Navaratri Special – Durga suladhi by Shri Vijaya Dasaru(Part1)

Navaratri Special – Durga suladhi by Shri Vijaya Dasaru(Part1)
Sri Vijayadasa

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jeevothama||
|| Sri Sri Raghavendra Gurubyo Namaha||
|| Sri Vijayarayara Gurubyo namaha||
Agnyanam Timmirachadam ,Buddhi Sampat Pradayakam Vignyanam vimalam shantam, Vijayakya Gurum bhaje!

                                                        Durga suladhi by Shri Vijaya Dasaru(Part1)

Namaskara Satvik jeevas,
Shri Vijaya Dasaru is considered to be one of the notable Haridasas(next to Sri Purandaradasaru) and a greast philosopher in Dvaita philosophy, He is an aproksha gyanin, believed to be an avatara of brigu munigalu.
Shri Vijaya Dasaru has composed nearly 75,000 krithis including Kirthanas,Suladhi,Ugabhoga,Gadhyam,Padhyam etc. Dasaru is also called by the name “Suladhi dasaru” as he had composed many such suladhis for benefit of us to recite and attain salvation through Bhakthi marga. It has to be noted that Suladhi exist only in Kannada language.
To know more about dasaru you can visit here and come back to continue reading this article,

Suladhi an Introduction:
Sulu + Adhi =Suladhi means the easiest way to attain Bhakthi marga. Dasaru has composed nearly 600 Suladhis and we have preserved most of them even today. It is said Sangeetha Pithamaha Shri Purandaradasa has written nearly 64,000 Suladhis. Suladhis are in the form of 7 thalas in one Raga. Thalas are listed as Rupaka,Dhruva,Matya,Jambe,Triputa,Ada,Jathe and Aadhi.

Shri Vijayadasaru composed five suladhis and named it as Pancha rathna suladhis, they are 1) Shri Narasimha avatara Suladhi, 2) Shri Dhanvanthari avatara Suladhi 3) Shri Kapila avatara Suladhi 4) Shri Durgadevi Sthothra Suladhi 5) Shri Vayu devara sthothra Suladhi.

Benefits of Reciting Pancha Rathna Suladhis:-
Reciting Shri Narasimha avatara Suladhi with bhakthi removes fear from Samsara, protects one from Dhusthajanas(enemies), Shri Dhanvanthari avatara Suladhi gives shrehas, protects one from Diseases and gives Dhirg Ayul, Shri Kapila avatara Suladhi gives Siddhi,removes Samsara bandha and gives mukthi, Shri Durgadevi Sthothra Suladhi removes Kama,Krodha and gives Moksha with Lord’s blessings,protects from Enemies,Ghost,Poisonous Snakes etc, Shri Vayu devara sthothra Suladhi procures blessings of Shri Madhvacharya(Vayu) antharkatha Shri Veda Vyasa,removes Sorrows and gives dukha to durganas.

Navarathri & worship of Shri Durga:-
Navarathri is the festival dedicated to the worship of Shri Vishnu Durga. Durga matha is worshipped across our Bharatha and she is revered with bhakthi by her devotees on all the 9 important days. Sajjanas have dharma to have Kolu in their home and do avahana of Gods by doing Sankalpa. It is believed all the Gods do present in their house and bless them. Its been in practice to recite Songs/Kritis on Lord and make the environment vibrant by invoking their anugraha.

Praying Shri Durga through suladhi by Shri Vijayadasaru:-
Shri Vijayadasaru is sakshat brigu amsharu, reading his compositions bring us plenty of happiness and bhakthi. If one recite Shri Durga Suladhi everyday especially LAdies on Fridays will bring the blessings of Durga devi surely and there is no doubt in that. Durga suladhi makes Ghost,Evil spirits to stay away from our home.
With my little knowledge, I would like to post Shri Durga suladhi as series of articles in our spiritual blog. And this post will brief the meaning of first stanza of Suladhi in English for the benefit of readers.
Raga: anandha Bhairavi, Dhruva Thala
durga durgeya mahadushtajana samhare
durgaMtargata durge durlabhe sulabhe
durgamayavagide ninna mahime bhomma
bhargadigaLigella guNisidarU
svargabhUmi pataLa samasta vyaputa devi
vargakke mIrida balusuMdarI
durgaNadavara badhe bahaLavagide tayi
durgatihare nanu peLuvudenu
durgaMdhavagide saMsR^iti noDidare
nirgama na kaNenamma maMgaLaMge
durge he durge mahadurge bhUdurge viShNu
durge durjaye durdhaShe shakti
durga kanana gahana parvata ghora sarpa
gargara shabdha vyapra karaDi mRutyu
varga bhUtapreta paishachi vodalada
durgaNa saMkata praptavage
durgadurge eMdu uchchasvaradiMda
nirgaLitanagi omme kUgidarU
svargapavargadalli hariyoDane iddaru
surgaNa jayajayaveMdu pogaLu tire
kargaLiMdali etti sakuva sakShibhUte
nIrguDidaMte lokalIle ninage
svargaMgajanaka namma vijaya viththalanaMghri
durgashrayamaDi badukuvaMte maDu

Direct Meaning:
Mahalakshmi(Durga), Durga you are the one who did samhara(destroy) of dustha jeevas(Tamasic souls), the one who is inside Shiva Durga, (it has to be noted that Durga is nothing but Vishnu Durga. She is antharyamin of Shiva Durga), it is difficult to get blessings from you but still you always protect your devotees, your mahimas would not be known to Bhrama,Rudra and other devatas as it is rahashya and known only to Lord, you are the mother of all the lokas(Swarga,Padhala,Bhooloka),you are above in Taratamya(gradation) of all Gods(only next to Lord), our culture, habits has been becoming very dirty these days(durgandha) and you are the one who can remove all our Kama,Krodha, we are attached to this samsara we cannot able to get released from it, I will call you by names Durga, Bhoodurga,Mahadurga,Vishnu Durga the one who cannot be defeated by anyone.

Please protect us.

The one who has strength to defeat anyone, who cannot be defeated easily by anyone, the one who has extreme power with Lords blessings, please save us from deep forest, ferocious mountain, darkest place, poisonous snake, dangerous river which flows with vibrant voice, deadly Bear, Tiger Bhoota,Pretham,Ghost, Evil powers. Whenever these dustha shakthi come near us then we will recite your name “Durga Durga” and you have to come down from Vaikunta and protect. Please protect me from your beautiful hands, please save me. You are the one who always worship the holy feet of Shriman Narayana(Shri Vijayavitthala Swamy), please always protect all the Sajeevas.
Thanks to Shri Shridaran who book helped me to understand important shookshmas

Please do parayana everyone and get blessings of Shri Durga antharkatha Lord Shri Narayana.
Yours in the service of Sri Harih Vayu Gurugalu,

Venkatesh Rajendra Rao.
-May the great teacher,Sri VyasaTirtha,be our guide&protector,to grant all our desires.

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    namaskara is it possible to make arrangement for above said sulathi in audio form lakshmikanthan coimbatore

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      Please buy pancharatna suladhi CD sung by shri Raichur sheshagiri can find from any cassette shop or try to check in triplicane chennai area.hare shrinivasa

  2. sathya

    I just want to ask one thing , i am from thiruvarur where the navavarna krithi praise lots kamalamba as ultimate mother , is there any reference there in dvaitavendant about worshiping matrikas , sri chakra , maya durga ,

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    Would appreciate if you can give the meaning for the other 4 suladi’s

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