Sri Madhva a nutshell

Sri Madhva a nutshell


Sri Madhva Philosphy

Nine tennets of Sri Madhvacharya’s Dvaita 

Hari ParataraH
Lord Vishnu alone is Supreme

Satyam.h jagat.h
The entire universe is true and real.

The five-fold difference is fundamental.

jeevaganaH HareranucharAH
The entire group of conscious beings are all dependent on Lord Vishnu.

Neechochabhavam.h gataH
The souls are inherently graded as higher and lower according to their ability.

MuktiH naija sukhAnubhutiH
Liberation is the enjoyment of the bliss befitting ones original form.

AmalA bhaktihiH tat.h sadhana
The means to secure liberation is pure devotion to Lord Vishnu.

Akshaditritayam.h pramanam.h
The means of knowledge is perception(pratyaksha), inference(anumana) and scriptures(Agama).

AkilAmnayaikaVedyaH HariH
Lord Vishnu alone is made known by the entire mass of scriptures.

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