Sri Medhaanidhi Tirtha

Sri Medhaanidhi Tirtha

Shree Medhaanidhi Teertharu (32nd Pontiff of Shree Shreepadarajar Mutt) madhya aradhanae is being celebrated tomorrow (i.e, on 16th November,Monday (AMAVAASYAAM)) at Odapalli, Erode,Tamilnadu. This beautiful brindhavana is located on the banks of the river cauvery.

Shree Medhaanidhi Teertharu was a great scholar in Madhwa Shastra residing at Mulabaagilu with his Poorvashram name Shreenivaasacharya.  He took ashram from Sri SuDhi NiDhi Theertharu. He did not undertake “ samchaara” He spent  considerable time in performing “paaTa pravachanaadhi” with  Pundits and  his “shiShyaas”.
Sri Medhaanidhi Theertha used to conduct  Sabha of pundits in the months of  Jeshta and PaaLguNa maasas.  Since he was himself a great scholar, he held all those learned men  as well as those literate Brahmins  in high esteem.Instead of undertaking  long tours, he was holding sabhasof Pundits protecting/ hanouring them.  The time was spent in discussing Madhwa Shastra and in  teaching at the vidyaapeeta He gave ashrama to Dwaipaayanaacharya  and named him DayaniDhi theertha. His Vrindavan is on the banks of the river kaveri in OdapaLLi.
(Courtesy: Page 99-Sri Sripaaadharaaja- SathyaniDhi Theertharu- by Adhya  Ramacharya-Feb 1980)

There is an interesting story about Shree Medhanidhi theerthar having Prthyaksha darShan at the Brindavan of Sripaadharayaru: Sripadharajar Vrindavan is on the banks of Narasimhatheertha at MuLa bagilu. The Vrindavan is on a raised platform. In order to perform Abhisheka to  the Vrindhavan, one has to climb the steps at the sides. It is inevitable. The  steps were in a haphazard condition on account of usage.

The Saint thought to set right the defect by keeping the step properly. He decided to get the work done by removing the step, the mud underneath it,  and arrange to keep in an order with  cement like thing  etc. He made arrangements to get Brahmin shishyaas of standing for the work. The step was just pushed aside.  Instantly he saw a flash of light. He saw  a  cave. He saw Sripadarajar in saffron robes, sitting engrossed in meditation. Just by his  side, a “Nanadha Deepa” was glittering. He immediately smelt  the “SauraBha of Devaloka”. With all humility, respect and gratitude,  and with “ Bhaya-Bhakthi” asked the Brahmins to close the step as it was originally .
One need not say as to how “Bhagyashali were the saint and his shishya vrimdha in  having DaRshan of their great Guru. Sripadarajaa is still there beneath the vrindhaavan even for 1000 years more to bless his Bhakthas.
(Page 56 of  Sri Sripaadharaaja Charithamrutham published by Sri Sri Sathynidhitheertha of Mulabagil of Sripadharaja mutt- I edn 1-1-1965]

Dhyaana Sloka:
Gopinaatha SaRpayaadhi
Vairaagya GuNashaalini|
MeDhaaniDhi Guroon vamdhe
SachiShyaapannivaar akan||

Sadhaa ViShNu Padhaasakatham
Shaamthaadhi guNa Mooditham
DwijaaraaDhana Sheelamcha
MeDhaaniDhi Gurum Bhaje !!

Courtesy of Shri. G.R.Raghunatha Rao

To know more about:
1. Sri Sri Nava Jeeva brindhavana @ Erode, Tamilnadu: click  here. Note: Those who want to contribute for the development of Odapalli Sri Navajeevabrindhavana can contact the number mentioned in the above link.
2. My Yatra to Odapallai Erode Navabrindhavana,Sri Sripadarajaru mutt:- Click here
In the service of Sri Harih Vayu Gurugalu,
Venkatesh Rao

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