Madanur Sri Vishnu Tirtha

Madanur Sri Vishnu Tirtha
Abhisheka to Madanur Vishnu Tirtha

Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jeevothama

Shri Raghavendra Gurubyo Namaha

Shri Vishnu Tirtha Gurubyo Namaha

About Jayatirthacharya:

Shri Vishnu Tirtha is also called by the names Adavi Jayatirthacharya/Aranyakacharyaru, his holiness was born in the year 1756 near Savanur, Dharwad Dist. Shri Jayatirthacharya did his studies at Mantralalyam under great saint Shri Vyasatatvagynar. Sri Jayatirthacharya studied Veda,Sastras, Tarka etc and also did Nyaya sudha patta 108 times in reverence to Sri Jayatirtha mahaprabhu. It is said Shri Jayatirthacharya used to chant Bhagavatha all 24 hours a day by locking himself in the room, had developed sincere and divine bhakthi towards Lord from young age.

Vairagya through Purandara Dasa song: 

Jayatirthacharya after learning sastras, vedas under his guru went back to his village and continued giving spiritual discourses on Srimadh Bhagavatha, Sumadhvavijaya etc and many students wanted to learn from him directly seeing his divine knowledge on Madhva sastra. He used to spend many hours for giving spiritual discourse on Dvaita philosophy of Shri Madhvacharya.

Once when he was about to sleep in his house he heard  haridasara song which was composed by Sri Purandara dasa.(gOvindA namO gOvindA namO gOvindA nArAyaNa) from outside his house. He then started realizing the meaning of the song and that moment gave a sparkle to his soul,

we can now analyze the song below,

About greatest and precious ratna “Sri Purandara dasa”: 

Sri Purandara Dasaru (1480-1564) who is hailed as Daasa Sreshtam Dayanidim is no exception and in all his Keertanas, Suladis and Uga bhogas he has highlighted several aspects of Sri Madhva philosophy. Sri Purandara Dasaru has composed nearly 4,75,000 songs. Sri Vyasarayaru,his teacher himself has called his verses as “Purandaropanishat”.How great is Sri Purandara Dasaru talents?He has also said, among the devotees of Hari,Purandara Dasa is the greatest

The divine song of Sri Purandara dasa goes like this, gOvindA namO gOvindA namO gOvindA nArAyaNa

This is one of the vairagya songs of Sri Purandara dasa. Dasaru through this song conveys what a person has to do after taking birth in this kalyyuga, though one may have parents, family, friends, children etc still Yama and his dhootas will take to their world and what is the use of all these relations? Will they come with us when our soul leaves this body? who will actually come and save us? Dasaru without further delay gives the answer that only Lord Shri Harih is the savior for our soul, and hence follow the dharma and pray the lotus feet of Lord Shri Harih always. Only as per wish of Lord Shri Harih, Mukyaprana(Vayu) can bestow bimba moorthy dharshan to deserving Souls and finally give Harih loka.

Sri Kanaka Dasa has to be remembered at this moment as he has also composed many such songs which brings gyana,bhakthi and vairagya to the deserving souls. Kanaka dasa proved every soul born in this bharatha desha(irrespective of Caste) is eligible for attaining Lord’s feet if one has Guru kripa. Kanaka Dasa was fortunate enough to get deeksha from guru Sri Vyasaraja Mahaprabhu.

Sri Vyasaraja’s smarane cleanes everyone sins, such is the power of his holiness. Even we too are gifted to get Sri Vyasaraja Mahaprabhu as our guru!! we will have to sincerely pray  Guru Vyasaraja to bless even us to cross from samsara and to attain Vayu anthargatha Lord Sri Harih.

Kanaka Dasaru in one of the songs “Kastapattaru illa” says whatever action we might try to do to achieve self realization it will only result in failure if we do not have Lord Sri Harih kripa. We can even lift mountain from one place and keep it somewhere else or learn sastra or study all four vedas etc, but without the blessings of Lord Shri Harih nothing is possible in this world especially aproksha gyana is impossible without Lords grace!

Holy Sanyashrama: 

Moola brindhavan of Shri Vishnu Tirtha @Madanur

Sri Jayatirthacharya after hearing to vairagya song of Purandaradasa decided he should not waste any single minute and went to Sri Sathyavratha Tirtha and took his sanyashrama from the holy saint , Sri Sathyavratha Tirtha named him as Sri Vishnu Tirtha after giving sanyashrama. Sri Vishnu Tirtha later went to tirtha yathra, did meditation on Lord for many years and attained Aproksha Gyana.

Copper vessel becomes Gold:

Once when Sri Swamiji was chanting holy work “Sumadhvavijaya”(biography on Sri Madhvacharya) and giving discourse to his disciples by touching a copper vessel and when swamiji completed the parayana, to all of their surprise disciples noticed that it got changed to a Gold vessel. Sri Swamiji told it is not because of him but all because of Sumadhvavijaya parayana. When Vayu gives Moksha(through orders of Sri Harih) through Sumadhva vijaya parayana, just a vessel turning to Gold is not a great vishesha thus said Swamiji. This shows how great the work is, and of course no doubt that Sri swamiji had  all tapa shakthi and especially he had sannidhana of Vayu devaru.

Works of Sri Vishnu Tirtha:

  1. Bhagavatha Saroddhara
  2. Atma sukhabodhini
  3. Sodasi
  4. Caturdasi
  5. Adhyatmamrta tarangini
  6. Sri Jayatirtha Stotra
  7. Bimba stuthi

and much more

Aradhane of Sri Vishnu Tirtha:

Sri Swamiji entered his brindhavana in the year 1806 at Madanur(Koppal) during maga masa, krushna paksha,thrayodashi which happens to be 28th Feb 2022 this year. 

Let holy saint bless all of us with Gyana, bhakthi and importantly vairagya, 

viShNutIrthaH kalpavRukShO viShNutIrthaSca kAmadhRuk |
cintAmaNirviShNutIrthO yatIndraH kAmadaH ||

In the service of guru Shri Vyasaraja, 

Venkatesh Rajendran

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