Guru Gunasthavana- Part 5

Guru Gunasthavana- Part 5

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||

Guru Gunasthavana (Part 5)  
Namaskara to all Haribhakthaas.
Shloka 13
esa sriraghavendravrativaracaritam bhonidhih kkativelah |
kkasau khadyotapotapramusitavibhavascetaso nah prakasah |
vandhyaivatah pratijna tadatulanikhilascaryacaryabhidhane
sthane thapi kkacit syadiha punarudadhisnanasa lpavat syat ||13

Sri Vadeendra Theertha admits though he is not able to fully exhaust the greatness of  Rayaru, he has just attempted to bring out the same in the sloka.

It exhibits the great humility of His Holiness. Just like one gets contended of having taken bath in the sea by doing so in the corner of its shore. So also Shri Vadeendra Theertha feels that even highlighting few of the glories of Shree Rayaru. It is felt that Sri rayaru has been glorified. Indeed is it possible to fully exhaust the greatness of His Holiness.

Shloka 14
yadbhanau yatkrsanau yadamrtakirane yad grahesuditesu
jyotiryattarakasu prathitamanisu yadyacca saudaminisu |
sambhuyaitat samastam tvadamitahradayakasaniryatprakase
dhira sriraghavendravrativarabhajate hanta khadyotaritim ||14

The poet continues to praise the greatness of the compassiante saint in this verse also as under:

“The scorching brilliance of the sun,the scathing heat of fire. the cool and pleasant light of the moon, the scintillating radiance of all the stars put togther and the rays emanating from all the gems are put together will produce a light that will only be like a firefly before the sun  of mellifous radiance emanating from the heart  of Sri Rayaru which  hosts the Lord.The poetic imagination of the author reaches the zenith in this verse and adds a tinge of flavour to the kavya.

Sri Krshnaarpanamasthu!

Dr. B. Basker

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