  77. Shyam Prasad

    I am staying in Vijayanagar,Bangalore.
    I am a madhwa brahmin,I am looking for a saligrama to do pooja. can anyone guide me where i can get guinine one.

  78. Sam

    Is it true that shaligram should not be brought.

    • dvaitavedanta

      can you please clarify your question.. hare Sreenivasa

  79. natarajan

    Dear Sri dvaitavedanta,
    while surfing the google, about Saligram I chanced upon this very useful website, and noted your inputs, about many of the queries put by others. Contrary, I too have a saligram which was gifted to us, at the time of my marriage some 34 yrs, ago. during that tenure I went out of the country for about 15 yrs, and have returned, back many years ago. I do not know its classification, except it is jet black in colour, with one opening on its side..I perform abhishekam daily, with water, and offer milk or cooked rice as naivedia.and put tulasi, and flowers each day.
    I am a iyer, living in Bangalore, and really would like to know if this simple procedure is sufficient and sacred.
    your valuable input will give me great relief.
    thanks and regards

    • dvaitavedanta

      Lord accepts whatever done with sincere bhakthi/simple madi achara.. Please do sri tulsi arachane to Lord, he will be most happy! :)harey Namaha

  80. rajesh sawant

    where will i get a shaligram to worship at home. what is the cost of it

    • dvaitavedanta

      Please do google for your query, you will get the answer. This blog cant help in this matter. hope you will understand. Thanks. hare sreenivasa

      • Prabhanjan Bharadwaj

        Hi Venky,
        I have learnt a lot from this blog…in fact we have a lot of Saligrama shilas in our home temple yet didn’t knew how to recognise… now it would be great to identify and perform pooja…
        Thanks for the information… hope we will get some more info on madhwa tradition in your forthcoming blogs… looking forward for the same 🙂
        Hare Srinivasa,
        Prabhanjan Bharadwaj

        • dvaitavedanta

          Dhanyavadha. Hare Sreenivasa

  81. PRANAV

    can we do pooja for filed and cut sudershan shila

  82. sreenivasa Sreekanth R

    Dear sir,
    I am madhwa brahimn and i perform puja for saligramas with dwaraka silas.
    Doing Puja for GOVARDHAN SILAS (small stones from Govardhan mountian) is pescribed in any madhwa cult ? Can we do puja for it ?
    Please clarrify
    Hare Krishna

  83. Yamini Giri

    We have sudharsana Saligrama at our home. Recently, We realized it is broken into two pieces. Is it a sign of bad omen? What to do now? what to do with the broken pieces.? Kindly advise.

  84. Mahesh S

    Dear Mr. Sreenivasa Sreekanth,
    You can do pooja for GOVARDHAN SILAS along with Shaligram. As the Shaligram shila should be in even numbers expect 2 is not allowed. You can have 1,4,6,8… in even numbers. If you worship 12 numbers of any Shaligram shila regularly with true bakthi by daily doing minimum of abishekam with pure water alone that place becomes Kstchetra (Divine place).
    Dont do it as for sake but do it with bakthi. Along with it you can have one Dwaraka Shila and one Giri Govardhan Sila. As per purana they describe to have only one Dwaraka Shila. You can have one Giri Govardhan shila. If you have multiple numbers please donate it to someone who can do daily worship.
    Never donate Shila to people who dont worship it regularly. Give it to only a true devotee. If not donate them to Mutt or Temple.
    Hare Krishna !!!!!
    Mahesh S

  85. Ramesh

    Hare Srinivasa.
    I have been doing daily Puja to (what I think is) a Shat Chakra Sita Rama Salagrama. It has 3 holes, joining into a central cavity, and 6 chakras just inside each of the cavities (one on the roof of the cave and one at the bottom, for a total of 2 per hole). I was also told that in one hole, since the roof and floor chakras touch, there is presence of Vasudeva also.
    Could the fact that this saligrama is shat chakra sita rama be confirmed with your elders who seem rather knowledgeable about this?
    Is there any special puja that needs to be done for this saligrama? I have heard that Narasimha saligramas are given daily honey abhishekha, so I was curious.

  86. Mahesh S

    Dear Yamini Giri,
    Please donate the broken Sudarshana shila into ocean. As per puranas a broken shila should not be worshipped particularly if the chakra is broken it should not kept in regular pooja.
    As per puranas they say that even broken shila taken from Shaligrama Kshetram if it has a regularly shape instead of uneven shapes can be worshipped for regular pooja. Even if it is broken if it has chakra it is still suitable for worship. But incase of Sudarshana shila it has only one chaka formed in it. If it is broken it is better to donate it to ocean.
    Please contact Mr.Rajeev Krishna Das of <. He will get to you a beautiful Sudarshana Chakra shaligram shila. They are donating genuine shaligram shila from their grandfather generations.
    Please note that you need to handle the shaligram shila very carefully. The stones are of million of years old. They will wear out easy if you dont care them very carefully.
    Never use hard water for abishekam. You can use purified drinking water for abishekam. Also avoid using milk, honey and other liquidities since they come chemically prepared now days which will affect the shila.
    The best method to maintain the shila is to use “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” which is an imported olive oil with comes certified as pure extract of olive oil from olive trees. They have less than 1% of acidity in its composition. Please if possible use this oil and apply it regularly on the Shila either daily or weekly once. Then do abishekam with pure drinking water. This will make the shila to be in very good for many generations. God will see your true bakthi in maintaining the shila very well.
    If you are doing pooja for Dwara shila please dont use any oil. It will make the shila black. If you use Giri Govardhana shila you can oil them and worship.
    Hare Krishna !!!!!
    Mahesh S

  87. Mahesh S

    Hare Krishna Prabhu,
    Please accept my best wishes, all glories to Sri Kamala Chaturbhuja Chakradhari Maha Vishnu Vaikundhan, all glories to all the devotees of the Lord.
    Prabhu, I have recently joined this group.
    I have come across many devotees need genuine shaligram shila for worship. I would like to share my comments with them.
    I am a true lover of Lord Vishnu from my childhood. I love Him very much and wanted to devotee and worship Him. As I grow up with the knowledge from various Vaishnavas I came to know about Shaligram Shila and its benefits from various puranas.
    I then went in search of shaligram shila from various devotional place expect Mukthinath and tried to get Shaligram shila. What I fould is people make duplicate shila made of clay or fibre and plastic material. They sell them for cheap rate and fool us.
    I was searching for the shila for several years as I could not go to Mukthinath to get the shila. But one thing I realized is the Lord should wish us that He wanted us to do Shaligram shila worship. The almight His grace should fall on us and He is the only one who decides whether we should do Shaligram shila worship or not.
    Devotee if we get a chance to do Shaligram shila worship please do it regularly with true bakthi and maintain the shila very well and beautiful. Lord will see our true bakthi. It is understood that in the current mechanical life style it would be difficult to do it regularly but please do spend some time for the Lord if you have true bakthi.
    Finally in my several years of searching for shaligram shila last year Lord has decided to show His almight grace on me. I came I request all the devotees to please go through this website.
    Mr.Rajeev Krisha Das is taking care<> They are donating shaligram shila from their grandfather generation. The shaligram shila from Him is genuine shila. It would be difficult for us to get genuine shila free from anyone or we can go and get them from Shaligram Kshetram. We need to donate possible amount suitable for us according to our finance for the shila. The donation amount for the shila is being donated to various charity and temples worldwide. He will be giving us few extra gift shilas also.
    The first shila which He donated me is “Sri Kamala Chaturbhuja Chakradhari Maha Vishnu Vaikundhan” shila. It is a very beautiful shila which is very very rare nowdays to get them. The Lord is so beautiful for which I added Thilak and eyes to the shila. The shila has naturally got its face appearing to be smiling beautiful. IT’S THE LORDS GRACE ON ME. I THANK Mr.Rajeev Krishna Das FOR GETTING ME SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SHILA AFTER MY LONG LONG DAYS OF SEARCHING FOR SHALIGRAM SHILA.
    As per puranas Lord Vishnu appears in the form of lingam in the Shaligram shila. Its a very rare and difficult to get these shila now days. The second donation is “Shalagrama Hare Hiranya Vishveshwara Shiva Keshava Moorthy” shila in the form of Shiva lingam. This shaligram shila is a natural formed lingam in shaligram stone. The upper part of the lingam has golden shining embedded in it. As per purana they call it as gold (hiranya) in the shila. It is a very beautiful shiva lingam shaligram stone. I am sure it will be very difficult to get such a shila now even if we go to Shaligram Kshetram. It shows clearly to me the shila is a true natural stone not like fake fibre, clay or plastic as I have experience fake shila.
    I totally have 16 shila in my daily worship including Narasimha Shila and a very beautiful golden Sudarshan Chakra shila. Though I am finding it difficult to spend time in this mechanical life style I and trying and spending early morning hours to take care of these Shilas. I also have one Dwaraka and Giri Govardhan shila which is donated by Mr.Rajeev Krishna Das.
    My humble request to all the devotees of the almight Lord Vishnu is please try to get genuine shila from Mutt. Dont relay on small shops who will be selling only fake shila made of plastic, clay or fibre. It will be very difficult to identify fake shila since they use advance technology to make fake shila. Only experienced people who has seen various genuine shila can identify the fake shila. Also the chakra formation can be easily identified on fake shila. I have that experience. If not go through the website <> and choose a shila for which you can donate for a considerable amount according to your finance. Mr.Rajeev Krishna das will also gift you some shila.
    For those who worship Shaligram shila please do it regularly. Lord is seeing your true bakthi and how well we take care of Him. As as human being we take bath, eate, sleep and do many things like that we need to take care of the Shaligram shila. It is very simple that we dip the shila in pure water and do abishekam. After that apply pure chandan paste. Dont use powder chandan which is chemically prepared which has chalk power mixed in it. Please offer fresh fruits or anything else according to your financial which you can buy. Very simple offer kalkandu (sweet) to Him. Lord will accept our true bakthi. If possible daily or weekly once please apply “Extra virgin Olive oil” to the shila which will make the shila to look beautiful and long lasting for many generation.
    Hare Krishna !!!!!
    I beg to remain yours in the humble service of the Lord and His devotees.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Mahesh S

    • Vijay

      Do all chandan powder chemical preapred? how about preapred sandalwood paste ? after apply chandan to my saligram there is a white mark left…. what type of chandan do you suggest ?
      Jai shree rama

  88. Mahesh S

    About Shalagrama Shila and its benefits from Worship
    Shalagrama Shila stones are scientifically Ammonite Fossil stone. Ammonite Fossil stones are available worldwide. The Shalagrama Shila stones are different and unique in its appearance when compared to other Ammonite Fossil stone. They are only available in Kali-Gandaki River near Muktinath in Nepal. Scientifically as per the Archaeological research the Shalagrama Shila has formed several million years before in Himalaya region.
    As per Gautamiya Tantra, near the Kali-Gandaki river in Nepal, there is a big place called Shalagram. The stones which appear in that place are called Shalagrama Shila. According to the Hindu tradition this stone is the shelter for a small insect known as “Vajra-Keeta” that has a diamond tooth which cuts through the Shalagrama stones and stays inside. These insect creates Chakras inside and outside the stone. The marks on the Shalagrama Shila give it a special significance, with the pattern often representing various forms of Vishnu. According to the Vaishnavas the Shalagrama Shila is the “dwelling place of Lord Vishnu with His consort Maha Lakshmi”. Maha Vishnu is worshipped in the abstract form as Shalagrama Shila.
    Please find few quotes from various Puranas about the benefits acquired from Shalagrama Shila worship:-
    It is written in the Gautamiya Tantra that merely by touching a Shalagrama Shila one becomes freed from the sins of millions of births, so what to speak of worshiping Him! By Shalagrama Shila pooja one gains the association of Lord Hari in Kali-yuga.
    The Yajnadhvaja chapter of the Brihan-Naradiya Purana states that wherever Lord Keshava in the form of Shalagrama Shila remains, demons, evil spirit, black magic, tantric and other such beings will be unable to cause any disturbance. The area within a radius of twenty-four miles from where a Shalagrama Shila is worshiped is counted as a holy place.
    The Magha Mahatmya chapter of the Padma Purana describes the results of worshiping more than one Shalagrama Shila. “O Vaishya, the piety accrued by one who worships twelve Shalagrama Shila according to the proper rules and regulations for one day is the same as worshiping twelve crore of Shiva Lingam with golden lotuses.”
    The Kartika Mahatmya of Skanda Purana describes the piety of a Vaishnava who worships twelve Shalagrama Shilas for only one day is the same as worshiping a thousand crore of Shiva Lingam on the bank of the Ganga and living in Kashi (Varanasi) for eight yugas. And if a Vaishnava worship more than twelve Shalagrama Shilas, then even Lord Brahma and other gods are unable to describe the fruit he will receive.
    Conversation between Lord Siva and Lord Kartikeya regarding Shalagrama Shila:-
    In the Kartika Mahatmya of the Skanda Purana Lord Shiva tells his son Kartikeya the following:-
    “One who sees, bathes, worships, or offers obeisance’s to the Shalagrama Shila will receive the same piety as doing millions of sacrifices and giving millions of cows in charity.”
    “O my son, I always reside in the Shalagrama Shila. Being pleased with my devotion the Lord has given me a residence in His personal abode. The fruit of worshiping me with hundreds of millions of lotus flowers will be multiplied millions of times if one offers the same worship to Shalagrama Shila.”
    “I do not accept the worship or prayers of one who neglects Shalagrama Shila pooja. The result of one who adores me in front of a Shalagrama Shila will last for seventy-one yugas.”
    “O son, one who never worships a Shalagrama Shila is not considered a devotee of Vishnu. Even if someone worships hundreds of Shiva-Lingam, he will still not receive any benefit from it.”
    “The darshan and worship of millions of Shiva-Lingas will give the same benefit as the worship of one Shalagrama Shila.”
    “By collecting the entire gold in this Universe will not be equivalent to one Shalagrama Shila.”
    “O son, those who desire my affection should regularly worship the Shalagrama Shila with devotion.”
    “If someone dies within the radius of two miles where Shalagrama Shila is worshipped, though a low caste born man from a sinful place, he will go straight to Vaikuntham.”
    My humble request to all Devotees !!!!!
    There is endless information quoted in various Puranas about Shalagrama Shila worship which cannot be explained in few writings. Sage Vyasar has confirmed in his book that in Kali-yuga the Adarma will try to overtake Dharma. Due to that people will lose trust on God and His worship. Various evil forces, tantric activities and natural calamities will occur, which we can realize now in our life. There can be two solutions to this problem.
    They are:-
    1. Mantra and Trantric methods described in Atharvana Veda.
    2. Show true Bakthi and worship the Abstract form of the Lord as Shalagrama Shila.
    The ancient Sages leaving the materialistic life dedicating their life to God gifted Vedas to us. The Atharvana Veda has described few texts by which evil forces and negative forces can be eradicated. But it is very difficult to find Scholars who have studies those Vedas, practiced and applied them in their life. Very few may exist in Kerala and North India. It will be difficult to find genuine Scholars in the current living.
    The only solution is to choose Shalagrama Shila worship as its benefits have been quoted in various Puranas.
    The Moolasthana Vigraha (stone Idol) which we worship at temples is initially a plain stone. An idol form of Lord is carved in that stone. The super natural power of the Lord is inhibited into the stone using Mantra, Tantra and Yagna as per Vedic texts where as the Shalagrama Shila is natural (syambu) form of Lord Vishnu which does not require specific Mantra, Tantra and Yagna for initialization. Lord Vishnu is already residing with His consort Maha Lakshmi in every Shalagrama Shila. This is the only reason why the Non-Vegetarians devotees are prohibited for Shalagrama Shila worship. Anyone who can become Vegetarian now in spite of their fore-father generations being Non-Vegetarian is still eligible for Shalagram Shila worship. Lord is seeking our true bakthi and worship. He will accept it.
    I humbly request the Devotees who are suffering from various problems such as recursive death in the family, undiagnosed diseases, and various other problems in their family to start with at least one Shalagrama Shila Pooja immediately. Please don’t go behind fake people spending money for Tantric activities. The good results of Shalagrama Shila worship can be seen within few months of worship. Only thing is faith and true bakthi which is very important.
    Hare Krishna !!!

  89. Mahesh S

    Lord Vishnu in the form of Shalagrama Shilas – The divine gift for Worship
    Appearance of Shalagrama Shila and Tulasi Devi
    The appearance of Shalagrama Shila and Tulasi from Brahma-Vaivarta Purana. There was once a king named Vrsadhvaja who, despite arriving in a dynasty of pious Vaishnava kings, was strictly devoted to Lord Shiva. He had no faith in Lord Vishnu or any of the demigods, and even began to criticize the worship of Lord Vishnu. Seeing the offensive behavior of Vrishadhvaja, Sun god cursed him to lose all his wealth and power. He and two generations of his descendants thus became destitute until the appearance of Dharmadhvaja.
    Dharmadhvaja and his wife very devotedly worshiped Lakshmi Devi to gain Her favor. On Kaartikai Pournami at auspicious time, the wife of Dharmadhvaja, Madhavi, gave birth to a very beautiful daughter. Her beauty stole the mind and heart of everyone. She became known as Tulasi. Leaving home, Tulasi went to Badri-van where she performed severe penances with a desire in her mind that Lord Narayana Himself become her husband.
    Pleased with her austerities, Brahma appeared before her and asked what boon she desired. Tulasi explained to him, “In my pervious birth, I was a gopi named Tulasi. By my wonderful good fortune, I was able to become the very dearly beloved maid servant of Lord Krishna. One day in the Rasa-Mandala, Radharani angrily cursed me to be born on the earth in human society. Thus leaving my divine body, I have taken my birth on the earth in this present form. Now I desire the boon of attaining Lord Narayana as my husband.”
    Lord Brahma replied, “There was one cowherd boy named Sudama who also received Radharani’s curse to be born on the earth. By that curse he has been born in the family of demons and is now famous on the earth as Sankhacuda. He has done extreme penances to attain certain boons and to get you as his wife. Thus in this life he will become your husband for some time. Later by the influence of lila you will curse Lord Narayana, but accepting your curse, Lord Narayana will then become your husband. Lord Vishnu will love you more dearly than His own wife, and without your presence all pooja will be fruitless. By my boon, becoming the presiding deity of all the trees, you will freely enjoy unlimited happiness in the constant association of Lord Vishnu.”
    Sankhacuda, received a protective shield (Kavasam) from Lord Brahma and a boon that as long as the chastity of his wife was not violated, no one would be able to kill him. He came to Badri-van where he met Tulasi. As they were conversing with each other, Lord Brahma appeared on the spot and said, “Sankhacuda, please accept this young maiden as your wife.” Sankhacuda married Tulasi.
    Sankhacuda became very arrogant; he began to terrorize all the demigods and human beings. Severely afflicted by his attacks, the demigods approached Lord Shiva and begged Him to protect them. Then Lord Siva went there and personally began to fight with Sankhacuda. Meanwhile, Lord Vishnu made a plan to destroy the chastity of Tulasi. While Lord Shiva and Sankhacuda were ferociously fighting, Lord Vishnu in the form of a brahmana arrived on the battlefield.
    He said to Sankhacuda, ”Please give your kavasam in charity to me, a brahmana.” Sankhacuda immediately gave Him the Kavasam in charity. Then Lord Hari, disguising Himself as Sankhacuda and went to see Tulasi. Deceiving her in this way, He began to enjoy with her as if He were her husband and thus broke her chastity.
    The Bhavisya Purana goes on for great length to point out that there was certainly no fault on Lord Vishnu’s part. He wanted to maintain the benediction given by His devotee, Lord Braham to Sankhacuda and at the same time He wanted to protect the demigods and Devotees.
    For this purpose He created this particular pastime with the appearance of improper behavior. But since Tulasi is the plenary part of Lakshmi Devi, she is actually the wife of Lord Vishnu. Once the charity of Tulasi was broke, Lord Siva killed Sankhacuda on the battlefield. When Tulasi understood all that had happened, she said, “By deceiving me, you have broken my chastity, and killed my husband. You’re absolutely stonehearted! Thus I curse you to remain on earth as a stone!”
    Lord Hari said, “For many years you underwent very difficult penances to achieve Me. At the same time, Sankhcuda has also done severe penances to get you. By the result of his austerity, he enjoyed you as his wife. Now you will get the fruit of your penances. Leaving this mortal body and taking a divine form, you will always remain with Me. Your present body shall turn into the river Gandaki, and from your hair will grow many trees famous as Tulasi. To fulfill your curse, I will become a stone (Shalagrama Shila) and will always live on the bank of the Gandaki river. The millions of worms who live in that place will adorn those stones with the sign of My Cakra by carving them with their sharp teeth.” After this Lord Vishnu began do dwell perpetually in the waters of the Gandaki River in the form of stones.
    About Shalagrama Shila and its benefits from Worship
    Shalagrama Shila stones are scientifically Ammonite Fossil stone. Ammonite Fossil stones are available worldwide. The Shalagrama Shila stones are different and unique in its appearance when compared to other Ammonite Fossil stone available in other parts of the world. They are only available in Kali-Gandaki River near Muktinath in Nepal. Scientifically as per Archaeological Department Research the Shalagrama Shila has formed several million years before in Himalaya region.
    As per Gautamiya Tantra, near the Kali-Gandaki river in Nepal, there is a big place called Shalagram. The stones which appear in that place are called Shalagrama Shila. According to the Hindu tradition this stone is the shelter for a small insect known as “Vajra-Keeta” that has a diamond tooth which cuts through the Shalagrama stones and stays inside. These insect creates Chakras inside and outside the stone. The marks on the Shalagrama Shila give it a special significance, with the pattern often representing various forms of Vishnu. According to the Vaishnavas the Shalagrama Shila is the “dwelling place of Lord Vishnu with His consort Maha Lakshmi”. Maha Vishnu is worshipped in the abstract form as Shalagrama Shila.
    Please find few quotes from various Puranas about the benefits acquired from Shalagrama Shila worship:-
    It is written in the Gautamiya Tantra that merely by touching a Shalagrama Shila one becomes freed from the sins of millions of births, so what to speak of worshiping Him! By Shalagrama Shila pooja one gains the association of Lord Hari in Kali-yuga.
    The Yajnadhvaja chapter of the Brihan-Naradiya Purana states that wherever Lord Keshava in the form of Shalagrama Shila remains, demons, evil spirit, black magic, tantric and other such beings will be unable to cause any disturbance. The area within a radius of twenty-four miles from where a Shalagrama Shila is worshiped is counted as a holy place.
    The Magha Mahatmya chapter of the Padma Purana describes the results of worshiping more than one Shalagrama Shila. “O Vaishya, the piety accrued by one who worships twelve Shalagrama Shila according to the proper rules and regulations for one day is the same as worshiping twelve crore of Shiva Lingam with golden lotuses.”
    The Kartika Mahatmya of Skanda Purana describes the piety of a Vaishnava who worships twelve Shalagrama Shilas for only one day is the same as worshiping a thousand crore of Shiva Lingam on the bank of the Ganga and living in Kashi (Varanasi) for eight yugas. And if a Vaishnava worship more than twelve Shalagrama Shilas, then even Lord Brahma and other gods are unable to describe the fruit he will receive.
    Conversation between Lord Siva and Lord Kartikeya regarding Shalagrama Shila:-
    In the Kartika Mahatmya of the Skanda Purana Lord Shiva tells his son Kartikeya the following:-
    “One who sees, bathes, worships, or offers obeisance’s to the Shalagrama Shila will receive the same piety as doing millions of sacrifices and giving millions of cows in charity.”
    “O my son, I always reside in the Shalagrama Shila. Being pleased with my devotion the Lord has given me a residence in His personal abode. The fruit of worshiping me with hundreds of millions of lotus flowers will be multiplied millions of times if one offers the same worship to Shalagrama Shila.”
    “I do not accept the worship or prayers of one who neglects Shalagrama Shila pooja. The result of one who adores me in front of a Shalagrama Shila will last for seventy-one yugas.”
    “O son, one who never worships a Shalagrama Shila is not considered a devotee of Vishnu. Even if someone worships hundreds of Shiva-Lingam, he will still not receive any benefit from it.”
    “The darshan and worship of millions of Shiva-Lingas will give the same benefit as the worship of one Shalagrama Shila.”
    “By collecting the entire gold in this Universe will not be equivalent to one Shalagrama Shila.”
    “O son, those who desire my affection should regularly worship the Shalagrama Shila with devotion.”
    “If someone dies within the radius of two miles where Shalagrama Shila is worshipped, though a low caste born man from a sinful place, he will go straight to Vaikuntham.”
    My humble request to all Devotees !!!!!
    There is endless information quoted in various Puranas about Shalagrama Shila worship which cannot be explained in few writings. Sage Vyasar has confirmed in his book that in Kali-yuga the Adarmam will try to overtake Dharmam. Due to that people will lose trust on God and His worship. Various evil forces, tantric activities and natural calamities will occur, which we can realize now in our life.
    There can be two solutions to this problem. They are:-
    1. Mantra and Trantric methods described in Atharvana Veda.
    2. Show true bakthi and worship the abstract form of the Lord Vishnu as Shalagrama Shila.
    The ancient Sages leaving the materialistic life dedicating their life to God gifted Vedas to us. The Atharvana Veda has described few texts by which evil forces and negative forces can be eradicated. But it is very difficult to find Scholars who have studies those Vedas, practiced and applied them in their life. Very few may exist in Kerala and North India. It will be very difficult to identify genuine and experienced Scholars now days.
    The only solution is to choose Shalagrama Shila worship as its benefits are endless and have been quoted in various Puranas.
    The Moolasthana Vigraham (stone Idol) which we worship at temples is initially a plain stone. An idol form of Lord is carved in the stone. The super natural power of the Lord is inhibited into the stone using Mantra, Tantra, Agama Sasthra and Yagna as per Vedic texts; whereas the Shalagrama Shila is a natural (Syambu) form of Lord Vishnu which does not require specific Mantra, Tantra and Yagna for initialization. Lord Vishnu is already residing with His consort Maha Lakshmi in every Shalagrama Shila. All Shalagrama Shila are equal regardless of their various forms of Vishnu. Shalagrama Shila is equally powerful as Moolasthana Vigraham. This is the only reason for Non-Vegetarians Devotees prohibited for Shalagrama Shila worship. We need to be clean and hygienic both physically and mentally. Anyone who can become Vegetarian now in spite of their fore-father generations’ being Non-Vegetarian is still eligible for Shalagram Shila worship. Lord is seeing our true bakthi and worship. He will accept it.
    I humbly request the Devotees who are suffering from problems such as recursive death in the family, undiagnosed diseases, and various other problems in their family which does not have a solution, to start with at least one Shalagrama Shila Pooja immediately.
    Please don’t go behind fake people spending money for Tantric activities for any solution. The good results of Shalagrama Shila worship can be seen within few months of worship. Only thing is faith and true bakthi which is very important.
    Puranas has confirmed the holy water that has bathed the Shalagrama Shila is superior and equivalent to all the holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Cauvery and others. It is not required for a Devotee to pilgrim to various sacred Holy places if one regularly does Shalagrama Shila worship and sip the superior holy water. It has been confirmed that anyone at the end stage of death should sip this holy water which will remove all the sin committed by the Soul and takes it to the Lotus feet of Maha Vishnu. The Soul will not have rebirth again in this World.
    Hare Krishna !!!!!
    Mahesh S

    • aaaa

      Dear sir
      my husband will drink very occasionally in few parties he attend for office. some times at home also we brink in drinks to serve friends. can he still do saligramam pooja. pls confirm

      • dvaitavedanta

        Doing salagrama pooja brings in bhakthi and such an auspicious activity must be done by following dharma. Having drinks and doing pooja only earn sins.

  90. Ananth

    Hare Srinivasa,
    Where can I get a SriKara saligrama?

    • dvaitavedanta

      Hare Govindha,
      Namaskara, Type text ”On Dvaita-UltimateTruth” from your mobile and send it to 9870807070
      For Panchanga: Login srsmutt.org and look for panchanga section.

  91. Mahesh S

    Hare Krishna !!!!!
    I would like to share my experience of Shaligram Shila worship.
    Experience-1 (True experience which happened in my life during October 2011. Its not a story.)
    Last month I was trying to buy the book “Salagrama Kosha volume-1,2 by Dr. S K Ramachandra Rao”. Since the publication “Kalpatharu Research Academy” has been closed long back the book is not available in the market.
    I started searching for the book for a week and finally came to know from one book store that the same book is re-published by Satguru Publications. It was also out of stock.
    As I requested the book store to take a couple of days and find out from other stores if available. He found that only one copy of the book was available. In that one copy of the book, Volume-I outer cover is slightly damaged. He finally arrange the book and I received it one day before Saraswathi Pooja.
    I was very happy as I was able to keep the book on the auspecious day of Saraswathi Pooja. Since the book contains the information of Shaligram I consider that as a Holy book and keep it regularly in my daily Pooja.
    Last month I come across a beautiful pearl mala in a function, on seeing that beautiful mala my mind and feelings said why cant I decorate my Lord with such a beautiful original Pearl mala. I was in lack of finance to buy a costly Pearl mala. I satisfied myself its Lord wish, He will arrange a way if he wants it.
    But my mind didn’t leave me alone. I went to a jewel shop who was dealing with only Pearl and Navaratha stones. There was different varities of mala of different qualities available. As I wanted an exotic big pearl mala they said will customized the no. of beads as per my requirement. The minimum number of beads suitable for the Shaligram shila with an exotic big pearl mala was weighed and priced for around 15,000/-. I was thinking “Oh Lord I always wish to spend finance beyond my limits and try to avoid spending money for my materialistic life and spend only for necessary things for me to lead my life to service You and care You”. I informed the shop that I will get back to him later.
    Meanwhile I was going through the Shalagram Kosha book and came to know that the Shank used for bathing should be only from Indian Ocean. Not all the Shank are suitable for Lord worship. I was using South Africa Shank which I bought it last years when I started with my first Shaligram Shila “Chaturbhuja Chakradhari” Shila. During that time I didn’t know that it does not belong to India Shank. It is commonly used as “Valampuri” Shank which is not the original “Valampuri” Indian Shank. It is the Shank imported from South Africa. Many people are not aware of it and using the South Africa Shank for Shaligram Abishekam. To my knowledge if we do something which is not suppose without knowing it then the Lord will excuse us. But if we come to know that something which we are doing is wrong its the Lord grace on us that He informed our mistake. Since I am in need of a genuine Indian Shank of a good variety I was searching on the shops in the sea shore for many months. I was not satisfied with none of the Shank I saw in sea shore. I left it to the Lords wish if He wish let him show a way to arrange for it.
    Within a couple of days I got a chance to visit Maha-bali Puram golden beach sea shore. There too I started searching for Shank. Since most of the Shank are used for blowing the tip of the Shank has been cut. There was three shops in which one of the shop owner showed me a glazing white Shank and said that its genuine Indian Shank. It was good in its appearance. He said that its very rare to get these Shank and charged Rs.3000/-. I told him that I am buying it for Shaligram Shila Pooja and asked him to reduce the price with his minimum profit. He is totally money minded and didn’t even consider that he is donating it for Lord. He told me “Instead of spending money for god think him as god and give the money and buy the Shank if I really wanted the Shank”. I was very upset on that day.
    The Lord showed His grace on me immediately. Before leaving that place I went to one of the shop in the entrance to buy a white mala shaped round with broken Shank. The mala is bright white and looks beautiful. It cost Rs.80/-. I once again enquire the shop boy who sold me the mala that I am searching of genuine Indian Shank but only I could get Shank with tip cut.
    The boy asked me for what purpose I am going to use the Shank. I told him about the Shaligram Pooja and I need a genuine Indian Shank only. The boy said that many variety of Shank are available. All the Shank comes from Indian Ocean in Rameshwaram (Holy place of Ramayan). They also have South African Shank. Knowing the purpose of my requirement the boy said that he will arrange me for a genuine piece of Shank as original taken from the Sea and get within two days. He said that the owner is dealing with various Shank and Pearl as business. The Owner is a Muslim.
    The boy informed the Owner about my requirement. Though being a Muslim the Owner has informed the boy that particular variety of Shank is only suitable for Lord worship in Hindus and informed the boy to arrange for a good piece in that variety of Shank. Owner told him and arranged me to show a good variety of genuine Indian Shank suitable for worship. The boy brought 4 Shank as exactly taken from the Sea with the Shank covered with greenish layer. He said that usually no one would bring and show original Shank as such taken from Sea. He asked me to select one of the best Shank which I would prefer. I selected one Shank. The boy said that the Shank which we see WHITE COLOR in shops is not the original color. The Shank are shaped and polished in the machine to bringing the glazing color. During that time they become white. The original color of the Shank is creamy white. Though I selected one Shank once after removing the greenish material only we could see if the Shank is damaged during its growth or not well grown.
    Since I am going to use it for Lord worship the boy said that he will get me the Shank without polishing with its original creamy appearance. He said it will take 2 to 3 days to make it ready.
    Yesterday night the boy came to my house with all the 4 Shank and the one which I selected was beautiful without damage not even a single hole mark in it. The other two Shank has been eaten by insect and naturally formed holes during its growth. He also arrange me a very beautiful exotic Pearl mala which cost only Rs.350/-. But the same mala would be priced above 10,000/- in jewellery shop.
    Really I could feel all the happenings in my life after I started the Shaligram Shila worship. Last but not least I would like to tell You. I usually get headache due to stress as I think a lot in my job as a software developer. It happened a death in one of the Tenant house on 12th October, so I was not able to do the morning Pooja. After returning from the funeral ground I was about to do Shaligram Pooja in the evening. I had a very severe headache due to stress from the morning in which I could not do anything expect to sleep in lights off and sound off for a minimum of 5 hours to re-leave from Headache.
    But my mind didn’t accept though my health was not well. I could not ignore the Shaligram worship. I prayed in my mind “Oh Lord I am not well, please give me the power to do the Pooja and re-leave me from headache”. What a surprise the spot I went to take bath I didn’t find the symptom of Headache. Till I finish bathing all the Deitry and Shaligram Shilas which took me around 4 hours to complete.
    I then went to sleep. No symptom of HEADACHE.
    Mahesh S

    • Lakshmi Narayanan

      Dear Sir,
      Last week we went to Kanyakumari and bought 2 “valampuri” shank which costed me only Rs.400.00. Since kanyakumari is a seashore place shank is available in plenty. As told by you, the shank is not polished and original one and cleaned thoroughly inside.
      Lakshmi Narayanan

      • Mahesh S

        Dear Devotees of Lord Krishna,
        Balamuri Shank otherwise called as Valampuri Shank or Dakshinavarti Shank is one of the rarest of rarest Shank which we can get now days.
        It is very difficult to get these Shank now days even we can get original Shaligram Shila.
        As per the appearance of Balamuri Shank it will have right-ward convolution with a Shank belong to a category of Turbinella pyrum Sinistral.
        If a Shank has left-ward convolution belonging to a Turbinella pyrum dextral it is called Vamavarti. Vamavarti Shank are very easily available in Kanyakumari, Rameshwaram or Sea Shores in south India.
        If anyone sell a Shank as Valampuri Shank please don’t believe and buy the Shank. It does not belong to Turbinella pyrum Sinistral category.
        Now days the shops which sell Valampuri Shank are not original Turbinella pyrum Sinistral. They are right-ward convolution Shank from South African.
        Not all right-ward convolution Shank as considered as Valampuri Shank. Only Turbinella pyrum Sinistral category Shank of INDIAN OCEAN variety are considered as Valampuri Shank.
        Devotees particularly new Devotees please make sure not to use these South African Valampuri Shank for Shaligram Shila abishekam and worship. It is not suitable.
        Other than INDIAN OCEAN Shank all the other Shank are considered as NON-VEGETARIAN variety. Proof for this as per Shalagram Kosha Volume-II.
        Instead of using Shank other than INDIAN OCEAN variety we can use a Conch shaped vessel made of brass to bath the LORD.
        Please buy original Turbinella pyrum dextral Shank which is Vamavarti or Edampuri Shank without polishing from a genuine Shank dealer.
        I have recently bought an original Edampuri Shank in Triplicane, Chennai from a genuine dealer who bought me and showed the original Shank as taken from the Sea at my home.
        Since I wanted to use it for bathing Shaligram Shila the dealer didn’t not polish the Shank. Instead he removed the greenish material of the Shank alone and gave me. The Shank was charged Rs.1800/- It is really a very good Shank as natural and very good for worship the LORD.
        Also Devotees please don’t buy polished Shank and Shank that has been cut on its tip for bathing Shaligram Shila or any other LORD Shila.
        An original Valampuri Shank as original taken from the sea would cost several dollar which is impossible for an ordinary Devotee to purchase.
        He said that his father has given one original Valampuri to a temple in Tanjore. He is doing the business of Shank and Pearl for past 2 decades. He is a Muslim.
        Hare Krishna !!!!!
        Mahesh S

  92. dvaitavedanta

    For Buying Saligramas please contact nearby Temples or Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha or visit websites who are dealing with it. Please DONT comment here for asking Saligramas.This topic is to let you all know about the types of it. Thanks very much for your understanding. Hare Govindhaa

  93. Vamdeva

    Respected acharya
    I read in varha purana that Only indian variety of BALAMURI SHANKa is suitable for pooja others have alaxmi sannadhi in them .
    sir then how to detect it is indian one?

  94. PRANAV

    the sudarshan shaligram i posses do not have complete chakra imprint. it is broken by nature itself. is it good doing pooja for such a shila ……… pl help me regardin dis. . . ..

  95. keshavacharya

    Madhwa Shastra Prachara by Sri Padmanabhatirtharu–
    He was giving the example of Madhwa Shastra with Balamuri shankha. Acharya Padmanabha Tirtha was referring Balamuri Shankha with Acharya Madhwa’s Shastra. If Balamuri ShanKha is found by a Churnaka, who deals in making of chunam (suNNa), as he does not know the value of Balamuri ShanKha, he tries to cut the ShanKha to get pieces, and failing to get cut into pieces, he will throw the same. Here Balamuri Shankha (Madhwa Shastra) seen by the Churnaka first and he thought it is not of any use for him, as he does not know the importance of it. It means that Madhwa Shastra must not be studied with the intention of our jeevana nirvahaNe i.e., for our life maintenance. In EDamuri shanka there is saannidhya of Lakshmi, Balamuri ShanKha is the prateeka of Srihari and we must do the pooja of Balamuri Shankha like Saligrama/Sudarshana.
    The same Balamuri ShanKha is got by a another person, who knows the value of this ShanKha, he sells it to get huge value. Here the person who got theShankha, could not get the full advantage of Balamuri Shankha (Madhwa Shastra), as he tried to get maximum property and was chasing only the loukika dhana.
    Acharya’s shastra must be studied and studied further to get more jnaana.The said Balamuri ShanKha was purchased by a king, who kept the same in the pooja room,did the pooja daily of the ShankHa, with true devotion and he got huge aishwarya, and was getting daily. Acharya Madhwa’s Shastra is likekalpavruksha, which with the shravaNa – manana gets more value, and the value keeps on coming.
    This was the style of pravachana by Sri Padmanabha Tirtharu

  96. Subramanian Sampangi

    Hare Krishna,
    Salagrama Kosha (2 Vols.) by Prof. S. K. Ramachandra Rao is available @ “http://www.flipkart.com”
    Just go to the books section and type “Salagrama kosha” in the search tab.The first link that appears is “Salagrama Kosha (2 Vols.) by Prof. S. K. Ramachandra Rao”.
    Just copy and paste the link below in your browser for the same.
    Enjoy reading and Haribol.
    Subramanian Sampangi

  97. jaya

    When do we give salagrama dhanam

    • Mahesh S

      Dear Devotees of Lord Krishna,
      Today is an auspicious day of SHALAGRAMA Vivagha with THULASI DEVI. It comes ones in a year.
      Devotees please try to visit Lord Krishna or try to attend the Vivagha function in the Temple today.
      Hare Krishna !!!!!

  98. radharamesh

    We went to Mukthinath recently and I didnot find ghantaki river near Mukthinath temple. We could get salagramams from the small shops which are selling them. We bought one for Indian rupees 500. That salagramam had 3 parts. Between the first and second part, and between the second and third part there is chakra patern. When you keep all the three parts one above the other you will get a full speroidal Salagramam. Can this be used for doing pooja? Can we keep this at home? Please clarify.

    • Narayana,
      SrI Rakesh,
      Let me tell few things here I deal with nepali personnel for the pass 10 years they come to malaysia and work as a security guard.So basically I have contacts in Pokara where by even there you can get salagrama shila.Ok let me come to your case…I belief that the salagrama shila you got has been split open by the trackers this is because there are gold in salagrama shila so that is why your has been split open to find out if there is gold insede..I have few swarna salagrama myself here in my house whereby the gold is still there..Answering to your question if the spiral or the chakra is still ok then you can worship .I have read some where…. but currently due to to many western devotees are buying salagrama sila in bulk and they are paying in dollars and the nepali are selling it everywhere.Even now you could not get big salagrama shila it is getting very rare now days.No worries narayana will bless you.

  99. Mahesh S

    Dear radharamesh,
    Since you have visited Mukthinath and got a Shaligram Shila from there it should be a genuine stone. As per Puranas Shaligram stone can be worshiped even in broken condition as they are very auspicious.
    You can worship the stone which you have brought from Mukthinath. Please don’t see it as merely stone instead see Krishna in it.
    It is surprising that you could not find Ganthaki River near Mukthinath Temple.
    I have 18 Shaligram Shila in my Althar and worshiping it daily. I take care of the Shila merely like a child everyday and see Krishna in it. To the truth I see many good suspicious things happening around me daily with related to Shaligram Shila worship. I am very happy and get peace of mind doing Shaligram Shila Pooja daily.
    Hare Krishna !!!!!
    Mahesh S

  100. Will Taylor

    Please tell me how to determine if the shaligram i have acquired are real or fake…

    • himanshu singhal

      hello sir ,
      there are various methods to check shaligrama is real or not .
      1) weight of real shaligrama is heavy in comparision to fake one .
      2) shaligrama is a hard stone which can’t dissolve in boiled water , fake shaligram is made up of chemical max. times which got a bad effect in boiling water .
      3) by seeing the chakra’s one can easily judge as , real shaligrama have a natural chakra .
      Admin:[ external links will not be entertained ]

    • Narayanan
      Dear Will Taylor,
      Previously there were no such thing such genuine or fake but a few years back there are alot of fake salagrama shila in the market…..when I say market because previously it was given or collected or donated to devotees but now a days they put a price and ask for donation.So it became selling and bargaining …..
      Back to your question…the fake are from the river triveni and I personnely have few to do my research on shaligrama …so if it is possible can you pls post me the picture of your salagrama shila.I may be able to assist you.

  101. gururaj

    I am from Bangalore, I want to know saligram related ancient books.

    • Mahesh S

      Dear Gururaj,
      You can buy the book Salagrama Kosha volume-1,2 by Dr. S K Ramachandra Rao. This book has many information about Shaligram Shila. This book is currently available through SatGuru Publication only. Both the volume will cost Rs1200/-. I have these books with me. I keep this book on worship on every Saturday.
      Hare Krishna !!!!!
      Mahesh S

  102. Krishnakumar Varaahamurthi Rao

    I have been doing Saligrama pooja daily at home : First abisheka with ganges water(packet bought at ISKON) and then with Milk ( only holy water on Ekadasi day)
    I have been using a small balamuri shanka which was given by my father.
    But somebody commented recently I should use the balamuri shanka in pooja and use White shanka preferably with little silver reinforcement.
    Can anyone help me where I can buy a sacred shanka small one not too costly, in bangalore. Is it necessary to keep it in pooja in Raghavendra swami or in Harekrishna temple before using it.?
    Or is such shanka already kept in pooja avaialble in bangalore?

    • Mahesh S

      Dear Mr. Krishnakumar Varaahamurthi Rao,
      Prabhu, I am worshiping 20 genuine Shaligram Shila in my Althar. I got These genuine Shila after searching and waiting for 20 years. I did research about Shaligram Shila for past one year.
      I have Shaligram Research Book “Salagrama Kosha volume-1,2 by Dr. S K Ramachandra Rao with me. As per volume-2 a separate chapter describes about Conch used for Pooja. It clearly describes that only INDIAN OCEAN VALAMPURI CONCH (BALA-MURI CONCH) or EDAMPURI CONCH are suitable for worshiping Deity either for Abishem or offering water to the Diety.
      Genuine INDIAN OCEAN CONCH either VALAMPURI or EDAMPURI will have 3 to 5 circular rings (called sutures) on the head portion and 3 to 4 horizontal ridges (called pilae) on the opening cavity.
      Please check the small balamuri shanka which was given by your father has 3 to 4 horizontal ridges called pilae. If it has then it’s a genuine Bala-muri Shank and very very rare and costly to get it now days.
      Prabhu, If it does not has the pilae in it then it is a Shank that belong to South African variety of Shank. None of the Indian Conch without the ridges with right side opening Shank is available in Indian Ocean variety.
      The Conch dealers bring these fake Valampuri or Bala-muri Conch from South African or other oceans in the World and sell them as Valampuri in India.
      It has been clearly described that other than INDIAN OCEAN CONCH either VALAMPURI or EDAMPURI Conch all the other variety of Conch belongs to Non-Vegeterian variety of species WHICH SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR ABISHEKAM OF SHALIGRAM.
      Since the INDIAN OCEAN VALAMPURI CONCH is rare to get now days the cheap genuine INDIAN EDAMPURI CONCH can be used for Abishem or offering water to the Diety.
      I have one genuine natural INDIAN OCEAN EDAMPURI Conch big size which I bought 3 months before from a good Conch Dealer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It cost me Rs.1800/-.
      Hare Krishna !!!!! Mahesh S
      [Moderator note: Thanks for the post Sri Mahesh, but please dont give any email ID or contact number.Just to avoid strangers to misuse the same]

  103. dr.ramprasath

    sir, i need saligrama stone for my home . wer will i get sir ? pls guide me sir…….

  104. vadirajaru

    Dear Mr mahesh
    Thank u are putting light on the fact of balamuri .i was also praying african variety and only brought miseries in my life (i brought it in rs10,000 from shop in tiruchi and later on found that its real cost is only rs 500 max).
    But one must also be aware that Real valampuris are not at all there in indian markets these days . acc to official indian govt data one was found in 1920 , 1957 and then in 1970 .
    I have seen real balamuri(some batni family of chennai and k hera brahmins of north displayed in their site) earlier also but i was not convinced that arfican can be prayed or not .
    Even sode mutt has 2 balamuris which are most beautiful and completely divine as they have complete laxmi-narayana sannidhya .
    sites like rudrablessings are selling fake balamuris which are converted from edamuris
    by cut and paste method.(i came to know via my friend in pune who has his brother in law involved in this bussiness)

    • Mahesh S

      Dear Mr. Vadirajaru,
      Hare Krishna Prabhu !!!!!
      Thanks for your reply on my commentary.
      Prabhu, Many of the Devotees, Temple Poojari and the Temple Trust are not aware about the fact on original Valampuri Shankh (Balamuri).
      As per Puranas and ancient Texts certain rules and regulations have been followed which cannot be overridden in the current life style.
      All SHALIGRAM SHILA are very powerful since they are direct manifestation of LORD MAHA VISHNU Who cannot be worshiped using CONCH other than Indian Conch Variety.
      LORD will forgive us committing a mistake or sin without our knowledge. But when we come to know if we are doing a mistake or sin we should stop it IMMEDIATELY !!!!!
      The research book “Salagrama Kosha volume-2” by Dr. S K Ramachandra Rao has a separate chapter describes about Conch used for Hinduism.
      It clearly describes that only INDIAN OCEAN VALAMPURI CONCH (BALA-MURI CONCH) or EDAMPURI CONCH are suitable for worshiping Deity either for Abishem or offering water to the Diety.
      Prabhu, Also from your experience with worshiping African variety of Shank, you have clearly confirmed that it would only lead to miseries. I humbly request you to forgive me since I have included this line of Text without your permission.
      People may argue that why not to use other Conch Variety ? Why not LORD accept it ?
      LORD will accept our true Bakthi. In fact the LORD is seeing only our true Bakthi, how well we are attached to Him. How well we take care of Him like a Mother taking care of the Child.
      If a Child commits a mistake the Mother forgives the mistake. Likewise if we commit a mistake due to ignorance then the almighty LORD will forgive us.
      Seeing our Bakthi the LORD will make us to realize our mistake and burns our ignorance one day. We should accept the LORD wish and change our self.
      I have test fake Shaligram Shila and was searching for genuine SHALIGRAM SHILA for past 20 years and only on October 2010 I discovered my LORD SHALIGRAM MURTHI.
      I now have total of 24 Shaligram Shila Murthi on my daily worship and taking care of Them like a Child.
      Hare Krishna !!!!!
      Mahesh S

  105. Mahesh S

    Dear Devotees of Lord Krishna,
    I wanted to clarify two issues regarding SHALIGRAM SHILA worship.
    1. Can ladies do Shaligram Shila Pooja ?
    2. Can we wear Shaligram Shila as rosaries and pendant ?
    Can ladies do Shaligram Shila Pooja ?
    Shaligram Shila are direct manifestation of LORD VISHNU. The Moolasthana stone Idol inside the Temple is equally powerful to Shaligram Shila.
    The Moolasthana stone Idol is first a plain stone from hill in which an Idol form of LORD is carved and the super natural power is inserted to the Idol using Mantra, Tantra and Yagna as per the rules and regulation of Agama Sastra.
    The Shaligram Shila does not require these installation process since the super natural power is naturally present in every Shaligram Shila. They do not require specific Mantra, Tantra and Yagna for installation. This is the only reason for the Shaligram Shila is equal to the Moolasthana stone Idol.
    Why is public not allowed to touch the Moolasthana stone Idol inside the Temple ?
    The reason is the Moolasthana stone Idol has the super natural power (has soul) embedded inside it after the installation process and Kumbabishekam. At any point of time this power should not be affected by any means physically touching by anyone. That’s the reason a common servant on behalf of the public who is nothing but the Poojari is appointed to do the service to the stone Idol on behalf of the Devotees.
    Since the Shaligram Shila and Moolasthana stone Idol are equally powerful both the Shila Murthi should be taken care very well and carefully without committing any Dosha. This is the only reason for NON-VEGETERIAN Devotees are not eligible to touch or do Shaligram Shila Pooja.
    Naturally as the GOD’s gift, ladies have natural monthly cycle every month. This is the only reason for people to comment that ladies should not touch Shaligram Shila at any cost which Puranas did not confirm for Shaligram Shila.
    LORD accepts only true Bakthi from His Devotees. In spite of doing an elaborated pooja without true Bakthi and only for the purpose to earn money it becomes fruitless.
    Can we wear Shaligram Shila as rosaries and pendant ?
    Practically it is impossible to wear Shaligram Shila as rosaries and pendant in the present life style without committing Dosha.
    As per Puranas Text there are evidence of few Sages who were wearing Shaligram Shila but they have dedicated their entire life only to do service to the LORD leaving their materialistic life. Few of them were carrying Shaligram Shila in pouch made of wooden box or cloth.
    If we wear Shaligram Shila as rosaries and pendant it would be very difficult to handle the LORD in our daily living and routine work having Him in our physical body. It’s better not to try to wear Shaligram Shila as rosaries and pendant and commit Dosha. Instead have the Shila in Pooja room.
    Traveling Devotees can take few even count of Shila in a wooden or cloth and take care of the Murthi very well doing daily Abishekam and without committing any Dosha.
    The final conclusion is that we should not wear Shaligram Shila as rosaries and pendant which is practically very difficult to handle.
    With the grace of the almighty LORD hope this will clarify many Devotees on these two issues with regard to Shaligram Shila Pooja.
    Hare Krishna !!!!!
    Mahesh S

  106. Dhruva

    Dear mr mahesh
    Ur explaination that women can do poje of saligramam is faulty :
    It can easily seen that verse is tampered ….in any verse when quoting about caste ..bramhana kshatriyaadya … means bramhin kshatriya and others … order in others is vaishya anuloma etc …
    sudra cannot come before when using ‘others after kshatriya’ otherwise author becomes one of faulty composition …
    stree mentioned here are those who are eligible to do pooja …
    silachakra is dwaraka chakrankit …not saligrama ….
    saligrama should not be prayed by women and non dvijyas THIS IS HEINIOUS CRIME TO LORD ….all mADHVAS AGREE WITH THIS FACT ……..

  107. Dhruva

    Now what tattvavda says which women can do poje of dwarka chakrankit are:
    those who have had menopause and widows withou hair ……

    • Mahesh S

      Dear Mr. Dhruva,
      Hare Krishna Prabhu !!!!!
      Thanks for your reply on my commentary.
      Prabhu, I am extremely sorry if my commentary has hurt you. I humbly beg the almighty LORD to forgive me if I have committed any sin.
      Prabhu, You have expressed your option on my commentary based on the Sampradhaya which you are following. I will not comment on any Sampradhaya which is followed by the individuals in their Devotional field.
      One think I would say that the ultimate Almighty LORD is the Supreme LORD which is the one source. One who attains the deepest love and devotion can feel and see the Supreme LORD.
      The Supreme LORD has created the Universe, under Him everyone are equal. LORD does not say that Women should not touch My Shila and worship or do Shaligram Pooja. It may be the few Sampradhaya which has brought these rules.
      I belong to Kshatriya Caste. My family are devoting Maha Vishnu since three generations to my knowledge. Though my Grand Father and His Father had deepest Love and Bakthi on Maha Vishnu there were committing a sin by eating Non-Vegetarian which I would say only by due to ignorance in their knowledge.
      Both my Grand Father and His Father followed strict rules to their knowledge, showing True Bakthi and dDvotion towards LORD at home and visiting the Temple.
      My Grand Father has initiated “SRI PRASANNA SRINIVASA PERUMAL” Temple in Chennai. Before He reached Paramapadam my Grand Father has been awarded as “VAINAYA SELVAR” Pattam by the Guru JEEYAR for His extreme Love and Devotional service to the LORD.
      While comparing My Grand Father and His Father last period in their life both of Them reached Paramapadam peacefully without being Hospitalized or suffering with any disease during their life time.
      Both my Grand Father and His Father didn’t have any genetic disease like Diabetes, Blood Pressure or any other Disease.
      In my generation I didn’t want to commit the same sin which They did due to ignorance. So I changed my self to pure Vegetarian since 20 years before.
      I started SHALIGRAM SHILA Pooja only 1 year before after my search for genuine Shaligram Shila for 20 years and it happened only after my Marriage last year during 2010.
      Initially I didn’t know that I could get them in Nepal from Kali Gandhaki River. Also due to my family situations it would be difficult for me to go to Nepal to get the genuine Shaligram Shila.
      I bought fake Shaligram Shila from stores at various pilgrimage places and finally on testing found to be fake. They were made of Clay, Fibre, Plastic etc.
      It was the wish of the LORD, He came to me only after my Marriage with few months. I have been doing a research on Shaligram Shila identifying genuine Shila from fake Shila. I have the research book “Salagrama Kosha volume-1,2” by Dr. S K Ramachandra Rao which is a famous book known to everyone involved in Shaligram Shila Research.
      Before I started worshiping the Shaligram Shila Murthi for the past 20 years I have started my Pooja using Panja Loka Shila Murthi of “SRI PRASANNA VAIKUNDESHWARAR” having both Thayar “SRI DEVI & BHU DEVI”.
      On my deepest love I have on Maha Vishnu I wanted to do Pooja to the LORD in the form of stone Idol which is practically and as per Agama Sastra not possible to do at home.
      Thought my Grand Father initiated and constructed a Temple which is for Public I could not do daily Pooja at the Temple or take ownership since it is for Public welfare.
      Then I came to know about SHALIGRAM SHILA form of Maha Vishnu and I wanted to have Him at my home. I started searching for Him 20 years before.
      After my Marriage LORD in the form of Shaligram Shila came to my Althar during October 2010. I now have genuine 24 Shaligram Shila, 1 Dwaraka Chakrankit, 2 Giri Govardhan Shila, few original Indian Edampuri Shank.
      The Shila are as follows:-
      Chakradhari Maha Vishnu Murthi
      Shiva Murthi (Shaligram in the form of Shiva Lingam)
      Lakshmi Narasimha Murthi
      Garuda Murthi
      Sudarshana Murthi
      Hrishikesha Chandrama Murthi
      Lakshmi Narayan Murthi
      Lakshmi Narayana Shank (Shaligram in the form of Shank shape by natural)
      Few Ladoo Gopal Murthi
      Janardhana Yellow Murthi (Yellow color Shaligram Shila which is considered to
      be very auspicious)
      Kalpavircha Murthi
      Hayagreev Murthi
      Ram Murthi
      Pancha Muka Hanuman Murthi
      Keshava Murthi
      Varaha Murthi
      Danvanthri Murthi
      Radha Krishna Murthi
      Rohita Machaya Murthi (Shaligram Shila in the form of fish shape)
      Dwaraka Chakrankit Shila
      Giri Govardhan Shila
      Prabhu, All these Shila came to me only by the LORD wish and were installed in my Altar during auspicious days which usually comes only once in a year. These days happened to come naturally for me to install the Shila as and when They came to me during October 2010 till now.
      As I am being a Grahasta and not a Sanyasi I have to take care both my Family and Shaligram Murthi. Every day morning I wake up at 4:30 am and do an elaborated Pooja by applying genuine high grade of Olive Oil to Shaligram Murthi (Not for Chakrankit) and Giri Govardhan Shila regularly.
      During some days when I become sick and could not do the Pooja for genuine reason my wife takes care to clean and do the Pooja (Expect the days of her monthly cycle).
      I and my wife have experienced good things happening around us. We couldn’t see negative things happening for us.
      Some days it would become practically difficult to do the Pooja and continue with regular work going to Office and other work. I would tell my wife that “Shaligrama Murthi which we have in our daily worship is like our children. We need to take care of them very well daily. Any day due to any reason can we leave our children without giving them food to eat ?. Like that we need to take care and show true Bakthi and Love Them.”
      Prabhu, I would say anyone who can show true Bakthi and Love on the LORD regardless of Caste who can entirely change themselves to PURE VEGETERIAN and interested to learn and follow the any Sampradhaya of Hinduism and strictly following the rules of nothing touching the Murthi without bathing in the morning and other rules ARE ELIGIBLE TO DO SHALIGRAM SHILA POOJA.
      Hare Krishna !!!!!
      Mahesh S

      • Raghavendra Rao

        Mahesh Sir,
        Srimadacharya has said that the only ones eligible to perform Saligrama Pooja are Brahmanas who have had their upanayanam performed. You say that there is no caste barrier. But then why doesn’t everyone perform pooja to the god in the temple? This is because they don’t know how to perform it in accordance to the Vedas. The person who performs pooja to Saligrama should do Sandhyavandana and Ekadasi Upavasa as a bare minimum. Also you said that we should do abhisekha with extra virgin olive oil. Where is this concept in the Vedas? In some temples the priest performs Thyla Kappu(Oil Covering). However Srimadacharya did not say to do this in his Tantrasarasangraha. Teekacharya also did not speak of it in Padyamala. You say that this will protect the Saligrama. But this is a apachara. The daily Abhisekham to Saligrama should be with Suddhodaka for Nirmalya Abhisekha and Mahabhisekha and also with Gandodhaka. You talk about Honey and Milk be impure because of processing. However we offer that because Srimadacharya said that Milk and Honey should be used for panchamrita abhisekha. Do you know where extra virgin olive oil comes from? Generally Europe. Do you think that the people making the oil are observing madi? Some may not have even taken bath? And you say it is okay to pour that oil over the Lord Himself. How would you like it if somebody poured oil over you to preserve and make you look shiny? Sir, with all due respect I think you should read Tantrasarasangraha or at least Padyamala before writing such things. Please learn the proper upacharas for the pooja before writing like this again. This is not meant to insult you. If it does please forgive me. It’s purpose is to correct you.
        Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jeevothama
        Raghvendra Rao

  108. Mahesh S

    Hare Krishna Prabhu !!!!!
    Prabhu, My wife changed to pure Vegetarian after Marriage as I requested her to change since she is involved in Shaligram Shila Pooja helping me.

  109. Shivakumar

    I have two saligramas in my house which were brought from kaligandaki river in nepal when we went for trekking. From then I am worshipping the murthy I am working in a central government with frequent transfer. However Saligramas are kept in my house and my brother and his family are worshipping them in my own house where they are now staying. I visit once in 15 days when we go there we worship them with devotion. Now my question is should I bring saligrama to my place of working and start worshipping them. Eventhough we are non vegetarians I Personally vegetarian for more than 20 years and moreover we never prepare non-veg food including egg in my house where we are worshipping saligram. Now a days I m mentally upset due to problems which are not out of my creation. Pl reply.

    • Mahesh S

      Dear Mr. Shivakumar,
      Hare Krishna Prabhu !!!!!
      It is really nice that you have changed to Vegetarian not even eating egg. It’s as per the wish of the LORD that in this Kali Yuga you have got the opportunity to do Shaligram Shila worship.
      Prabhu, I give my point wise reply below.
      Prabhu, Though you have changed yourself to Vegetarian is anyone else in your family is still Non-Vegetarian?
      You said that your brother and his family stay in your house and do Shaligram Shila worship. Is your brother and all his family members are Vegetarian ?
      If suppose even one member of your brother family is still Non-Vegetarian please be very careful not allowing them to touch the Shaligram Shila.
      All the other members of the family who have converted to Vegetarian should follow strict rules not touching the Shaligram Shila without taking bath in the morning and only during morning worship.
      Other times they can visit the LORD any number of times when they wish.
      Prabhu, If even one member of the family is still Non-Vegetarian please be very careful with the Pooja utensil not mixing with the once used to prepare Non-Vegetarian foods.
      It is best advised to have separate utensil for Pooja purpose and not use them for eating food or other purpose. This applies for both Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian.
      Prabhu, First of all I would like to tell you that all Shaligram Shila are powerful. They are equivalent to the stone Idol which is worshiped in the Temple.
      It is always better to have them only in the Pooja room of the House. Every day the LORD has to be worshiped with utmost care by doing Abishekam, offering food at least one time a day.
      It should never happen at any situation to leave the Shila unattended at any cost expect during Mritakam.
      If Mritakam happens in a place or a house where Shaligram Shila are worshiped and if the Mritakam is going to expend for more than one day one should immediately transfer all the Shaligram Shila to a bowl utensil filled with pure drinking water and transfer all the Shaligram Shila to this bowl.
      Once the Mritakam completes the Shaligram Shila has to be taken out of the bowl and a fresh Abishekam and Pooja has to be performed.
      The Shaligram Shila Pooja and worship continues from that day onwards in that place.
      Prabhu, If you take the Shila to your work place (place where you stay not the office) is it possible for you to do regular Shaligram Shila Pooja without committing any Dosha ?
      If it is possible then you can take the Shila with you and do daily Pooja.
      The best options I would suggest is as follows :-
      1. It is always better to have Shaligram Shila in your own house and arrange someone to do daily Shaligram Shila pooja in the house. The benefits of the Pooja and Lakshmi Devi will stay in the house where regular Shaligram Shila Pooja is performed. Wealth starts gathering in the place where Shaligram Shila Pooja is done with utmost devotion.
      2. For people who are traveling regularly they can take few Shaligram Shila with them and do regularly Pooja in the morning in the place they where they stay. Few Shaligram Shila can be kept in their Althar which their Spouse or Children can take care of the Shila and do regular Pooja.
      3. Traveling Devotees who find it difficult to do regular Shaligram Shila Pooja please hold few even count Shaligram Shila and donate the rest of the Shila to some other pure Vegetarian Devotees who is interested in doing Shaligram Shila Pooja who should take of the LORD very well. If not donate them to Temple or Matt.
      Prabhu, Hope this will clarify all your queries.
      Hare Krishna !!!!!
      Mahesh S

      • Dhruva

        Dear mr mahesh
        plz stop guiding people in this site as this site is for MADHVAS And not ISCKON .
        I have already pointed out that ur understanding of shastras is faulty and incorrect .
        For eg ISCKON says brahm vaivarta purana is satva purana but sri vedavyasa clearly mentions that it comes under category of rajas puranas( so as to make their purpose meet by saying lord sri krishna is supreme than vishnu but fact is there is NO difference in god and his avataras, No difference between his different parts like hands and feet etc . this will amount to dvesha bhakti and end will be hell only)
        firstly women and non dvijyas (without janeva and not doing sandhya atleast one in a day ) are NOT allowed for saligramam pooja (refer TANTRASARA SANGRAHA OF SRIMAD ACHARYA ).
        Secondly non vegetranism is not only criteria for saligramam pooja acharya gives many prerquites like tamasic items like Onion , garlic, carrot,turnips should be avoided.
        Then 3 bathes are neccessary with shodash pooja ,
        first bath is for kali visarjana (if it is not done then u are praying only kali and ill effects will be comming to u) .
        second is with purush sukta and third is mahaabhishekam .
        after this also many precautions are required ..like avhana of abhini devtas chanting of various stotras .
        what u are doing will only result in financial and other problems though some enjoyment is always there in saligramam pooje due to hari sannidhya

        • dvaitavedanta

          Rightly said Sri Dhruva avre!
          Request Sri Mahesh to please look for valid and authentic pramana. This blog is only to spread the mahimas of Srimadh Madhvacharya, and not for spreading others. Acharya pramana is first and only VALID, as he himself is none other than Vayu bhagvan!
          Thanks for understanding me
          Sri Gurubyo Namaha Harihi Om!

  110. venkat

    We have a matsya saligrama that we got from Nepal (gandaki river). Daily puja is performed on this saligrama. But heard from some people that matsya saligrama requires special puja. Is it true?

    • Mahesh S

      Dear Mr. Venkat,
      Hare Krishna Prabhu !!!!!
      Prabhu, There is no special pooja required for Matsya Saligrama murthi. All Shaligram Shila murthi are equal.
      Please do daily Abishekam with pure water and offer sweet or fruits daily to the murthi and worship with sincere Bakthi.
      This is more than enough. LORD will accept it.
      Hare Krishna !!!!!
      Mahesh S

  111. DEIPAKK

    Is there any specific numbers of Shaligrams to be kept in house temple?? I have placed 5 in my house mandir, Is it fine….

    • Mahesh S

      Dear Mr. Deipakk,
      Hare Krishna Prabhu !!!!!
      Prabhu, Shaligram Shila have to be worshiped in even numbers. You can worship 1 Shila, 2 not allowed then from 4 onwards even number of Shila have to be grouped and worshiped.
      Example 1,4,6,8,10,12 ……………………… 108
      If 10 Shila worshiped in a place that place will be equivalent to a Temple.
      if 108 Shila worshiped in a place that place becomes VAIKUNDAM. LORD will reside in that place permanently.
      If 1008 or more Shila worshiped there will be endless merits comes to that place.
      If you cannot add one more Shila to make the count as 6 I would suggest you to separate one Shila and provide a separate “Asanam” for that one Shila. They have to be grouped as 4+1.
      Hare Krishna !!!!!
      Mahesh S

      • Raghavendran.R

        Respected sir
        Can you please mail the address and phone number of the store from which you brought ORIGINAL VALAMPURI Shank .My email id raghavendranraman@gmail.com

  112. raghvendra rao

    Dear sir
    why it is extra meritious to chant dwadash stotra while offering naivaidya to saligrama?

  113. raghvendra rao

    Dear mr mahesh
    Your understanding of shastras is incorrect . u seem to be follower of ISCKON rather than madhva.
    Plz do not post anything which is AGAINST TATTVAVADA.
    Even if there is one shila the place is TEMPLE.
    10 shilas are not equal to temple 12 shilas are called kshetram 108 -teertha and 1008 -dhama .
    I request sri dhruvare or moderator to comment .
    Ragvendra rao

  114. Yogish

    We have been worshipping an Shaligrama from more than 3 generations now, & we believe it to be “Shesha Nag Shaligram”.
    Can any one tell me any distinguishing marks to confirm that the one we do worship is what we believe it to be..
    I have been looking for this info from long time & have searched lot of websites & have not come across any note/details on the Shesha Nag Shaligrama so far.
    The visible mark that i see is an small oval shaped opening & incomplete ring like mark on the surface. My dad used to tell me that there is an gold Marking inside the opening, which i have never got an chance to see so far.

  115. Prasad

    Hello every one …
    Please check out a good collection of saligramas , saligramashila@orkut.com
    He has helped me in clearing my doubts about my paramparagata Saligramas . He has good knowledge about saligrams , and visits Gandaki twice a year … Many Pandits also contact him for info about Gandaki darsha, And he is well versed with Nepal , and all 7 gandaki ..

  116. Prasad

    Hello every one …
    Please check out a good collection of saligramas , in orkut. , search by name ” saligramashila”
    He has helped me in clearing my doubts about my paramparagata Saligramas .
    He has good knowledge about saligrams , and visits Gandaki twice a year … Many Pandits also contact him for info about Gandaki darsha, And he is well versed with Nepal , and all 7 gandaki khestras ..

  117. gururajmurnal@yahoo.com

    How to identify duplicate or fake rathna garbha saligramas

  118. Viju

    Dear Sir,
    I am from Tiruchirapalli. four years back i purchased a Saligram sila for two hundred rupees from a co-operative govt stores. but later on after getting knowlede about saligram, i realised it was duplicate. as when i bought i found around fifteen saligram of exact size and model. and also it melts on body heat.
    kindly advice me a place in trichy where i can get saligram herein n trichy?
    if not there kindly give me exact address of Sri Ragavendra mutt at Triplicane, as i
    am not converse in chennai.

    • Sri
      Dear Swami,
      I fell shock to listen that you could not find a shaligrama shila in the area you are staying.As far as my concern you are near by sri rangannath temple which is nearby your area.Have you asked any of the sri vaishnava devotee ???

  119. Viju

    Dear Ji,
    i hav high regards to those who hav faith in god.
    I remember a quote i studied an a known place.
    “most of them dont known, few others dont care about others”
    so i am asking qestion where i am sure of gettting right way to the murthi of lord.
    i hope to get answer about wher i get saligram sila in Trichy, or else the exact address of Sri Ragavendra mutt Triplicane chennai.
    And shri Rajan ji
    for u can get the same Duplicate Saligram sila at Sri Renganatha temple at SOuth gate, the same Govt Stores is selling At even Rs100/- which is utter duplicate Saligram. i hav told them that no one should be mis-directed to purchase a duplicate that u sell. but even then it continous to happen…….
    So all aware before buying dont be blind tat too bhakthas of lords

  120. C S Jayasankar

    I need a laxmi Narayana Saligrama, i do want to buy from any shops. i am in chennai. which mutt or place will i get it.

  121. Bhargav

    Namskara swami,
    Wher can i find mukhyaprana shila or murthi of stone for pooja in home.

  122. siva

    For doing a Rudrabhishekam at home, I understant tht we need to have the sivalingam,salagramametc. Where is it available. Those who are having it at hom are very rare. The one at the community sabha, the authorities will not allow to take it out. Is there any other way out.


    Am doing puja every day in ma home with plane black shila which i got this shila from one sadhu . I need a Narasimha Slagram, please suggest me where i will get . am residing in cochin (Kerala ).

  124. sudhakaran

    let me know is any thing told in tantric text about slagram .can it beeds wear as mala and to do japa pls make it clear

  125. Are there any special days to perform Saligrama puja? At times it is not possible for us to perform daily. But we do make sure that we perform on all Sundays and festivals and other auspicious days. We are madhwa grihastas.

  126. anantha shastry

    i heard that saligramas are worshopped in even numbers only but not two,. and not in odds but one is ok. isit tue ?

    • hello sir ,
      Acc. to various holy books like : sakand puran & many other , we get a description that either u have to kept a 1 pc of shaligram in u’r altar or u have to kept more than two pc’s of shaligram .

  127. Namaste,
    Thanks a lot for the very comprehensive article. I found an glitch in the article (A) and I have a question (B).
    A. I think the Lakshminarayana Saligrama is repeated (in 1 and 12). Is that right?
    Types of Saligramas: Twenty five types of Saligrama are known. These are classified based on shap, size, color, openings (Dwaras), Chakras(natural carvings), lines etc.Some of them are are as follows:
    1. Lakshminarayana Saligrama: Light dark in color, one opening, four chakrasand one line.
    12. Lakshminarayana Saligrama: One opening with a garland like line. color ofdark clouds, four chakras. Very rare and special. Fulfils all desires ofBhaktas.
    B. I saw your sharing that we get punya only when Sri Saligrama pooja is done inside India; It carries no value when its done outside. I live in the USA, have Saligrama in my pryaer room and do pray everyday. Does it mean the Salgramas in my pooja room have no value as they travelled out of India? Can I send them back to India to my parents?
    Thanks for your advice in advance.
    I surrender to His Lotus feet,

    • dr pathy

      dear sri kalai,
      dr pathy from hyderabad.just having a saligramam and praying is not enough.mahavishnu is alangara priyan and saligramam being mahavishnu is to be in day to day puja and puja should be performed for the same.if you are not performong puja for saligrmam it is better not preferable to keep the same at home. i do PANCHAYUDHANA PUJA (WORSHIPPING ADITYA, GANESHA, SALIGRAMAM, MAHALAKSHMI AND LINGAM AND NANDI) every day
      dr pathy

  128. Madhwaraj

    i have got a saligrama with two holes parallel to each other. How do I identify this saligrama and what murthy is this. Can one one let me know

  129. Rajarshi Lahiri

    hi..i stay in south kolkata and looking for shaligrams to worship the same. can you plz guide me from where and how can i get them?

  130. vittal

    I would like to know devara puja (saligram puja )

  131. Balaraman

    I got a stone said to be Saligrama from a person who had gone to Kailash and Manasarovar. He said he got it there. How do I check the authenticity of this stone… Please guide me.. Thank You

  132. gururaj

    u boil this sila in hot water up to 10-15 minute, suppose it is fake the chakra will gradually erase.
    Make the shil dry rub gold on the shila, after rub with cotton on shila suppose gold mark on shila it is original.

  133. R Varadarajan

    Respected Sir, We have two Saligrama Perumals in hour home. One ancesteral and the second one was gifted by a relative recently. I had started perfoming the Aradhana recently for our earlier Perumal and we got the second one subsequently. I am little confused about the Aradhana kramams I am performing the abhishekam for both the perumals seperately. Is it OK or should I have to do the complete aradhana seperately for each of them. Thanks and regards

  134. Sai Prasanth Nandagiri

    Hare Srinivasa,
    I am a telugu madhwa and stay at hyderabad and i came to know that we should not buy saligrama and should be given by someone as dana. Please guide me where can i have one in hyderabad. Also another question is the aspect of madi. As we live in an apartment culture and water comes once in 3 days how do we do madi for saligrama puja, there is no provision for direct water at my home. I also heard that not all saligrama’s can be kept at home and only sudharshana saligrama is indeed workable solution for pooja for houses which dont have direct tap connection for water as it accepts less madi. Please enlighten me with some knowledge

    • dvaitavedanta

      Hare Srinivasa.
      1. For getting Saligrama shila, please pray Lord and he will bless you with one asap.
      2. Reg direct water: Getting water these days is very difficult and we should not stop doing the same because of tap water. We should pray Ganga to make her sannidhana in that water and that water can be used, when there is no other option.
      Lord will understand your situation and bless
      3. Saligrama type: As far as my little knowledge is concerned, you can do pooja to all the shilas with BHAKTHI and Lord will bless and hence no sin will be caused.
      Sri Gurubyo Namaha Harihi Om

      • Rajasekharan Nair

        hari om sir … can you help me find the name of the vishnu idol ihave . it is having abhaya hasta and varada hasta and the other two hands as shanka and chakra

  135. varadharajan.r

    i am varadharajan iyengar from tn, i seen the saligramam at ganesha temple on thursday with yagadesi on – 11.10.12,i find the perumal in temple and i asked the iyer for saligram is here, they told some one of the devote droped here with purse, suddenly they asked if u like u take it with u, i willing to take to my home, in my home i have already 11 perumal and with this 12perumal right now.very medimum size ,ellispe shape, black color,its good sigh for me.pls kindly reply this query.with out fail.

  136. hanamantha

    i had seen one different type of stone its look like shanku in shape and also it had 4 yellow circle and 4 brown circle so wt it indicate plz tel me


    can i buy a saligrama by oneself and do puja ? kindly guide

  138. Poornima Ramakrishna

    Namaste, We want to have one saligramam too. Can some one here please help me get one.. ideally a sudarshana saligrama. Please… i will really be greatful. I live in Bangalore west.
    Thank you,
    Poornima Ramakrishna

  139. Manjunath

    why shaligrama shila has been kept in undersurface(below ground level in underground) in my family deity temple? we belong to kuruba caste and our diety is called lakshmi siddeswara. There are 1 shaligrama shila, 1 lakshmi deity and 1 linga together.

  140. Sudha Ramanan

    My son bought a Saligrama from Haridwar. When I kept in my fist it doesnot closes. Sopme say we should not keep at home. I was confused and went to jaganath temple in chennai. Kanathur Reddy kuppam they said it is Vasudev Saligram and you can keep it no problem and also they performed thirumanjanam archanai arthi and then they asked me to keep at home. But please guide me that i can keep it at home. I donot want to miss the saligram also.

  141. Raghu

    My mother bought Saligrama from Somnath, the saligram does not have any holes nor it has any chakra, it looks like Egg shaped black shining stone. I am not sure if this is a real saligrama.
    If this is a real saligrama can I keep it in Pooja room of my house? I do not usually perform pooja daily, many says that we should not keep saligram at home. But I personally feel that God is god and there shouldn’t be anything that we can keep at home or not. If this is the case then Saligram really does not serve any purpose, we should have that belief and have positive thought that this would bring us only good.
    But still am not sure what is the right one, does Saligrama bought by my other is the real one? Seek your truthful guide and advice.

    • Gururaj

      Dear Raghu,
      Without Chakra saligrams available but check this shila ( Stone) with experts.
      If it is 100% natural sure keep it in pooja room & worship it.
      ” Shaligrama Shila Sprasham yekurvanthi dinedine vanchanthi karaparsham teshemdevaa savasavaa”
      it means: who is worshiping saligrams daily lord Indra with his family want to touch his hands ( shake hand), that much importance in shaligrama. No any harms keep it in your home & daily worship with Tulsi it give you Posit y energy, last 100 years in my home worshiping Saligrams. without worry keep it in u r home worship with tulsi.

  142. adjai

    What are the benefits for a person when he gives (dana) a saligram to a pandit?

    • Gururaj

      Saligrama Shila danam withgold & tulsi it is equals to full bhumandala dana ( full earth dana)

  143. sarath kumar

    my self sarath , sir had 5 saligrma silas in my home which came from my forfathers.i want do do pooja daily. some times i take alchohal because of my work presure. is ther any bad things comes to me. to doing like this plz help me with currect answer i used to take alchohal weekly 2 days.i want to keep saligramam in my home r shell i give it to any temple plz answer me i am feeeling soo bad help me.

    • Santhosh

      I want to worship saligram..plz can u send me …waiting for ur reply

    • bhavesh

      sri sarath u cant even keep saligrams if u take alcohol

    • krsnas

      Shri Sarath, If you are still having these saligrma and not performing nithya pooja, pls let me know, i can take them and include in my Nithya pooja. Please email me if you still have them – Sriram.G

  144. Jaichand

    DearSwamiji, I would like to have 15. Sridhara Saligrama: .I am in Chennai. Can you get me one. I am not in a position to travel at present due to my Health problem to Kandaki river. Please Help me. Mail me to csj.maya@gmail.com

  145. Srihari

    U say hiranyagarbam saligram type.
    Small ball shape without hole and chakra is which type

    • S.Rajalingam SS Rajan Pillai

      Jai Sriman Narayana
      attach is the picture of Sri Hiranyagarbha shila
      On Sun, Jan 27, 2013 at 8:36 PM, Dvaita-the ultimate truth wrote:
      > ** > Srihari commented: “U say hiranyagarbam saligram type. Small ball shape > without hole and chakra is which type” >

  146. r.sridhar

    Iam tamil iyengar . i have got a saligram..2 chakras inside 1 chakra outside what is the name of saligram and how to do the puja

  147. Venkat

    Dear Sir, Namaskaram.
    We would like to get “Shri Matysa Shaligram shila” from bangalore.Could you please guide us for the same. We belongs to Tamil Iyengar family and presently living in Bangalore.

  148. Srinivas

    I have a strong desire from long time and told my Sri Guru to worship Shiv Saligrama, I wish some once should guide me how i can get an original Shiv Saligrama?

  149. hello sir, namaskaram
    iam in chennai. my father friend is a pujari he purchased saligrama and dwaraka silas from triplicane ragavendra mutt.for salagrama pooja gangajal is required i do not have gangajal. what is the alternative for pooja without gangajal.

  150. vijayraghvaacharya

    I am resideing in banglore and i want to have a saligrama with me where i can get it in banglore,i am staying at electronic city

  151. seshamma

    hare sreenivasa, namasthe
    Today i am very happy that i came to know about details of dasa sahithya and saligrama

  152. namaste
    lakshmi narayana saligrama is four or two chakras i saw in the images two chakras outside where are the other two chakras

  153. Divakara Tanjore

    Dear Venkatesh, Thank you for the wonderful knowledge of Dvaitha philosophy. God Bless you. eight years back I purchased a sila without knowing it is a Saligrama. recently I realized it is a Sudarshana Saligrama. I have a question, you mentioned that only silas found in gandaki river are Saligramas, I bought this sila in Hawai, the vendor told me that it is a fossil found millions of years ago in north america. I want to send the picture of it to you so that you can see and tell, if it is a secred saligrama.

  154. Praveen

    Dear Sir,
    In Bangalore where can we get saligrama, pls. advise.


    I have been facing all kinds of problems from the past 10 years and I had one saligrama which I gave away to Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple, Mutgi , Bijapur as I was unable to maintain or follow the sanctity. Now one of the astrolger has to me to give saligrama as daana. I am unaware as to from where I will get and also not sure of its genuineness. Is it true that if I give saligrama as daana . my problems will be solved. Please help me as I am on the verge of committing suicide.

  156. Shiva

    In our village temple, pujari worships a stone that is in ovel shape and is 1 feet long. On top of it different shades of colours formed like oval shaped water waves. It is in brown shape and it has very small shapes beneath resembling legs of a tortise hiding. Pujari believes that it is a shaligram stone.
    Pl advice.

  157. venatesh

    i do worship daily. When i travel to other places, how should I carry my saligrama shilla?

  158. venatesh

    While travelling by train, how should I carry it. Don’t tell me that I should not take. Shall I wrap the saligram murthy in a silk cloth and take it with me.

  159. Uma

    I am from Malaysia, recently my mother started to do saligrams poja. However, she is still in doubts that she is not sure how many times need to do abishega in a day?Does it must to do abishega daily? What are the ingredients to use for abishega? As I have read that saligrams should keep in even numbers.So, do we can worship saligrams in pairs for example tow vishnu saligrams and two lakhsmi saligrams?Which god should given first privilage for instant my mother first pray to Ganesha, then Muruga, followed by Sivan and finally pray to saligrams. Does this method is right? Anyone please do answer to all my questions. It would be very appreciated for your kindness.

  160. Praveen

    I am a Madhwa Brahmin,
    I have 6 saligrama’s which were given from ancistors/ friends and I am doing the pooja from last couple of years.
    I have Lakshmi Narayana, Janardhana, Govinda, Krishna (with cow’s hoove), Varaha and Vamana in my Alter.
    My concern is while doing Naivedya.
    Can we cook naivedya on gas/ LPG stove? (as shastra’s suggest to cook it with red flame). My grand father was cooking rice for naivedya on charcoal stove. Now it is very difficult for me to cook naivedya on charcoal stove as i am away from India.
    I am also finding difficult to get tulsi leaves here.Can you help me with any alternative.
    My second question is, while travelling out of india, I carry one saligrama in my hand bag.
    After long travel, I use toilets/ restroom in airport, where i carry my hand bag. Sometimes, in couple of countries, they asked me to open my saligrama box and they did some security test on it in airport.
    How to do prayaschit for this.
    Please help me dear learned fellows.

  161. Keshavachari

    Please could you give the sastra pramana for people carving deities out of salagrama?

  162. Harold

    Hello I am from Peru, I am a Devotee for 25 years and I didnt have the chance of getting initiated by a true Guru….(here in south america its dificult) I understand only Brhamanas can do puja to Shaligram but even if I know how to perform a correct abhiseka and complete puja with tulsi leaves? ( I have a Plant of Tulsi at home who is with us for more tan 5 years and I use proper puja items) I do love Vishnu and I try my best for devoloping true Bhakti… a friend who came from Nepal gif as a present a Damodar Shaligram what I do? can I perform Puja with love and devotion every day?? Somebody told me that because I am not a Brhamana god will curse me and bring me miss fortune and sickness?? Gods Works like this? Could you please help me and explaing me more?

  163. jagadesh

    Guruji namaste.
    Great information you provided to us.
    I like to contact personally. Can you please sent your contact address. I live in kadapa. Andhra Pradesh. I visit bangalore, Chennai regularly.

  164. ajitu09

    Sir I want to buy and donate shaligrama
    I’m from hyderabad
    is it good thoughts

  165. sanjeev

    People can do Shaligram pooja anywhere in the world. Those who says cannot be done outside the India, I think they have less knowledge and discouraging other peple.

  166. suresh

    I got one Ratna Garbha saligrama which was given at the time of kanya dhana of my son’s marriage. Please inform whether it can be kept in the house and whether daily puja is to be performed or the puja can be performed at weekly intervals and an festival days.

  167. Madhav

    Can you send me details of people who sell shaligrama in bangalore

  168. Prakash

    Dear Sir,
    I am in need of 54 sudarshna shaligram..I am planning to get the Shaligrama hara to Venkateswara temple here in Bangalore..So if any body know how to get done them do let me know…it will be a great help….

  169. Kumara Raj

    Dear Sir,
    Om,adiyen have 2 shaligramas at home. Only usual prayers are done at home.No special puja like what is mentioned has ever been performed for shaligramas.I am not a full time vegetarian at the moment.
    I am located in Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia.PLease advise what to do next as I do not want to do the wrong things.

  170. Hariharan

    Thanks very much for the valuable information. I have saligrama pooja at home which is passed on to us by our ancestors. We have six saligramams. But as you mentioned saligrama is incarnation of vishnu only. I have been told by our sasthrigal that I have two Shiva saligramam. Please enlighten me whether Shaligramam has Shiva’s incarnation also.

    • dvaitavedanta

      As far as my little knowledge is concerned, Shri Saligrama is considered to be the resident of Lord Shri Harih, it is only His roopa not others.
      Devatas including Indra deva,Rudra,Shesha all exist around the place where Shri Saligrama pooja is done and bless us for our well being.
      Hare Srinivasaa

  171. Hariharan

    Please enlighten me which is the best time to do Shaligrama pooja.. I am doing it in the morning at 8 am. On holidays, i am doing it around 11 am after maadhiyanigam

    • Lakshmipathi

      I’ve 11 Saligrama which we were blessed in muktinath ,every year he calls us for darshan ,we do seva before sunrise and from 5yrs we are in peace we trust he still exists in kaliyuga.our life’s have changed from outer world maya (illusion).

  172. Hariharan

    Await your guidance to perfect my pooja procedure.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Doing pooja during Brahma muhurtha is considered to be auspicious(4:30 to 5:30) atleast 30 mins before sunrise. If not possible please try to do as early as possible but not at 11 AM. Hare Srinivasaa

      • Hariharan

        Thanks. I am chanting Purushasuktham, narayanasuktham, Durgasuktham and srisuktham during pooja. Anything else I have to do.

      • Sun Swathi

        namasthe…i am a girl…and i want to donate saligrama to temple….as i heard that saligrama dhanam is very good in karthika masam…so when i asked the priest in shiva temple…he said that they will arrange saligrama for saligrama dhanam by taking money from us….he just asked me to bring some rice thats it…..i came to know from this site that women should not do saligrama puja and should not touch it… i am not doing puja to saligrama just donating it..so is it correct or ok if donate saligrama…??..i am doing karthika somvar fast also…actually i dont anything about this ..this is my time..please guide me…is there any procedure we need to follow for donating ..like who can do this….and how to do this…please guide me.

  173. R Varadarajan

    Respected swamiji,
    We have 2 Nos Saligramas at home. Only is ancestral from my great grand father and the second one was recently gifted by a cousin. I heard that one should have either 1 saligrama or 4 or above. I am little confused. I was advised to include 2 nos Krishna vigrahas to make the total as 4. Is this correct? Is it possible to get 2 more saligramas from some where in Chennai? I shall be grateful to receive your advise.

  174. Acyutananda

    Please Sir, i really want to worship a saligram sila. I live in Mauritius, and follow the Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya. Since years i have this desire, but cannot travel to India because of i am still studying. Where can i find one, or a Govardhan Sila? Please. Jai Shree Krishna.

  175. adjai

    What are the merits of worshipping 4 saligram silas at home? Do we need more saligrama silas? What is the best number of silas to worship daily at home?

  176. v selvakumar

    If am non vegetarian shall i do the saligrama pooja

  177. Mr dasa

    Can I worship 2 saligram shilas ? Some one told me not to worship 2 saligram shilas.

  178. akella sanath kumara sarma

    a saligrama with three holes is there in my house what saligrama is that was

  179. Vasudama Dasa

    Hare Krishna, dvaitavedanta, pls accept my obeisances !! All glories to Sri Guru & Gauranga All glories to Srila Prabhupada !! All glories to Radhe Shyama Sundara!!
    My name is Vasudama Dasa from Hyderabad. Your blog is very nice and relevant information provided about Saligrama Silas.
    Iam worshipping Goverdhana Silas as Krishna Balarama… Every day doing abhisheka and glorifying them with prayers… and begging for their mercy to always engage me in their service.
    From past few days iam feeling very much to have Lakshmi Narasimha , Ugra Narasimha & Sudarshana saligrama silas… some how iam feeling separation from them… Iam really looking forward to have them… Please help me out to get them. Thank you. Hare Krishna.
    Your servant,
    Vasudama Dasa.

  180. Phani

    Om Sri Gurubhyo Namaha, I am having Vishnu Panchayatanam at home. Please advice me the pooja procedure of Vishnu panchayatanam.
    Thank You

  181. Madhusudan bhat

    I am bramin, I have Santana gopala Krishna saligrama at home but I wanted to worship 12 saligrama at home (small sized)is it allowed for home?? Is it really need to do anna naivaidya for saligrama?? Is Narasimha saligrama safe to worship at home??I heard that if narsimha saligrama is at home women’s will have health problems??

  182. Vasudama Dasa

    Hare Krishna,
    Iam worshipping Sri Govardhana sila from many days.. Now i’ve developed desire to serve Narasimha and sudarshana saligrama sila. Please let me know how i can get them… or any one who is willing to give … iam happy to accept.

  183. suresh

    Where to get saligrama at chennai? I am in chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

  184. PPM

    I live in the US. There is no way I can get a Shaligrama here. I checked in ebay.com. They have some – they will ship it to my address in USA. I saw some that have carved god murthi on the Shaligrama. Can I buy them.
    I am a Madhva Brahmin. I am a strict vegetarian. I want to learn & do puja to Shaligrama at my home. Please advise.

  185. Srinivas Bhat

    Let me know about shanka, I want to have a shanka to blow after pooja. But what are the essential quality or feature must in shanka to keep in pooja room? I too have 2 saligrama, doing abhisheka daily, but sometime pooja will skip Due to my absence in home. So plz tell me wt can I do for pooja in my absence.

  186. Naga Phani Sharma Pendyala

    Is kali Visarjana required for saligramaa..if so why..

  187. Rudra

    Hello Sir,
    I am a Sanadhya Brahmin and I need a Shaligram for daily Puja which I can keep at home and offer my services to Shaligram Ji. I don’t get it anywhere nearby and have read a lot about fake Shaligrams that people make to earn their living, being selled online and around. Besides, buying one is a sin. Therefore, I am approaching you after reading your posts. Please help me to get one. I am a pure vegetarian, married and live in Gurgaon. I have one shila at home with me which I have been worshipping since years considering it as Shaligram but whether it is Shaligram or not I don’t have any idea. It came from a firend of mine, he said the stone was lucky for him and gave it to me for good luck when I was a child. My mom said it might be a Shaligram but none of us know what it actually is? Could you please help me to get an original Shaligram, I want to offer my services to God through it. Waiting for your reply.

  188. Subramanyan

    I recently received a shalagrama from a swami friend, who had visited damodar kund.
    This shalagrama is
    black in color
    Mostly round in shape
    3.5 cm width
    85 grams in weight.
    No opening.
    No identifiable chakra
    I was introduced to the Sri shalagrama as gopala.
    Now some scripture say.
    Only shalagrama with opening to be worshiped.
    Others list gopala without opening worthy of worship.
    Others don’t.
    Some say certain kind had to be worshiped by householder or others by swami. Changing order may not give conducive results.
    Though worship should be don’t without any expectations for result, but I don’t want to ignore the efficacy of the Shastra also.
    So please advice.
    Radhe Krishna
    PS : my grandfather had a shalagrama but gave as dhanam to Brahmin.

  189. Kukke

    Can an iyer (tanjore iyer) worship dwaraka shila (dwaraka shila)

  190. Arpita

    I want to worship for Narayan/Bishnu Idol….Can i do the same…some people told me i am a women i cant to do worship or touch the idol….Is it true?

  191. debaditya

    Please let me know if I can worship 1 Nepal shaligram, 1 narmada shaligram & 2 dwarka shaligram all together (total 4 nos)…..

  192. Yogesh Rao

    Thank you Sir. I have a small round Saligrama which shows reddish translucent colour when held to sunlight. I first thought it is a glass marble. But I am curious to know if it is genuine. How can I confirm it?

  193. Harigana das

    Hare Krishna!!! My name is Harigana das, I’m an iskcon pujari in Mexico City, and I worship at home 2 Salagram Shilas, 1 as Radharani and 1 as Krishna., I understand that technically speaking Salagram is Lord Vishnu himself, but, if we check the story of Radha Raman from Vrindavan, the Salagram Shila of Gopal Bhata Goswami self manifested as Krishna! So, if wherever Lord Vishnu is Sri Laksmi is also there, therefore, wherever Lord Krishna is Sri Radharani is also there right? So, this is not my only question, the thing is that I worship 2 Salagram Shilas, and some devotees say that according to sastra, we most worship 1 or 4 or 6 or 8 and so on in even numbers…1 Salagram is ok, and more than that has to be in even numbers, but to have 2 or 3 Salagram is not considered to be ok!!! What is your opinion about this matter? I love Radha and Krishna, but I also love Salagram Shilas, I most have 2 Salagram Shilas since the mood of my worship towards them is as Radha and Krishna! Hope you can give me an answer! Pranams!!!

  194. Gururaj

    kali is also always staying in saligrama, to pull all good karmas. so we will pray to bhima from your gadha you beat the kali & show me narayana in side saligrama

  195. Lokesh Vishwanath

    hi, I have a broken saligrama, my uncles advise to me is to make an finger ring or locket for chain; I have an question – who can cut Saligrama clearly and make an Ring ? any references really helps in Bangalore , I stay on kanakapura road. Second question about Madi – is it okay to wear it as regular ring ? can that be kept in puja room only ? it has to be in wooden box or silver box also ? I have chakrankita as well , can I keep both in one box it self ? please help me with your guidance.

    • dvaitavedanta

      please note sri salagrama in ring is also considered to be Madi.. let us please keep it in silver box and only use while doing pooja. this is my suggestion. hare Srinivasa

  196. Hariharan V

    Namaskarams. I am doing saligrama pooja daily for last three years. These saligramam has come to me from my ancestors. currently, i am relocating to the U.S. for atleast three years and i want to continue my daily rituals there also. i have to take the saligramam to the U.S. please advise as early as possible.

  197. Hariharan

    Namaskarams. I am doing saligrama pooja daily for last three years. These saligramam has come to me from my ancestors. currently, i am relocating to the U.S. for atleast three years and i want to continue my daily rituals there also. i have to take the saligramam to the U.S. please advise as early as possible.

    • You can carry it to US and do the daily pooja. Only one thing you must know -Theetu pada kudathu. . You should not allow people to come near Saligramam during during MENSTRUAL Period nor you should not eat food cooked by your Wife or Daughter if they are in Menstrual period. only after doing poja you can eat. Nivedhanam should be prepared by you during that period. That is only thing you must have it in mind.

  198. Ganesh Rao

    Is there any place where I can get a saligrama in Bangalore

  199. Kumud

    What would be the best time to bring shaligram ji.. Can we bring shaligram ji at night?

  200. Dhanashekaran Shekar

    halo sir namastey, i have saligram at my home and i do pooja daily and offers milk abhishekam and honey, etc…. but we used to cook non-veg foods twice in a week at home… but after taking bath in the mornings only.. we start abisekam for sila stone.. pls advice me.. is it ok ????? can i continue the same ????

  201. Arundhati

    Namaskara, my husband is very much interested to learn and perform saligrama puja, we both are putting our efforts to perform it. However he is getting a chance to work in abroad, so my question is whether he can perform saligrama puja/devapuja after coming from abroad. kindly let me know the same

  202. Sandeep

    Where can I get Saligrama at Mangalore? I do not have Saligrama and this would be my 1st one. I am leart the pooja padathi in our Gurukul

  203. Sandeep Pai

    Namaskara – I am very much interested to perform Deva Pooja but do not have a saligrama. Where can I get a Saligrama in Mangalore, India.

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