Legend Sri B.N.K Sharma

Legend Sri B.N.K Sharma
One of the most popular books on Dvaita philosophy

Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jeevothama

About Sri BNK Sharma: 

Icon of Dvaita philosophy, legend Dr.B.N.K Sharma

Sri Bhavani Narayanrao Krishnamurti Sharma(BNK Sharma) was the iconic Dvaita scholar born in Salem, Tamilnadu. He lived his fruitful long life dedicating completely to the research of Dvaita philosophy, and brought the concepts of Dvaita to the entire World in English language. All his efforts were well appreciated by almost everyone especially by the foreigners. Late Sri Radhakrishnan(Vice President of India in 1962) writes that “when we have many accounts of Advaita books there was no such available on Dvaita philosophy and it is BNK Sharma, the one who had full of competence in Samskrit and fully equipped on Dvaita brought the philosophy to the public”. 

Short biography on B.N.K Sharma: 

  • Sri B.N.K Sharma was born in the year 1909 at Salem, Tamilnadu and lived till 2005.
  • His paternal ancestors were from the parampara of Kambalur Ramachandra Tirtha,Vellore.Know about the great saint Kambalur Ramachandra Tirtha from here
  • Primary education at Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu
  • Completed his BA(Sanskrit) at University of Madras in 1931, and MA in 1935
  • His teachers were late Kumbakonam  M.Rama Rao, Vayur Srinivacharya.(Please note that Guru Sri M.Rama Rao was one of the highlighy qualified scholar in Dvaita had written many books on Dvaita philosophy in Tamil language, which is very popular even now)
  • Sri B.N.K Sharma also studied Tarka sastra(art of winning debates) from Sri Sathyadhyana Tirtha of Uttaradhi Mutt
  • Teacher at Annamalai University started at young age of 21 till 1938
  • Principal of Govt Sanskrit College at 1938 till 1948
  • Doctorate on Dvaita philosophy(Phd) from University of Madras in 1948
  • Was a strong follower of Dvaita philosophy
  • Worked as a research college at Vishveshvaranand Vedic College in Punjab
  • Worked as a Principal at Poornaprajna Sanskrit College,Udupi in 1950
  • Professor and Head of Department of Sanskrit in Ruparel College in Mumbai till 1969Winning Sahitya Academy award in 1968 for writing the book on “History of Dvaita Vedanta and literature”
  • Doctorate of Literature in Sanskrit award by Mumbai University
  • Eminent Sanskrit Scholar award by Government of Maharastra in 1993
  • Famous personality who took Dvaita to the West, and there are still many scholars from West who are his students

Important Works by Sri B.N.K Sharma:

  • Philosophy of Sri Madhvacharya
  • History of the Dvaita School of Vedanta and Its Literature
  • The Brahmasutras and Their Principal Commentaries A Critical Exposition
  • Dvaita Philosophy as Expounded by Sri Madhvacharya
  • Nyayasudha of Jayatirtha in three volumes
  • Advaitasiddhi Vs Nyayamrta
  • much more….

Readers are advised to buy all his books from the popular book stores or from online book stores and make it useful

About Amar Chitra Katha: 

Amar Chitra Katha is an publisher of Comic books, Epics in pictorial format which attempts to teach Indian Children about our Indian heritage, it is a holy initiative by Sri Anant pai in 1967. The publisher had published more than 400+ stories which was widely appreciated by the broader audience. 

Amar Chitra Katha a comic which describe the life and teachings of Sri Madhvacharya was released in the year 1969,and the script was written by Sri B.N.K Sharma. 

Download your Free copy: 

Please download your free copy of Amar Chitra Katha on Sri Madhvacharya by clicking the below image,

Click on the holy feet of Acharya to download your free copy

Note: Copyright belongs to India book house, and also the Editor Sri Anant Pai. All credit goes only to them and I have no rights to enjoy the credit by any case. I would like to sincerely thank Editor and the bookstore for bringing out such a valuable asset to the benefit of the society. 

Guru Vyasarajo Vijayathe! 


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