Sri Jayateerthara Vaibhava

Sri Jayateerthara Vaibhava

The below article is written by my Guru Dr.B.Basker Rao, who is also called as Upanyasa Chakravarthy. My sincere thanks to him for presenting such a nice article on Sri Sri Jayatheertharu(an amsha of Sri Arjuna).
Please note that aradhanae of Sri Sri Jayatheertharu falls on 12-07-2009.

Sri Jayatirtharu – pic courtesy Raghavendra USA


Sri Jayateerthara Vaibhava – By Dr. B. Basker

Pratamo Arjuna Naamah Dvitiyo Vrishabascha cha |
Jayaateertha triteeyostu Hanumat kaarya sadhaka ||

The great Mahabharatha war was ensuing and one day after considerable success Arjuna felt egoistic about His achievements and Hanumantha in the flag (Arjuna is called Kapidvaja since Sri Vayudevaru is present in His flag) said that since you had got this kind of instinct you have to born as an animal. Arjuna was shocked but Hanumantha said that he will get great fame because of this incident.

Sri Vaayu Jeevottamaru took the avatara of Sri Madaachaaryaru at the Pajakashetra and when he used to go about, a bull used to carry all His works. Once the shishyaas were very curious as to who is going to write commentaries for the sarvamoola of the saint. His Holiness smiled and said that this bull will perform the great feat.The shishyaas were terribly upset and hence cursed that the bull should die of a serpent bite and that wish
came true.

Srimadaachaaryaru revived the bull and changed the curse according to which the serpent died. He did so by chanting the sixth sargaa of the dvadasha stotra.(Matsyaswarroopaka layoda vihaarin…..). Tradition avers that during naivedya daily that everyone should recite all the 12 sargas and in the modern world (thought not an excuse) we have to recite atleast this sarga during naivedya.

His direct shishya Sri Akshobya teertharu many years later was pondering on the banks of Bhimarathi river as to who would succeed Him to adorn the peetha. In a dream that night Sri Ramachandra and Srimadaachaaryaru appeared and said in the same place where he was doing japa the next day he would get the answer. The next day as he was meditating a youth came on a horse back and went to the deepest part of the river riding the horse and drunk the water with out getting out of the horse. The boy was none other than the son of the local chieftain Raghunatha Rao Deshpande and Lakuma Bhai and his name was Dondu Rao Deshpande.

The saint asked Him the question “kim pashu poorva dehe”.(What type of animal were you in the previous birth?). This opened the eyes of the boy. He realised the nature of His previous two births and understood the intention and mission of this birth and was ordained into sanyaasa by the saint. The parents heard this and furiously ended up with a wordly duel with the parents and took the boy got married to two wives.

They went to the room of their husband and were shock to see the form of a snake and one of them fainted and the other returned to tell the story. The parents of the saint really repented and fell at the feet of the master and beseeched pardon. This saint was none other than the great Jayateertharu. He is also known as teekakritpaadaru since he has written eighteen teekas for the sarvamoola granthhaas of Sri Madhvarayaru. He has also to His credit three independent works Vaadaavali Padyamaala Pramaana Paddhathi

The magnum opus of Sri Teekaaraayaru is the Nyaaya Sudha which is ayardstick to measure the scholarliness of any scholar of the madhva tradition. It is a work on the Anuvyaakyana of Srimadhaachaaryaru. Sri
has written a lovely composition on this great saint in the thodi raagaa.

saari bhajisiro teekaachaaryarinkriwaaghora paadkaambudiya taaramalparo……..

Chitrai padaischa gambeeryai vaakyair maanairakhandithai |
Gurubhaavam vyanjayanthi baathi Sri Jayateertha vaak ||

Aradhane is on 12.07.2009.
<< End of Sri Jayatheerthara vaibhava by Dr.B.Basker Rao >>

Works by Sri Jayatîrtha
Tattvoddyota Tîkâ
Vishnu-tatva-vinîrNaya Tîkâ
Mâyâvâda Khandana Tîkâ
Prapancha Mithyatvânumana Khandana Tika
Commentary on Upâdhi Khandana
PramâNa LakshaNa Tîkâ
Kathâ Lakshana Tîkâ
Commentary on Karma NirNaya
Nyâya-Sudhâ (Tîkâ on Anu Vyâkhyâna)
Nyâya VivaraNa Tîkâ
ShaTprashna Upanishad Bhâshya Tîkâ
Îshavâsya Upanishad Bhâshya Tîkâ
Rg Veda Bhâshya Tîkâ
Gita Bhâsya Prameyadîpîkâ
Gita Tâtparya Nyâyadîpikâ
VâdâvaLî (aka VedântavâdâvaLî)
Shatâparâdha Stotra
Adhyâtma Tarangi

May Sri Raghavendra Theertha antharkatha Sri Jayatheertha antharkatha Sri Mukyaprana antharkatha Sri Lakshmi Narayana bless all.

Pancha bedha Taratamya Jagath sathya
Yours in the service of Sri Harih,
Venkatesh Rajendran

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  1. Gururaj Joshi

    Iam very greatful to see about the article of Srimad Tikarayaru and Iam very much impressed by his great feelings which after going out the stotra writen by acharyaru. I offer my respectful obessainces unto that great acharya and all the vaishavas who worked very hard to delivering this great messages given by saintly personalities

  2. shreenivas r. deshpande

    i know that sri jayateertharu is the amsha of indra but in your article it has been depicted that he is the avatar of arjuna. which is right? please clarify.

    • dvaitavedanta

      Namasthe sir,
      Indra devatha was born as Sri Arjuna and again he had taken the avatara as Sri Jayatheertha

  3. Kiran Garlapad

    Hare Srinivasa
    Can ayone tell me where I can find the Jayathirtha Stotra composed by Satyapriya Theertharu? I will be glad if someone posts PDf file of Jayathirtha (Teeka Raayaru) Stotra.

  4. B.N.Gururaj

    The article is well written. But, I wish more had been written about Tikacharya’s contribution to laying logical foundation to Dvaita Vedanta. Something ought to have been written about his contribution to the growth of Dvaita Vedanta, some analysis of his works, his views on various tenets of Dvaita Vedanta. Best tribute to such a great scholar is to know something about what he stood for, rather than write about legendary biography.

  5. Venkat Gururajan

    Amazing article, Thank you Sri Bhaskar Rao..

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