Aradhane of Sri Dheerendra Tirtha

Aradhane of Sri Dheerendra Tirtha

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||
|| Sri Vijayindra Sri Sudeendra Sri Raghootama Sri Raghavendra Gurubyo Namaha ||
|| Sri Dheerendra Tirtha Gurubyo Namaha ||

Aradhane of Sri Dheerendra teertharu.His Moola Brindhavana is located on the banks of varadA river in Hosaritti village of Haveri District.

Poorvashrama Name =Sri Jayaramachar.

Ashrama GurugaLu: Sri VaradEndrateertharu

Ashrama Shishyaru:Sri BhuvanEndra Tirtharu.

His holiness belong to Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutta parampare. This great scholar Sri Sri Dheerendra Tirtharu took sanyasa before Moola brindhavan of Sri Sri Vijayindra Tirtharu at kumbakonam.
Some of his works are Karakavadartha.Manyu sookta vyakhyana,Narayana upanishad vyakhyAna,Aitreya upanishad vyakhyana,Sri Raghavendra Stotra vyaskhyana and most importantly Guru gunastavana vyaskhyAna(which he wrote in his poorvasharama itself).

His poorvashrama father Sri Vadeendra Tirtharu composed the famous work Gurugunastavana,which I have been posting in our site as a series.Click here to read.

Charama Sloka of Sri Dheerendra teertharu:
“DharaNeemanDalE khyAtam DhairyAdiguNabrahmitaM|
DhikrutAShEshavAdeeBham Dheerasimhagurum BhajE||

Let this great saint bless us with Gyana,Bhakthi,Vairagya.
~Sri Krsnaarpanamasthu~

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  1. Santosh Desai

    actually this is not related to any of the articles but the Dvaita philosophy. Please encourage the singers you know to sing Ramachaarithrika manjari and Krishna chaarithrika manjari. Can you put the same on this blog ( I suppose ). Please.
    Santosh Desai
    Moudgalyasa gothra

    • dvaitavedanta

      I am planning to do that very soon. Thanks for your valuable comment. hare Sreenivasaa

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