Arthritis and Joint pain – Natural Siddha Medicine

Arthritis and Joint pain – Natural Siddha Medicine
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Sanjeevi Medicine – Coconut Flower

Coconut Flower

There are many Siddha medicines which our current generation wont even know, it is purely because of Allopathy way of treatment which has taken all of us in to maya, it has hidden many great secrets of Siddha medicines and that is the actual fact. One among such great medicine is with “Coconut flower” . I will be happy to start posting various articles on ancient Siddha medicines in our website henceforth, its my privilege in deed in sharing whatever I have come across in last years, and in fact got benefited.

There are many medicinal benefits by having Coconut flower(picture displayed above) at least once in a month or so or whenever you find them in the streets. Don’t hesitate to buy them, take it to home and give it to all family members, especially to our Kids.

As per Siddha medicine, Coconut flower is considered to be Sanjeevini Muilgai/Medicine. The famous saint Vallalar says this medicine removes all ill effects like Vasyam,Soonya, billi etc. (ஈடு முறிக்கும் in Tamil),  it also removes all kind of poison from human body, cleanses the blood instantly. 

Importantly those who have Arthritis and Joint pain must have it once in a while and it recovers completely. There are many people who have got benefited by this powerful medicine.

Other  benefits of Coconut flower:

  • improves digestion process
  • vitamin and minerals
  • controls blood sugar
  • controls Thyroid related problems
  • removes urinary tract infections
  • controls weight loss
  • removes negative thoughts, brings positivenes


In the service of Guru Sri Vyasaraja, 

Venkatesh Rajendran

Disclaimer: I thought of sharing whatever I have got benefited by having Coconut flower. Readers are requested to consult their Doctors or take decision accordingly as per their current Health condition. The post owner cant or should not be held responsible for any effects

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